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Hello from me. I am here again with a story. I hope
you like it. Know that they are all real events. Anyway, I’ll
continue where I left off. We were now in love with Funda and never parted.
Sometimes I leave him I was going to school by car. Anyway, one day
I went to school to drop him off.
Funda got out of my car and started walking towards her class, waving at me . I was watching her. It was a high school student.
She had shortened her skirt a little bit, wore black stockings underneath, wore a tight-fitting
shirt, and a lace bra that showed every inch of it,
walking scurvy. While I was staring at her absently
, I saw a man approach her and say something. After talking for a while, both hands
they broke apart. I wonder what they talked about, Funda in the evening?
I went to get it. “Welcome to me honey, no, you wouldn’t come in the evening, why did you
come?” he asked. Saying I miss you too, sweetheart, I took it to my car and
we started walking around the promenade in Izmir. I asked him: ?_Who was the
boy next to you in the morning? Heather smiled a little and that kid is the kid who hit on me. He has been following me for a long
time. But I am yours. Otherwise I would have accepted. Accept
him too. I said I don’t want to come between you and your male friends. The room
said ok, and the next day, the child came back in the same place,
after they had talked about something, the child left laughing. When it was Monday, Funda
came to her workplace and started working in front of me in the same way. I asked what happened
the subject said ok. He offered it to me and I accepted it. When I said thank you
sister, I said it doesn’t matter. Fortunately, a few days passed
when the boy (his name was Vedat) came out while working with Funda. After
chatting for a while, I said you talk, I continue to
work and started to engage in important work.
What do I see when I lift my head after half an hour ? Vedat bent the camera phone
down, Funda? was pulling her legs. I was surprised.
After filming for a while, the boy turned off the camera, put it in his pocket, and
kissed Funda and left. I Funda? I said the boy filmed your legs on camera
. I nodded, yes I did. Vedat, still undetected
He was trying to capture it with a camera. He couldn’t see me because his back was turned to me, so
I was watching everything. After shooting for a while,
when I looked at the camera with the excuse that the phone came, I realized that his gaze had suddenly changed.
By participating in the event, I spread my legs wide and
pretended not to notice. After ten minutes, Vedat?
I squinted that his eyes were between my legs . I was opening my legs
and closing them, crossing my legs and
doing a show. After a while, I continued like this and the
question Vedat could I go to the bathroom caused me to end my show. He showed
the sink and me and Funda followed him. The men’s and women’s restrooms were side by side.
Funda and I went into the WC and put our ears to the wall and
started listening to the men’s restroom. Voices in the other room could be easily
heard. Vedat, my bitch
, I think he was masturbating by saying that if I fuck you, what a leg it was, I’ll eat your panties. Oh honey
, when I said what would happen if I fucked you once, I thought to myself why not.
Anyway, Vedat came to the pleasure with a sigh and we went to our place immediately. Vedat
came behind us and sat next to me this time.

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