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Hello friends, a completely real story I wrote to you. While
making love to my wife, I always wanted her to dream of other men, but I was thinking that I would be
overly excited when someone fucked my wife, one of my friend broke up with her husband one day,
while I was making love and I was fantasizing again, suddenly my friend
came to my mind, I gave my wife my phone number, I hid it and told her to call, my
wife happily called my friend and talked to her. but he didn’t say who he was they
talked a few more times but they were talking crazy he was fucking my wife on the phone
one day I made a plan I said to my wife I said
to take you to my friend’s house he was obviously excited but you
know he said ok the next day I took my wife out right
We went to my friend’s house, of course, he didn’t know that he was talking to my wife.
We arrived at his house, he was surprised, but he didn’t show anything. His house was close to the bus station. We said that a
relative of ours was coming and he was late, we said that we would wait a bit , but everyone was excited, we
talked about the weather, but my friend’s
eye was always on my wife .
This time my wife was hanging on in the kitchen,
I didn’t see her at all, I was going to the bathroom at two o’clock and I was
leaving them alone, but at home it smelled of sex, it was very exciting, so we got up
and left after a few days, my wife said let’s go to her friend, so I
took her right away, this time we were more sincere and my wife was fucking her with her eyes
They were coming and going to the kitchen, they were late, I saw my wife’s lips and they were
kissing ecstatically. After a while, they came to the room and
started kissing next to me, but they were kissing very well, by the way,
my dick was like a stone, I was getting very excited, then my wife came and
kissed me, but it was so wonderful, she never kissed me then I said to my friend, let’s
fuck my wife By the way, my friend even started to lick my wife’s cunt , then
we went to bed. My friend’s cock was bigger than mine .

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