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Hello dear turkish elits readers, I am aslı. I am 21 years old. The event that I am going to tell happened in Konya last year. We go to Konya every year with my family. My aunts accompany us. I am on good terms with my aunt. I have always been with my aunt since I was a little girl. We hang out with my cousins. He looks like a good person from the outside. but in recent years, I noticed that you always looked at me sideways. This situation worried me. Therefore, I did not stay with him much. Our house in the village was two-storied. Our aunts lived on the top floor. Our house in the village was in the middle of the bay. We had to graze their animals. This bothered me, but I had to. Even though I’m a normally open girl, when we went to the village, I would shut up when we went to the village. but in the bay it was going further. Because my fathers flan was not always with me. It bothered me. We always took the animals to higher places far from the village to graze better. One day it was my turn to graze the animals. I started to spread it towards the ground. I was going to spread the animals and come back. I was quite far from the village. I left the animals in a flat area in the future, I turned right back and saw my brother-in-law after a while. he had a rifle in his hand. I had a shiver at first sight. When he got closer, he asked me where he was. I also spread the animals and said I’m going home. The animals were visible. He looked towards them. Then he said come on, animals can’t spread well here, let’s take it further. I agreed. To the animals together. He started harassing me while I was going straight. I was very scared. I tried to prevent it. I said to my brother-in-law, don’t do it. but he was saying what will it be, come on, there is no one here. I immediately turned back and just as I was running away, he grabbed my arm. Actually, he said don’t run away from me and lost me to the ground. He started harassing me by hand. I was shouting but there was no one around. Even though I said stop, he was going further. He took off my headscarf. And he started kissing me. At the same time he was trying to take off my skirt. I was confused. I was both crying and trying to prevent it. He was kissing. I started to babble. It continued like this for a while. I was both crying and shouting. My uncle held my hands. I couldn’t do anything, it was already on me. I couldn’t move. Then my vagina started to bleed. My heart hurt. My uncle got up from me, but he was holding my hands so that I could escape. My brother-in-law cleaned the blood on me with his shirt and then laid me down again. .it got on me again.and continued to fuck.I screamed but no one brother-in-law took me in his lap and started to fuck me like this.he was constantly kissing.and licking.after a mudlet I was tired and I threw myself into my brother-in-law’s I had to.1 It was time, my brother-in-law left me. And he ejaculated on me. I just lay on the floor. I felt weird. My uncle put on his top. And he lifted me up. We didn’t talk anything. After 10 minutes passed, I put my clothes on. Then I went to the village and my brother-in-law came to the village towards the evening.

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