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I am a self-employed person in Mersin. For some reason, Sevgi, the wife of Ferhat, who was my friend of 17 years, always intrigued me. My desire for him turned into passion after a while. Since I was single, I used to go to their house from time to time and spend the night there. Although Sevgi was alone at home most of the time, this did not prevent me from staying at home. One evening, Ferhat and I shook our heads and went to their house again. Since Sevgi came late and drunk, she started arguing with Ferhat. When he applied for my arbitration, I glanced at Ferhat and said that I found Sevgi right. I had a hard time keeping things calm when the fight soon escalated and they started yelling at each other ferociously. When she opened the door of the house in her short cotton nightgown and went out, Ferhat said to me, “For God’s sake, go get it!” said. I wanted to take Sevgi by the arm on the stairs of the apartment and take her home. When Sevgi started shouting and resisting not to return, I closed her mouth and hugged her waist. My goal was to bring him home, even if by force. But in this position, for some reason, I was terribly aroused. I always wanted him anyway. It was the first time I had come this close and touched him. When love continued to resist, I got behind him and lifted him up from the waist and forced him into the house. Meanwhile, Ferhat had entered the bathroom and was probably taking a shower. We moved to the living room with love. I was trying to calm him down. It looked a little off. She was very close to me when she complained about her husband. By the way, he was not aware of how he was sitting because he was angry and distracted. She had her legs apart and her pink panties fascinated me. Since she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples were clearly visible. I was in a terrible state when he spoke. Soon Ferhat came out of the shower and said to me, “Perdi, I’m going to bed, good night!” He went into the bedroom. After she left, Love continued to sit with me and complain about her husband. More than an hour had passed. He said that love sleep had come and immediately went to the empty children’s room next door. They had no children, but they had nurseries. So I lit a cigarette and put a movie there on the VCD. I didn’t realize it, but the movie was awesome porn. In one of the hottest scenes in the movie, the woman was getting fucked by two men and screaming. At this moment, the door to the living room suddenly opened, and Sevgi poked her head out and said, “What is this noise?” ‘ he asked, staring at the screen. While I was in embarrassment, he said to me as if nothing had happened, “Oh, I watched that movie before, it’s a great movie, watch it, but it will end badly!” she said. Then he said that he was too sleepy and took the seat opposite me. His anger subsided and he concentrated on the film. He stared at me for a while and said, “Your situation is dire, don’t you feel sick after watching these kinds of movies? What do you do if you want to?” she asked. When I had a hard time answering, Sevgi said, “Talk to me comfortably, after all, we are both adults. For example, when I was a young girl, I loved these kinds of movies and played with myself while watching!” she said. And I said, “The situation is no different with me, I do like you, I touch myself!” I gave the answer. Thereupon, Sevgi said, “Then what are you waiting for, touch yourself! Besides, I’ve never seen a man masturbate until now. I’m very curious how you did it. Come on, take it off and start wanking!” When he said that, my heart felt like it was going to explode. I wanted to do this very much, but my mind was on Ferhat, who was sleeping in the bedroom. I was afraid that he would wake up and see us like that, but I also wanted very much to fulfill Sevgi’s wish. While I was thinking about these, Sevgi insisted, “Come on Ferdi, don’t be shy, take it out, let’s see how big it is. Or are you not taking it out because it’s small?” and brought me to the stuffed bus… When I took my dick out of my shorts, Sevgi’s gaze changed. As soon as she saw my dick, she said, “Oh my God! What an individual is this! How big and tough it looks. The condition of this naughty man is truly dire!” said. While I was stroking my dick, he never took his curious gaze away from him for a moment. He suddenly got up from his seat and left the room. While I was thinking to myself (What happened now?), he soon came back to the living room and locked the door. He handed me the cream in his hand and said, “You can rub this cream on your dick and pull it off like that, it will be more enjoyable! “When he said that, I fulfilled his request. While she poured the cream on my palm and stroked my dick from top to bottom, Sevgi was also pulling her legs apart and touching her over her panties. Now I was out of control and I said to Sevgi, “Come and sit next to me, I want to lick your cunt!” When I said, Love said, “No, you are not allowed to touch it!” she said, but she got up from her seat and came to me… She took the cream box and rubbed a large amount into her palm and then cupped my dick. Looking into my eyes and stroking my dick from top to bottom, he said, “I can touch you, but you won’t touch me. Come on now, leave yourself to me and explode like a volcano!” he was saying. His hands were warm and he knew very well how to caress my cock. I was about to arrive when his caresses got a little harder and quicker. Sevgi, realizing that I will ejaculate, said, “Come on, empty my hands, come on, pour them all into my palm!” he accelerated even more. Soon I started to ejaculate tremendously. I exploded so much that my sperm reached the hair of Sevgi, who was watching me unconsciously. This tremendous discharge made Sevgi very excited. Love caressing my dick with one hand, rubs the sperm on her forehead and hair on her finger with the other hand and says, “What kind of ejaculation is this, I have never seen such an ejaculation. My heart seems like it will stop!” he was saying. When I pulled my shorts up, I was experiencing the sadness of not being able to ejaculate into Sevgi. After a while, Sevgi got up and said, “Good night!” He went to the room where he was sleeping. I couldn’t make sense of Sevgi’s attitude and not being able to fuck her destroyed me. I had just ejaculated, but I wanted him more than ever. After 20 minutes, my dick was about to tear my shorts. I had to fuck love, I had to lick his cunt and drive him crazy. After a while, I gathered all my courage and went to the room where Sevgi was sleeping. Since we were in the summer, he hadn’t covered anything. He was lying face down with his legs wide apart. In this position, her dress was stripped down to her panties. The scene was terrific and I got into action right away. I knelt next to her bed and started stroking her legs and buttocks. I was rubbing my fingers under her panties and grabbing her butt… I was not afraid that she would wake up, but caressing her unconsciously while she was sleeping excited me. A moment later, he groaned and fell into a supine position, but was still asleep. Now that awesome cunt was right in front of my eyes. Her panties were tucked between her cunt’s lips. I started stroking her pussy over her panties and then licking it. He turned his head left and right and started to moan a little. Then he grabbed my head with his hands and pressed it against his cunt. He didn’t open his eyes, but he knew that he was lying… A moment later, with his groans, he said, “Perdi, you shouldn’t have gone this far. I forbade you to touch. Why are you doing this? Look how I am, now I have to fuck you!” When he said that, I was very excited now. I tear off her panties and start beating her pussy with tongue thrusts. I was sucking on her clit and sticking my tongue in and out of her pussy. Love seemed enraged now… He straightened up, “Now you go to bed!” He laid me on my back on the bed. After taking off my shorts and grabbing my dick, he started licking my dick. He was licking me terribly. Occasionally he would spit on my dick, and after stroking it from top to bottom, he would shove it back into his mouth. I couldn’t take it anymore and I drew Love on me. As she spread her legs and sat on me, I slowly placed my dick in her pussy and started pumping it from the bottom… Love was making little screams, biting her nails into my breasts. In the meantime, I was holding her hair and pulling her towards me, sucking her beautiful lips, neck and breasts like crazy. Love making love like crazy soon said, “Come on Ferdi, fuck me in the ass!” He spit on my dick that he took out of his pussy and put it in his asshole. His ass hole was so narrow that I had a hard time getting in. Sevgi, who shoved my whole dick up her ass with her cries of pain and pleasure, was almost in a frenzy. After fucking in this position for a while, I lifted Sevgi to my feet and swung her into the bed. I got behind him and put my dick back in his asshole and started to fuck with hard blows. I was putting my dick out of his ass hole into his ass hole, I was fucking Love terribly. Sevgi, who couldn’t stand these awesome dick blows any longer, acted as if she didn’t have a husband in the bedroom and soon came out screaming… When the first lights of the morning started to illuminate the inside of the house, I was still fucking Sevgi with all my passion and appetite. I emptied it 6 times. She brought me 5 times too. When we could not fuck anymore, I kissed Sevgi and left her room and went to bed in the living room. In the morning of the sex-filled night we spent trying every position, we both asked Ferhat, “Come on, I’ve made breakfast, won’t you wake up?” We got up from our beds at his call. Even during breakfast in the kitchen, Sevgi was still misbehaving and was stroking my dick with her foot, which she implicitly extended to her husband under the table. What happened to our wonderful relationship with love? I continue to fuck her every chance I get. I’m sure I’ve been in and out of her cunt much more than her husband to date. her husband? He doesn’t know anything!

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