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Hello, I would like to tell you about my experiences with my neighbors Arzu and Nursen in the next apartment and the opposite apartment. The sister-in-law had surgery and went to her summer house to rest. When he left, he asked my wife and children to accompany him, so that they could both help and take a vacation until he got better. I stayed in Istanbul because I couldn’t get permission from my work place. Arzu, who lives next door, is a very beautiful 30-year-old woman with full, erect breasts, a smooth body, rounded hips, and legs like milk. We live in the same apartment, on the same floor, and in flats next to each other. Arzu has a husband like an ox, we have met the man by chance on the stairs for years, he turns his head away, he neither greets nor speaks. On the contrary, Desire, on the other hand, can only see it, greet it, and talk. Whether I’m at home or not, he comes home to see my wife. There is also Nursen, who lives in the opposite building. She is 50 years old, very beautiful and attractive woman. She has velvet skin, her breasts are plump and beautiful. His body is like a horse, with round big hips and legs like milk. My wife has cellulite on her legs and she does not. I am sincere with Nursen’s husband, wherever we meet, we chat from balcony to balcony. Nursen, on the other hand, is shy, I expected something to happen with her, but I could not establish intimacy. When I’m at work, he comes home to chat with my wife. Even my wife was sick of Nursen, “What a beautiful woman, who knows what we will become at her age?” she was saying she all the time. My wife had been gone for a week. On Friday, I was like pickles from the extreme heat, I came home, took a shower, set a table on the balcony late in the evening. I also opened a bottle of raki. I’m sitting on the balcony in shorts and a tank top, drinking heavily, I’m not going to work tomorrow anyway. It was late, the lights were slowly turning off in our building and in the opposite building. I guess everyone had gone to bed and it was only me… Around 02:00, our next-door neighbor’s balcony lamp came on. There is only 2 meters distance between our balconies. Their balcony is with pima-pen windows. I saw Arzu, both naked and naked. When he turned his head towards our balcony, he saw me and immediately moved away from the window. After a while, he put on a suspended T-shirt and short shorts under it, opened the window of the balcony and said, “Good night, Mr. Erol. Our guy is snoring, but I couldn’t sleep in this heat…” he said. “Good night, Ms. Arzu, yes it is very hot, but our balcony is cool!” I said. “Ooh, what’s up, enjoying raki on the cool balcony huh?” said. “Come here, let me offer you a double.” when he said, “Well, let me come in two minutes!” said. When I got up and opened the door, Arzu was already at the door. It was evident from the tapered ends of her breasts that she wasn’t wearing a bra under the shirt. We went to the balcony. “Turn off the light on the balcony immediately, so no one can see us at this time of night.” he said, i hung up. I poured Arzu a drink and we started drinking together. Soon he began to search my mouth, “Did you just see me through the window?” she asked. “Yes, I saw your gorgeous body and breasts, albeit for a short time, but you ran away right away!” I said. Meanwhile, under the table, his legs were touching my legs… I took his hand, he didn’t react, I wanted to kiss him, but, “Someone will see!” said. “Who will see at this hour?” I said and we started kissing. I opened her breasts. Arzu took my dick out of my shorts, played with her hand a bit, then took it in her mouth and started sucking. I had my dick up to his throat. I finally ejaculated in your mouth, swallowed them all. He pulled his shirt down, “I’m leaving, don’t you drink too much!” he said and left immediately. He also sent me a kiss from his house and turned off the light. I drank the remaining half of the raki and went to sleep. I woke up in the morning to the sound of the door ringing ‘blinking’. I opened the door saying this is Arzu, but it was Nursen. I was wearing shorts, and again, shy, probably because I was naked from the waist up. I had to say, “Here you go, sister…” Nursen said, “Well… Well… I haven’t seen your wife for days, I was just wondering, isn’t she sick or something?” said. This was our first time talking to him. I said my wife was going to the cottage and said, “Here you go, go inside.” I said. “No, I’ll go then.” she said. Will this opportunity be missed, I insisted, “You should go. Come in, let’s talk!” I said and took it inside. She still looked shy, I told her she was very shy, “This is how I do it.” she said. We chatted a little bit about the weather. Once, when I said that she was very beautiful and well-groomed, she said, “I don’t know… I’ll go now…” and got up. I held their hands, “Don’t go stay, we’re talking for the first time in how many years!” When he said, “He who sees you thinks you are in love with me, you are very nice!” she said. “I’m in love, whenever I see you, I want you with an irresistible feeling.” I said and started kissing Nursen’s lips. He responded by kissing me, and we kissed and went into the bedroom. I stripped her naked right away. She had a great body and creamy pussy. I was sucking Nursen’s breasts in turn. Then I went down on the cream like cream, Nursen was moaning as I licked it. Then I got undressed and we were 69 in bed. I was licking Nursen’s cunt and sticking my finger in her ass. Nursen was sucking my dick by breathing through her nose. After a while, I brought Nursen to all fours position, I fucked her between her horse-like hips and started to fuck. As I fuck Nursen moans, “Fuck me faster, fuck me harder!” she was saying she. We ejaculated together after quite a bit of a fuck. When I took my dick out of her pussy, Nursen’s pussy and mine were soaked. Nursen immediately turned around and said, “Bring your dick in my mouth.” said. He took my dick in his mouth, sucked it well and cleaned it with his tongue, then lay down on the bed and said, “Just great!” she said. Then she said, “Do you understand now why I am shy with you? My sixth sense is strong, I guessed what was going to happen between us the first time I saw you.” she said. And I said, “Well, why did you come then?” when he said, “I couldn’t bear it anymore when I saw you like that on the balcony at night with Desire.” she said. I kissed Nursen’s lips and said, “Am I allowed to fuck in the ass?” I asked. “Fuck you, you’re the first to know!” she said. He took my dick in his mouth and lifted his ass back to me. So I started licking her ass, soaking it well and poking the head of my dick. Nursen turned her head and looked at me, her face red. When I shoved my entire cock up your ass, Nursen said, “My dear, you tore my ass!” he groaned. After putting it in and out a few times, I ejaculated inside. Then we hugged each other and slept for over an hour. Then she got up, dressed, and kissed my lips, “See you later, darling!” He said and went home… dressed and kissed my lips, “See you later darling!” He said and went home… dressed and kissed my lips, “See you later darling!” He said and went home…

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