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Фейсситинг. Он не может дышать, но может вылизать все мои дырки porno

I am a 22 years old young, beautiful, thin and well-rounded girl. What I ‘m about
to tell you was done by my boyfriend. One day, I went for a drive with my boyfriend
, I drank heavily, but I
still remember everything that happened. After driving around for a bit, he
took me home, when he didn’t want to go at first, he forced me, I accepted, we came home
, he took me to his room, I sat on the bed, my head was high,
I was waiting for him to come, just as I was about to fall asleep, the door opened and I couldn’t even
open my eyes, he took off my clothes, I thought we were going to sleep at first, but
it never happened. I was completely naked, the room was undressed,
because he knew that I enjoyed my neck, he started kissing my neck, I was getting aroused in my sleep
She was running away but because I’m a virgin I wanted to stop her then she
went down a bit and started kissing my breasts.
I was moaning from pain as I felt like it was going to break my breasts as I kissed it..
then I threw this on the bed this time it’s under me and I
slowly moved my hips to take control over it, slowly moving my hips as if
a snake was floating and I took it into my mouth this time
she moans with pleasure pulling my hair that is squared off He was
pushing my head to put it in my mouth well until the last part of his cock. As I was rabid, the room was getting hot, a
sound came out, “ahhhhh”, and at that moment it entered me, my pussy is on fire, my face is on
fire, my whole body was on fire
I climbed on top of him in a sitting position, as his cock got inside me, my fever was getting worse, my
moaning was getting more painful. As I moaned, he fucked me as I moaned, he fucked
finally we got up and he sat me on the table right in front of the wall
He spread my legs and started to fuck me I was
depressed but I didn’t care for that moment I didn’t care anything but a 20 cm cock
i didn’t care, he continued to fuck me as i went crazy now8 i was so mad that i
started to shiver as i ejaculated inside me they used to extinguish the heat of my pussy
with water as if they would extinguish the heat of my pussy with water .. even though he is married now he calls me from time to time
and says he always remembers that night while fucking his wife

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