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My wife and I are 32-28 years old. We live in Izmir.
We no longer work because the elders of the time worked hard. Well, when we were both empty, we poured the work into
sex. My bell is great, you have to see how I can explain it . I
‘ve been banging it almost every day for 3 years, I couldn’t get it to wear off, it
‘s like the girl I knew in high school. Our greatest pleasure is the
stories on such sites. As per our custom, when he goes to the shower, I enter the sites
and download the stories I like and have him read them. While he is reading, I now
go under the table and do what is necessary.

Recently, I
noticed that you have been reading stories like wives group more eagerly. I’m sure the bitch is
putting herself in the shoes of the women who get fucked there next to her husband. Now my plan is this. I want this thing to be a little more realistic, if you write your crazy fantasies
about my wife to my e-mail address, I will copy and paste them as if they were downloaded from the site and have her read it. So she’ll actually be reading about how she got fucked by different men.

I’m thinking of explaining this to him later with a surprise. I’ll let my wife
make the choice, let’s see, I will send her favorite fantasy owner
a photo of her wonderful butts
chest, waist and hip organization is perfect. Oh, before you forget the name is serpil, it
will be more realistic if you use this name. As a final reminder
, she has a gorgeous little blemish on one of her hips. Let’s see, I’m thinking about switching to msn slowly,
but first I’ll prepare a bitch for this

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