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. I would like to tell you about a real incident that happened to us 3 years ago.
Currently, I am 34 and my wife is 29 years old. I am 1.80 meters tall and my wife has an average physique, and my wife is 1.70 meters tall, with very smooth breasts, full hips, rounded and well-groomed hips. My name is berk, my wife’s name is buse :).. Anyway, let’s start our story.
We decided to go to Bodrum for a holiday 3 years ago, anyway, let’s not delay, we set off from Istanbul with our own vehicle and after a tiring journey, we checked into the hotel at 17:00 in the afternoon.
We left ourselves tired on the bed in our room, but we dreamed of this holiday all year and dreamed of the time we would spend together in a nice way. Then my wife said that she was going to take a shower and she was very depressed because it was hot. She didn’t wear a bra, she only wore a white thong. When I saw her at noon, of course, I started to move, but my son already ran away, I said, don’t hurry. I could easily see the opposite rooms.After watching the surroundings for a while, a couple kissing on the balcony of the hotel rooms in one of the opposite rooms caught my attention, of course, this was very normal here, but I noticed that they were looking at me too, so I paid attention. They were both kissing and looking towards our room. She was 1.70 meters tall with a slight belly and was around 75 kilos. The woman was holding the man on both sides of her head with her hands, she was officially tearing her lips off, and the man was wrapping her legs, waist, and breasts from below. Thinking that it was not right to look any further, I pulled the balcony curtain and went inside, but I liked the way the woman kissed and her body structure. He was oscillating between whether I should get up or not.Since I wanted her to get up right away, I took a shower next to my wife, her back was turned to me, in the shower, she was supported by the wall with both hands, her ass was sticking out, the water was running down her back, in the face of this position, mine became like a stake. I approached from behind and wrapped it tightly around her waist. oh he pulled, I was licking my wife’s shoulders and back and rubbing her breasts with my hands. My dick was going up and down between her ass as if massaging both her asshole and her wife turned towards me she got down on her knees and smashed my dick in her mouth (my dick is 18 cm and a thick and prominent veined tool) squawking i started to get more turned on and i lifted her to the oil and put her one foot next to the tub I bent down to see her hairless cunt and the juices flowing from her cunt I started licking and swallowing my wife’s voice and breathing had changed. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I couldn’t stand it anymore, I stood up and curled her already protruding hip a little more, she was in front of me like a cunt she was in front of me like a pumpkin without waiting I even stuck her head in this way for 10 minutes. We went back to the room. My wife brought two beers from the fridge and we sat on the balcony and started to enjoy, meanwhile, the couple on the other side caught my attention again. They weren’t making love, but I noticed that they were looking at us intently,I told my wife that they were looking at us on the balcony of the opposite room, and the room started to look at them from the bottom and she said it’s true, they are looking at us. Anyway, we didn’t dwell on it much and we went inside and saw that it was time to go to dinner.
When we got down to the restaurant, it was very crowded inside, there were a couple of empty tables. We took our meals and went to one of the empty places. While we were eating, a high-pitched male voice behind me said sorry, because the other empty tables were full, I turned and said hello, I saw that there was a couple looking at each other on the opposite balcony in the mix. we stared at each other for a second ……more interesting, I will write in 1 or 2 days in my spare time….

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