circumcised telegram

It was eight or ten years ago, when I was
a soldier in Tokat. I couldn’t get a house permit on Eid-al-Adha, but
I got a yacht permit for ten days. I was a member of a teachers’ union at the time, so they gave me a key to stay at the house
of two single teachers who took annual leave in August for ten days of yacht leave .
Everyone there, including those in the union,
was foreign to me. I could honeymoon again with my wife
. That’s why when I was calling my wife to slap her for a yacht leave, I asked her to
be as low-cut as possible and to
remove all the dicks there during the leave, but only to lower mine. The room agreed
. Well, when my wife Nuray was both beautiful and décolleté, would
she give a fuck?
She wasn’t overly mini in the slap, but her legs were quite beautiful with her loose-fitting skirt and shorts below the knee,
but my biggest pleasure was that she crossed her legs next to me
and usually showed her legs to the fullest in front of the soldiers
. It was not crowded in a park during the daytime and we were alone.
Meanwhile, a familiar soldier friend came. He had a camera in his hand.
Nuray asked me to make her friend mad now. How did I say?
He said pointing to the room am . I swallowed, I said show, I said, the room
was quite open when the soldier was in front of us. He said, ” What do you think, should you take a picture of me like that?
” I said take it. Call a room, then tell him to take a picture of us alone,
he said. I called and asked if my wife would actually take our picture.
Anyway, there would be no one who saw your legs and didn’t pull them. While the room was taking a picture, my wife
leaned against me, spread her legs, pulled off her skirt and posed.
After posing for two, he told me to take the pose with the soldier.
The soldier swallowed and rejoiced. He came to us, I took the machine , I
went in front of the soldier with my wife, my wife Nuray posed for a pose. It
looked like she had her legs parted. The soldier
was not aware that my pussy was visible
. Even though the soldier was red, Nuray
brought her hand right over her breast and had it put there as if she was
grabbing it. The soldier did not want to grope, he was ashamed of me. Nurayda a little
I said let’s pose sincerely, what are you ashamed of, and this time he
brought his hand through the shirt to his breast. There was no bra and the soldier was grabbing the breast
. Nurayda said ok now it’s done and pulled her hand away and posed.
She looked like her again. Then after a little chat, the soldier
left excitedly and we were also excited. Nuray asked me if
I liked the soldier’s grabbing my breast. I said I wouldn’t go too, the real excitement
will be when the picture comes out, I said, you opened your great pussy, the soldier is crazy. He said that the room will be further after you request
. I said what’s more is eating the dick you lift
. He said yes. I said if you want it, but you will
say what it is. I came here to make love to the soldier with a smile, huh?
the soldier said, does it make more difference? I understood. I said it doesn’t matter.
He said how far. I said as much as you want. He said, ” My dear , I
want it all.” That’s when I said all. He said, ” Oh, come on, fuck me, or I’ll fuck the
first person who sees it.” Where was the park? I said come on home
and we went home. After. Pishshik. Afterwards,
I gave the soldiers to have the pictures done, I said I had one of them made for me and
bring the negatives and you can do whatever you want. Soldier
had the Express print out of excitement. She was going to give me the full pictures. Nuray was with me and she
gave it to him in an envelope. As Nurayda took the pictures and looked at them one by one,
the soldier’s face reddened, but Nuray laughed and it was just a soldier’s job.
He said look, it’s pretty low-cut. As I looked at the pictures, he handed them to me in order.
My dick was upright too. When I showed the soldier the pictures of which pictures you
bought, my wife
laughed and I was posing in this way at work when I showed one of the pictures that showed that pussy. “Most of my colleagues were
doing my job,” he said. I laughed and
said that you found the easy way. He said , yes, we have a very pious chief, and
he always breaks his ablution.
When I say how I am, I spread out in the form of this pose
. I said, “Doesn’t it open like you in a dream?”
He said he wo n’t open the room . When I got the permit, I said I would like to see him like that. Ours
He turned to the army and said, “Do you think my husband needs to look after someone else?” The room
swallowed, he said. Nurayda said, “Look, did you see it, but if you say you will see
it, you have to open me up even more.”
I said , how are you going to open more than that ? The room said, “As much as the soldier wants, as I came here to please the soldiers
.” I said that this soldier was not happy enough, you posed so low-cut
. We were sitting in the tea garden. We were on the secluded side. Ahead of us sat
two more soldiers with their eyes on my wife’s legs and miniskirt
. From the glass table, we could see my wife’s white legs through her very
short skirt. My wife blew me a kiss and
lifted her hips a little, pulling her skirt even higher. Shorter than that at work
When he said that I was wearing it, he was showing his legs, but he opened it almost to his pants. He took the soldier’s hand
and brought it under his skirt, he had it put in between his legs. Meanwhile, when I pulled the skirt up, I saw that the soldier’s hand was on Nuray
‘s pantyless
pussy. The soldier wanted to pull his hand away, but he wouldn’t let go, on the other hand, he was provoking me
by biting his lips .
When he said to the soldier, they were peeking from the other side, sticking
your finger in it, the soldier blushed, but my wife grabbed his finger
with his own hand and had him shove it in his ass. Then you should have seen the situation of the people on the other side when Nuray said don’t worry about me, my husband is
preparing for you,
my poor fingering.

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