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เน็ตไอดอลมอปลายเงี่ยน โดนเขี่ยหีให้แฉะ ก่อนเย็ด thai idol horny – KOROS12 porno

I am 26 years old, handsome young man
.. I would like to tell you about an incident that happened to me.. This incident started 1 month ago in Antalya
at my uncle’s eldest daughter’s house and continued in the village.. My uncle’s eldest
daughter is married and has a child.. her younger daughter is She is only 18 years old but she
has a very beautiful body.. she has always been impressed by me.. one
day I decided to fuck her and while I was planning how to do it, she said that she was going to visit Antalya
with her sister.. Our village is also connected to Antalya
and is in a close place.. Antyalya I told him that he could get bored alone
and that I could come with him if he wanted. the room
immediately accepted that you will really get bored if I come too
He said we could travel together. I immediately went home and after making small
preparations, we called her sister together and said we would come there , the
room said ok and we set off.
I got on the bus with my uncle’s youngest daughter H.. and set off. We arrived in Antalya after 1 hour.
it was pretty hot and H.. said he was going to take a shower.
her older sister , A.
A demon immediately came to my mind. When H. entered the bathroom
, I started to watch him through the doorway. she was slowly undressing and
looking at herself in the mirror, stroking her breasts and hips. so I took my dick off
and started to pull 31. i closed my eyes and i was thinking about it
At that moment the door opened and H. was standing in front of me, looking at me. I was suddenly surprised at what I
had been through and just stood there. After taking a look around H.
, he called me inside, so I
went inside right away without any hesitation. H. said to me, I know you want me, and because I
wanted you, I invited you to Antalya. After kissing for a while, we broke up to make love again at the first opportunity, for
fear of getting caught by A.
she took her bath and came out, then I took my bath.
The meal was prepared and we ate our meal. it was evening. uncle had
n’t come yet. I told H. and A. that we could go for a walk, but A.
said you go and I will wait for your uncle. this is one for us
was the opportunity. We left the house together with H. and took our breath right away in the marina.
We sat down to have a drink at a cafe in the marina. I ordered a beer and said
H. Can I have a drink too? I asked him if he had ever drank before,
but he said he could try. I said ok and
told him a beer. He didn’t like the first drinker, but when I asked him to drink, he
couldn’t stand it and continued. it was a crazy pleasure. H.
said let’s get up and take a walk. We got up and started walking and talking. “ I
knew you would come in front of the bathroom door,” he said to me. I
asked how you knew. It’s not that I didn’t notice the way they looked at me. I
knew the way you looked at me that you wanted me and this bathroom is something for you.
He said, “You came right away. anyway. After talking for a while, we went home.
uncle had already gone to bed. A. waited for us because there was no door key
. then the room went to bed. We were finally alone with H. We immediately went to H.’s
room and started kissing. On the one hand, we were kissing like crazy,
on the other hand, we were undressing each other. In the matter, we were both naked
. After undressing H., I slowly went downstairs and
finally I came to that wonderful place. As he licked his cunt, H. was moaning
. she was still a virgin. he went crazy when he licked it and he
was groaning. I asked her if she was a virgin and she said she is a virgin. I
said I can do it from the back if you want. the room will be spoiled one day anyway why
He said, ‘You can’t be the one who broke it. I immediately pressed the boy. H’s amen. First, after
a few brushes, I put his head down and suddenly I was loaded.
He screamed, I closed his mouth, but what’s the use? Thank god uncle’s sleep
didn’t feel heavy, but A heard the sound and came right away. When he saw us like that, he
shouted a little. I immediately got up and grabbed his arm, covered his
mouth and told him not to shout. then he nodded yes and I opened his mouth. He was lying on the bed with blood in his mouth with
the drunkenness of the beer and the pain he ate. He didn’t make a sound . I told A not to tell anyone about this, otherwise I would fuck her too . Why are you stopping to get bored?

he said fuck it. I said, “You go now, I’ll finish with H and
if my uncle is gone tomorrow, I’ll fuck you too.” He said ok and went to his room. We fucked with H
until the morning, I was no longer in a state. It was time for my uncle to wake up
, I immediately went to my room and went to bed. I slept until noon. H
got up before me and they came to me with A.
they didn’t want to wake me up, they were sitting across from me, looking at me and talking and
whispering among themselves. do you know what happened next?
I will tell it in more detail in my next story
. If there are women who want to meet me and have crazy adventures, they can write me an e-mail.
Married or single, it doesn’t matter, as long as they know how to make love


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