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I was a single woman, when I moved to another city due to my job, I started looking for a house. I got help from a real estate agent. I was shocked as soon as I entered the real estate office. The real estate agent was such a handsome man that I was blown away by excitement. I was watching him, as I looked at him, I couldn’t fit inside of me, I started to desire a real estate agent.We entered a house again, after showing me the house, I couldn’t help myself when I said how did you like this house, but I liked the house, saying I liked you more illegally, and the real estate agent was shocked when he licked his lips, and when the room responded, I gave the event a different dimension by throwing my hand on the real estate agent’s dick, and then I fell on my knees. I blew his mind off by licking the real estate agent’s penis, so the real estate agent swung me against the wall, then he curled my skirt up and first licked my pussy, then he placed his dick on my pussy and started pumping it so fast that we both seemed to die of pleasure, the sounds of pleasure we made echoed in the empty house. The real estate agent, who pumped my pussy until I ejaculated, when he reached the peak of pleasure, I got out of my ass and emptied both himself and me at the top of the pleasure.had reached the point.

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