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We met at a dinner through a friend. He was not living in Ankara
and was returning the next day. We had fun, but it didn’t end. he
left, we added on facebook, we talked to each other for a while, then we broke up
, months passed.
He wrote that it has been 3 4 months since I settled in Ankara . We started talking, he had passed the civil servant exam. For this reason, he was always
in Ankara and lived alone. As our conversations continued, our relationship
started, and I was staying with him, especially at the end of the day. it was a bit
cold type in structure and it was like that in this bed. but my story is not with him 🙂
he used to talk about his brother, he used to say that he was teaching in the east and he
was coming to Ankara, so he said that we could not stay this weekend.
but he came on Friday evening and said can we pick up his brother from the terminal,
of course I said, that’s when I met him that day, white skin, platinum blonde hair, blue
lenses, it was great, it was like a dream. The trip was fun . The purpose of my
girlfriend was actually to introduce us. they wanted to go out on Saturday night
and they wanted me to show them. Ayşegül’s name
was very beautiful. we had dinner first, I smoked, drank a room , we
had a chance to be alone on this occasion . at my girlfriend

He was happy to see that we could get along well with him. but I was out of my mind
, as the hours passed and the alcohol wall got closer, he did
n’t think anything like that, but I couldn’t help myself. The night is over
I took them to their house.
They said that I could stay by saying that it was late at night and I didn’t have to go at this hour. I went to our room with my girlfriend and I
was with her dream … we
decided to go to breakfast for the morning, but something happened in the morning my
girlfriend had to go to work. It was Sunday, but her manager was urgent. she
called for a few hours, she went to the
I was going to take it. I said okay, I was hearing them talking to Ayşegül as I was leaving, I guess he was
telling her too. I slept a few more hours. our room
was a door that opened to the living room and her room was outside in the hallway.
I woke up with a sound coming from the living room when I opened the door a little, the view was amazing. Ayşegül
had only a t-shirt on her legs, while the velvet
cushion of the sofa was facing me, so she did not notice me at that moment
, what went through my mind was that she did such a thing to seduce me I was undressing, I
was watching him, he was so lost that he didn’t notice me. she rubbed her vagina
on the pillow like that when she contracts forward her vagina
opens like a pink flower and when she contracts back her hips are amazing
He looked like he had a wonderful tattoo on his right wrist. I
approached her back well, when she contracted forward , I leaned my organ against her vagina and
hugged her from behind . He was so scared, he froze, I said go on, he didn’t do anything,
I put my left hand inside his shirt and started to caress his breasts.
I was stroking her legs with my right hand, the temperature of her body was still
not doing anything in my mind, she was officially frozen, but I was so aroused that I
felt her vagina was above my rate and that pillow emptied me of that warmth,
when I left her, she quickly went to her room. I took a shower and dressed, but
he wouldn’t come out of the room, I said I was worried, he said I’m coming.
After a while, he left the room and said, “I thought you went with my sister.” never do that
He said we didn’t live okay, he headed for the door and we left. While we were going to the place where we were going to eat
, we were very sincere yesterday, now this coldness
will attract suspicion, so I told him to play if necessary, we agreed on this issue, we
had dinner, wandered until the evening and said goodbye to him in the evening. but I could n’t get enough of it, then
I insisted on meeting with
you .

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