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hello, I’m ismail, the story I’m going to tell is true without exaggeration, except for the names
, first I’ll introduce the heroes of our story. I’m 25 years old, my
uncle’s wife of 170 by brunette milliontype, sunaa suna 174 by brunette
measurements 94 63 95 wonderful brunette beauty is the mother of two children, but believe me, you wouldn’t believe that the
children came out of her, anyway, I’m
18 years old to my aunt. I’ve been looking for ways to fuck her since
20 days ago, my aunt’s daughter was at the wedding of the action, yes you
did not misunderstand, we all left the hall together at the wedding of her own daughter, of
course, I am alcoholic, as right now, we will go home anyway, because I
was alcoholic, they did not let me drive, this was a good opportunity.
I evaluated it and immediately sat the vehicle next to my aunt, when
5 people got on the back of the vehicle, my aunt fell on my lap yes I could n’t control my heartbeats yes I couldn’t control my heartbeats on it, there was a thin skirt on it because it was a
long summer, my little one couldn’t grow old, my aunt was 19 cm anyway. He looked at me harshly , but there was nothing to be done, believe me, then his breathing was also bent, I had to use this opportunity well , now I was risking everything, I was probing with my hand , hold my hand , don’t do it, idiot, they will see, he said, this gave me more courage , they will see this job here No, abdal said, of course, I’m talking about this

I was so aroused that I was so happy with my posalt, I was going to fuck my sister -in
-law after many years, and if the expected day will come, the pain is
sacred finally yes we arrived at the houses, while I was locking the car, my aunt came to me again in a hurry, she said
, “I don’t have much time, and got in the car
, what happened, sister-in-law” I said shut up. We don’t have much time to cut you off , because it’s
a wedding, they’re all thugs at our house, and there was no one in our house. As soon as I entered the house, he blew
one up on me, as soon as I got to the house . do i remove

I can hardly remember tearing off my aunt’s hands on the wall, her tight steering wheel
, I started licking her cunt, the smell of it killed me and it was obvious that she was reproaching me, I was almost
suffocating with the juices of her cunt(( one tongue blow to your ass for
about 15 20 minutes, my
aunt squeaked 2 times while she licked my aunt’s empty stomach. Words
will take, where you learn to lick me like this, don’t stop, yes
baby please continue, you are great
, your sister-in-law will be a victim to you


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