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I have written a few articles on this site before, under the category of married couple
. My story that I am going to write now happened to me 4 years ago, and it is completely real. While I was sitting at home with my brother , it must have been the messages and calls that
came to his phones. How do you find the wife and the girl ? ;al brother, I don’t know this chick, she was living in Istanbul , she was a nurse in TAKSİM first aid hospital, she was very well-groomed.

And when she said she was just about your age, I suddenly flew away. Look,
son, I asked her if you had ever met and slept with this woman, she swore no, she said, “I do
n’t know, we were just talking on the phone
I learned everything, and after 1 week or 10 days, I called the serpil a couple of times
. A few days later, I sent 1 more
call and the reply was not coming. Then I sent a message like I was texting a friend, never asked if I was dead, this
man is single, what he eats and what he drinks
. He
wrote that it might be my mistake, that I sent it to him, he wrote me a msg.
He sent me. I just got angry after him and thanked him for not yelling at me. When I said I thanked him for his understanding, we were getting to know each other better and getting to know each other better
as the days went by . Of course,
sex talk and
everything else. Serpille came to work. I think it was November 2004
, under the Izmite HALKEVİİK Bridge on a cold and rainy day. We met in the evening
, but… Oh my God, it was a disaster. She was wearing a fur
coat, a rather short tight knitwear, patterned thin socks and
boots with thin heels up to her knees. Of course, I had
prepared everything to eat and drink beforehand. on the way to her
house, her aunt’s son was single and was 26 years was working fab.
and we were on our way to the pond to go home. of course I went back to the
sprinkler. he said, let’s go home as soon as it’s cold, let’s warm up
. The food and drinks were on the table . After 5, 10 minutes of conversation, tyze’s son left the house with an excuse. We started making love right there, I fucked him right there, but it was as if it would be morning with women’s lovemaking . Among the drinks I brought , ABSOLUT KURANT preferred it while we were drinking it.

she started to wake up. we went to our bedroom. we were more comfortable now that our heads were good.
we were flying while licking her full body all over her cunt, her ass,
her asshole
.slippery cunt
suddenly i shoved my dick ooohh deeply. we were doing every position.
finally I got between my legs and lay on it, one hand below the waist and the other hand, I was trying to insert my fingers into your ass
with the pleasure waters flowing from your
pussy to your ass. one finger then two.
When I say finger, even my three fingers go into your ass, but from there
he says he will give the last mail, saying that he enjoyed it too
, as if he always wanted to keep me in EREKSYON, to fuck until morning. Of course,
we couldn’t stay longer, we both ejaculated at the same time shouting . It’s
been almost half an hour . We got up, we cleaned up, we
resumed drinking .but slowly. we should have
stayed awake. We would have fucked at least 2 more hours. By the way, her aunt
apologized to her guest for being late. She went to
bed saying that she would go to work in the morning after she had a drink.
And we were alone again. It was 11, 12 at night. Serpil She was 35 years old, 175
height, 65,70kg. Her smooth body smelled of sex and lust
. I can’t take my eyes off her for a moment, always holding her body
i was ok
_ He ejaculated me in his cunt again, saying that next time would be the last fuck . I set the alarm for the phone at 09:00 in the morning. We slept. We went to sleep. I looked at the bide, the alarm of the wire was squeaky.

I packed up and cleaned it. I woke the serpil up even though it was by force. He
wanted to take a shower before breakfast started, I didn’t mind. I said no, Mrs. Serpil said you
had something to say to me, I made her sit down for breakfast. We had a nice breakfast and
cleared the table together. I turned on the television. I lay next to her while the serpil was lying
on the sofa. I started to undress her. I was licking with
excitement as if I had just seen it. We were 69 years old and we made love like this for a long time. This time
, I wet his ass with my tongue, without giving a fuck. He said slowly
and then I rooted in one move. He yelled and lay face down on the couch
My dick was in your ass. But it was in the oven. I was warm.
ass. I started gitgels. Serpilde got used to it
, as if she wanted more. Even though I had accelerated quite a bit, there was no dirt in SERPIL’s ass, it
was clean. After more than half an hour, we both ejaculated shakenly. We got up
and cleaned up. We took a nap for 2 more hours. Serpil
woke me up by kissing and said that she had to go. He got ready by saying
that and we left the house. I put him on an efe tour and sent
him off. Even though we promised to meet again, we could not meet again. Why
because I went to IRAQ to work. Now I am trying to reach him, but
I can’t remember his number. It was registered on
my broken line, he disappeared forever.

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