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My name is Devran, I am 18 years old. You know, in high school everybody’s dick swaps their brains. I’ll tell you how to fuck Suna whore. Suna is a nice tall girl with a shaped ass and breasts. The reason I call her a bitch is because of her mastery at fucking. Believe me, that blowjob, that stroking with his hand, that intake of 40 years old bitches cannot be. Of course, this experience of Suna stems from the fact that she sleeps under every man she goes out with. The bitch has no one left but me! Until that day, for some reason, I couldn’t fuck Suna alone. Actually, I’m a pretty lewd man. At worst, I’d blow the girls I’m dating, cum in their mouths, and shoot them instantly. You see, I am living my youth to the fullest. Long-term relationships are not for me. I’m dating girls who already know this feature of me, I can’t deal with the rest. This comfort of mine is partly because of my family’s financial situation.

We were on my best friend’s birthday. At the party he held in the garden of his house, my best friend and I were hanging out with the girls, we were welcoming the visitors, we were having a welcome conversation. Finally, Suna entered. God, what a body that body was! I can’t explain how sexy she is. She stands out with her white dress, her breasts with her low-cut ‘Come suck me!’, her ass in her tight-fitting outfit ‘Come fuck me!’ he was literally saying. I couldn’t take my eyes off. All the guests had arrived and the party had officially begun. They were dancing and hanging out with a girl named Suna Pelin. I called my best friend and showed them. The operation was starting. We went to them and established a friendship. I was surrounded by Sunay and my friend Pelini.

It was a very warm atmosphere, people were dancing as if they were broken, jumping into the pool. We also started to dance, Suna was holding both my hands and dancing. I just looked, my best friend is already taking Pelin. Sunaya said, “Look how they’re making out!” I showed them. Suna said, “We’re even late!” he said and licked my lips. We were making out. We sip our drinks from time to time, then dance and make out again. Towards the end of the party, Suna and Pelin said to us, “Let’s go to a quieter place!” when he said, “Our house is empty, let’s go to me, my parents are not at home!” We said and got in the car. There were still people hanging out at my bro’s house, but it didn’t matter to him.

As soon as we arrived at my house, we immediately opened another bottle and started drinking. I went into the living room and turned on the music. All 4 of us were dancing, my friend Pelin and I took care of Suna. We started kissing again. I was grabbing your ass while kissing. Her hard hips were driving me crazy. Pelin and my best friend had already started to make love, my friend Pelin embraced and took her to my room. It was me and Suna. I immediately got Suna to kneel and take my dick out of the zipper and put it in her mouth. God it was crazy! He licked her bottom first and sucked her whole body. Then I took off my pants and shirt and I was naked. Then I took off Suna’s dress. I was taking off her purple bra and thong like I was tearing it, and continuing to lick it like that. The bitch was sucking my dick while looking me in the eyes.

I was ecstatic when he started sucking my balls. He was sucking the end of my dick, licking it, scattering the liquid and blowing again. I started growling with pleasure. Then we were startled by a scream coming from my room, Pelin was screaming and being bored. Suna said, “Come on, fuck me too!” ‘ he said, reaching out and crossing his legs. “Stop you bitch, will I ever fuck you without begging?” I said and brought my tongue to her breasts. I sucked, licked, bitten the tips of her nipples. Then licking his belly, I came to your pussy. Her hairless, waxy cunt was watery and puffy cunt lips were waiting for my dick. But first I separated her pussy and threw tongue blows right and left inside. Then I sucked her clit well and made her orgasm. How the bitch screamed while having an orgasm. “Fuck my love, you made me mad, fuck you, feed the beast!” her screams were taking me away from me.

I put the head of my dick in your cunt’s mouth. I wasn’t stinging, I was brushing. The tip of my dick throbs with pleasure as I do it up and down between her pussy’s lips, and the bitch shakes her head from side to side, “Pick it out!” she was shouting. “Fuck you bitch, the whole school’s been over you, still can’t get enough of you dick!” ‘ I said, squeezing it deep into her cunt. “Ohhhh!” she began to tremble, shouting. As she trembled, I snorted, grabbing her big swaying breasts. The bitch was enjoying it so much it was unbelievable. Cursing and fucking ass in the missionary position. Then I came out of his cunt and put it back in his mouth, he sucked my dick well. Then I lay on my back…

The bitch got on me, aligning my dick with her hand and took it straight in. He kept it in it nicely, then it started bouncing. Her big breasts wobbled and bumped against each other as she jumped. Our lip-to-lip kiss ended with her putting her breasts in my mouth. I was pumping from the bottom this time. The way he took my dick was amazing. Such a treat cannot be! She was like a 40-year-old whore. She screamed as I pumped. I am coming!” When he said that, he got up from me immediately, I took my cock in his mouth and after 5 minutes of blowjob, I started to ejaculate in his mouth. He swallowed not a single drop of my semen wasted, dick horny bitch.

I was ejaculated but the fuck wasn’t over for me, I was going to fuck your ass too. I got up, screwed the bitch. His wide ass hole was right in front of me, I licked it well first. I was rubbing my dick while licking it, it was reared again. I spit it out, I shoved it in a lap in one’s ass. I was fucking your ass in the 4 foot position. Her hips rocked in waves as she slid into her ass. She was screaming and fucking her ass against me. I was pulling her hair, I was fucking the bitch’s ass to the fullest. I’d stick it in and out, then pump it fast. I threw my second post deep in your ass. I fucked her ass until she got down with my dick, then I got out. Suna was all inseminated, she got up and took a shower…

While she was in the shower, I went to my boulder room. My homie was teasing Pelini and pumping it in her ass. When I entered, my buddy stopped, “Come bro, come, horny bitch can’t get enough of the dick!” said. When we got to them, Pelin grabbed my dick and put it in her mouth. Behind him, my friend, with my dick in her mouth, Pelin seemed to be enraged. But the blowjob couldn’t come close to Suna. My scar was completely lifted and ready. At that time, Suna also entered the room with a towel and said, “Ooo, you’re making a group, huh? Why didn’t you wait for me?” he came to us. And I said to my friend, “Taste some of the food you offer, bro!” I said. My buddy said, “Ohoo, boy I fucked him already! You were the one who didn’t fuck up!” he stopped fucking Pelini and started kissing Suna. “Wow, so he got you inside!” I said. “And how!” saying that, my best friend Suna twisted and fucked her from behind. Sunaya was pumping fast.

I also got into Pelin’s tighter pussy than Suna, and was pumping like that. Pelin was under me while Suna was squeezing my best friend. I was sucking her breasts, Pelin’s lips were like honey of the bitch. After pumping her cunt for a long time, I tucked Pelini next to Suna, I got into her asshole in one move. Both of the bitches were fucking bent over in front of us. It was over for both, but we couldn’t get enough of fucking. First, my best friend Suna ejaculated in her cunt, so I couldn’t stand it anymore and ejaculated on Pelin’s ass.

After taking our showers, we were sipping our drinks in our boxers, Suna in purple underwear, Pelin in black underwear. After resting for a while, I started to fuck Suna again and my best friend Pelini. On my last ejaculation, the clock was showing 4 am. Me and Suna slept in my room, my best friend and Pelin slept in my parents’ room.

It was past 12 noon when we woke up. After breakfast, we fucked the girls one more post. Then we drove to my best friend’s house. We were hanging out at home, the girls were on their own, we were playing PlayStation with my best friend. We hung out like this until the evening. In the evening, the girls said, “Let’s go to the pool!” they stuck. Dude, “Let’s fuck them in the pool!” We jumped into the pool, everybody staring naked. After I fucked Suna in the pool, I screwed Pelin in a post and fucked her ass. After I took a shower, I left the girls at their house and went home.

It was the best two days of my life, I don’t remember how many posts I threw in the holes of two bitches. Every now and then, when I want to, I call Suna whore, I fuck for hours and send it. In fact, the pants she wore once were so tight that I even got angry and fucked her in the school bathroom.

Good fuck everybody.

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