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I Raped My Sexy Pretty Mom
If you ask all the people around me, they would say that it is not one to be found in the word sex stories. However , as you can understand from the title, I raped my sexy sweet mother , there is a great revenge. Now I want you to sit back and listen to what I’ve been through. Everything is so heavy, I can’t tell anyone I know what I’ve been through. At least, I want to share a little bit of peace and relaxation here.

sex stories
Real Picture of My Stepmother Perihan.
I have to be in the second year of elementary school or something. Although many of my friends do not remember their age in the least, I sleep with every detail. We had a fight-free, noise-free life. At least that’s how I remembered it. My mother and father both loved me. We weren’t rich, but we didn’t have that fondness either. Everything I wanted was taken, we didn’t have any financial difficulties. It was Thursday. We had just entered the last lesson. In the middle of the lesson, my father came in with the principal. While I had a short conversation with my teacher, my eyes were on my father. He was devastated, he couldn’t lift his head, I could see the redness in his eyes. I was small, but I could tell there was a problem. It will sound funny, but I had a feeling of uneasiness all day long. I felt that my loving and smiling mother had left me and migrated to the other world…

I cried for months. It was as if I was completely cut off from space and time. Funeral, relatives, spouse, friend… They all offered their condolences, but I didn’t even know what it meant. My mother was gone, she was dead. Other than that, nothing else interested me. I just had hatred. I had a rebellion against the creator, who made me experience these, against life itself. From the very first day, a woman started to come in and out of our house. This woman’s name was Perihan. She was my father’s friend, she was introduced that way. Perihan started to come and go more and more every day. Then he started staying at our house. After a year passed, he got married and assumed a new title; step mother! No lie, he was extremely patient with me. I started to adopt good and bad, and I slowly came back to life. But the anger and hatred inside me never ceased. On the contrary, it increased exponentially every day.

Time Heard Neither Me nor My Anger

Time was running out, and he couldn’t stop anyone. He didn’t listen to me or my anger! The sound of that wall clock, which I looked at without taking my eyes off at first, was etched in my head. Tick ​​tock, tick tock, tick tock…

My education life was one year behind. I was 17 years old, but I was still in high school. I could call Perihan a direct mother, not a sweet mother. My father was 39 years old and my sweet mother was 36. Although my father lived a little more each day, Perihan was not like that. He was taking very good care of himself. He would exercise and watch what he ate. She must have also benefited from not being pregnant at all. Because those big cuties still managed to blow the minds of every man. There was not a single wrinkle on his face. She was beautiful even without make up, but when she put on make up, even the word sexy was not enough. But these thoughts that I had in my mind did not come from rage. Although not as much as my own mother, her interest, love and constant effort to help me at least gave her the right to be a nice mother.

I was incredibly rebellious because of my unrelenting anger. At school, I was feared and not dared to look away. I was one of the bad guys you know. My mother, who is more beautiful than my father, would come to school and get scolded from me a lot for my fights. But Perihan persistently stood behind me. If my son did it, he would say he knows something. High school convinced both my father and sent me to kick boxing. Even though I said I didn’t want it at first, it was good for me too. Now, at my school, I was fighting in the ring, not on the streets. My improved body and calmer demeanor were attracting the attention of the girls.

My first love, Nisa, I think she was the most beautiful girl in the class. At least it seemed so to me. We were at noon. I rarely went home. There was already a 15-minute distance between home and school. Go and come by walking, but it was torture. I made toast from the canteen and went to my classroom with my ayran, in the back of my seat by the window. There was no one so I wasn’t someone who liked the crowd anyway. I was a bit more mature than my peers because of what I went through. They all felt stupid. That’s why I can’t say that I had many friends at school. They did not approach me because I was also a brawler. But Nisa, the most beautiful girl in the class, didn’t think so…

Nisa walked in through the door while she was half-baking the toast and taking a sip of my ayran. He was alone. He had seen me but had taken his place in the front row at the doorway without even saying hello. He was wearing black tights and a school uniform. He stood with his back to the wall, legs stretched out on his bench. I could see her sneaking glances as she continued to eat my toast. One two three…

Did something happen?
Like what?
I don’t know, you will say.
You keep looking, I’m saying that’s why.
Are you uncomfortable?
No, I was just wondering why.
He slowly got up and started walking towards me. Half of her fake blonde hair was in front of her, and the other half from behind her to chest level. She was probably the girl with the biggest breasts in the class. Her eyes were black, but she was assertive enough to make one shudder. At the beginning of high school, I discovered my masculinity and started to look at girls with different eyes. I could satisfy myself by masturbating, but I had never had sex. If I said I don’t wonder how it feels, of course, it would be a great aunt. You see, my testosterone level had increased exponentially with every step he took towards me.

He placed his hips on the bench in front of me. The darkness under her skirt had turned me on even more as she crossed her legs. I could feel my breathing getting erratic. Finally, he broke his silence and said:

I wonder…
I don’t understand?
You asked why you are looking, I was just wondering about you.
What did you wonder?
Why is half the school afraid of you, being belligerent, seriously boxing?
I don’t know what to say or if I want to tell…
There’s nothing to know, it’s your life after all. For example, is it true that you do boxing?
Yes, I started at the beginning of the year.
We watched a lot of fights at school, have you ever been in the ring?
Should I take pliers out of your mouth, Murat, just tell me!
As he approached me, all kinds of pleasure-filled sex stories in my head were slowly fading away. I could feel it. I gave up my short and adolescent answers after I thought about how the beautiful girl Nisa, who was interested in me and whose curiosity I aroused, would not lose her interest.

It was my mother’s idea, kickboxing. Yes, I’ve been in the ring many times. I’m not belligerent like I used to be. I get rid of my anger and stress as soon as I enter that hall. Of course, you’re mostly curious about how I fight and the exciting side of things, right?
So obviously it is.
Then today, after the warm-up, there will be a little competition between us. You can come as a spectator if you want.
So if you want, yes, you can come.
Yes, I want it so much, let me come.
He was extremely excited and his excitement excited me too. It was the first time anyone other than my own mother would watch me in the ring. In fact, they didn’t put people my age in the ring like that. However, when the teacher saw my determination, he started to show special interest. Although kick boxing was not in my dreams for the future, it was the most beautiful detail of my life these days. That’s why I was hugging tight, fighting fiercely in the ring with older people.

We recorded our phones. We continued the conversation and started to get to know each other more closely. But slowly, the classroom began to fill up and students were coming. Nisa also took her place. He would come to me at every break and find a topic to chat with in some way. We were always talking about everything in general, not about our lives. Of course, I didn’t trust enough to tell my pain.

I was in the living room at about four o’clock. Halfway through our one-hour warm-up, I had the best fucking story I’ve ever forgotten in my life. Of course, since the warm-up was not over, I took him to the place where the ring and the audience would sit. It wasn’t such a big place anyway. Seven people, including myself, would participate in what I call a competition. I am the smallest. There was the one who worked hard for three years and the one who started after me. Of course, anyone who wanted to agree. I was one of those bidders. Cici couldn’t come because of my mom’s job, at least she said so when I told her a week or so ago. But when he came out so as not to put me alone again, he had the opportunity to meet Nisa as well. I won’t go into the details of the competition, it didn’t turn out to be such an exaggerated fight, but I managed to come second. It was a quarter to seven or so when I left the hall. My mother’s blood boiled for Nisa. When she insisted on having dinner, Nisa, who took permission from her family, came to our house. It was the first time I was bringing home a girlfriend when our relationship hadn’t even been named.

We Caught My Mother In My First Sex Story

While my mother was warming up the leftovers from yesterday in the kitchen, my father had yet to arrive. We went to my room together. I was supposedly taking a tour of the house, but I wanted to be alone with Nisa, who had doubled my testosterone levels since morning. I was lying on the bed.

What a day, I’m so tired.
It was really great. I haven’t had such a good time in a long time…
At that time, I had actually made room for him to lie down next to me as I slid over the edge of the bed. After looking for a while, assuming that he was waiting for an invitation:

come with me…
He was hesitant but accepted. He was lying next to me. Our faces were towards each other. I slowly brought the strands of hair that fell in front of her eyes behind her ear. I could feel my breathing getting deeper.

Yes, it’s been a great day thanks to you. I wish you were with me like this every day. It’s a strange feeling, I can’t describe it, but I feel at peace with you.
Actually, I have been feeling these feelings for you for a long time, but I did not dare to come and speak. You didn’t even look up at all.
I don’t know what I would have done had I known. Maybe it was better like this…
So now we…
Yes, we are lovers! At least I would, would you?
I did not leave Nisa’s step unanswered and stuck to her lips. Actually, I didn’t know exactly what I was doing. I didn’t know if I was kissing right or if I had misunderstood what I was watching. But Nisa did not withdraw herself. She was even running her fingers through my hair. I slowly lowered my hand from his waist to his hips. His body was so soft that I thought I had to knead it like play dough. She was wearing jeans underneath, but I could feel every detail of her hips comfortably. My dick was upright like it was going to explode. I put my hand up to her breasts from under her blouse behind her hips. I find it difficult to describe the pleasure and pleasure I get. But I keep every second of it in my mind without forgetting your name. I was at the level of ejaculation, if he touched it once, I would explode. He didn’t do it because he was afraid of my mother, when I wanted to put my hand in his pants, he held my hand and said “no” in a low voice. It wasn’t in the great fucking stories, but for me it was a great lovemaking. To begin with, I think it was great that when my mother called from inside, “Come on, children,” Nisa got up from me in anger. When I followed him, he saw my dick, which was standing upright under my sweatpants, more clearly. With a slight smile:

Oh you’re upright
You wouldn’t leave it like this, would you?
I was trying to straighten my dick as she accompanied her laughter, but she had no intention of going down. Nisa took another step closer to me. Pulling slightly to my side, he put his hand inside my sweatpants and grasped:

OFF is such a nice feeling
Ask me too my love
my love huh?
He gripped it even tighter. He didn’t look like he knew exactly what he was doing, but he only had to rub a little more to clear. Not content with that, Nisa got down on her knees and took off my sweatpants. I took it in his mouth as my dick hit his face and just licked it once and I ejaculated in his mouth. Worse still, the door suddenly opened and my lovely mother entered. Nisa, whose stomach was rising from the semen in her mouth, was spitting on the ground, and my mother was standing in front of my mother, who was about to fade a little.

What are you guys doing!
Well, we didn’t do anything.
How old are you, isn’t it early?
We didn’t do anything, we just kissed.
Okay okay, close your penis. Come, my dear Nisa, you too.
Upon my lovely mother leaving the room with Nisa, I cleaned my dick and the spit on the floor with my napkin. It was a very strange moment, but embarrassment was one of the last emotions I would ever feel. While I was leaving the room, Nisa and my mother had also come out of the bathroom. Nisa was extremely red, embarrassed.

come on to the kitchen
She was probably worried that nothing would happen to Nisa, calm down, and that her family would find out about it. Fortunately, we were relieved by the speech of my mother, who filled our meals. He went into many details about his sexuality, how normal this is, that we need to be protected, etc. He spoke so freely that we understood that we had done nothing to be ashamed of. He even questioned whether we took advantage of this openness and smoked. I had just learned that Nisa had tried several times before. I have never drank. If you are interested in alcohol or cigarettes, stay away from both. If you are going to consume alcohol from time to time, consume it. In fact, if you feel like it, let me know and let’s try it together. But don’t tell anyone about all these conversations, all right? After my experience in adult stories, this conversation increased my respect for my lovely mother.

While Feeling So Peaceful…

After Nisa, my life really started to go a long way. I became much more humorous, humanoid. It brought me to life, to people. While feeling so peaceful, Nisa, who broke up with me in her senior year of high school, threw me back into the well she had pulled out. I wasn’t proud enough to run after you and say please come back. He had made a decision and I had to respect it. Even though I was showing this to the outside, I was crying inside. My relationship with my girlfriend actually made me get closer to my lovely mother. It tells almost everything, I wasn’t keeping a secret. He was so happy with it that he became like my mentor. Even though I wanted to say that we broke up, he understood my stance, my mood, my attitude. He said he was going to pass, that I should be so upset.

It was Saturday, my father was out of town for work. My mother had come home from work at five o’clock with bags in her hands. On the other hand, I watched TV from morning to night, thought of my lover and cried. I didn’t even get up to say hello. He had come into the living room without taking off his coat, listening to the sounds of the television.

Murat… Murat…
welcome mom
We didn’t find it very nice, Murat! You get up right away, take a shower and wake up. I’m going to get changed and start eating. Today we will steal a night of hell, I will make you feel the pain of love to the fullest…
He was laughing, he was energetic, but I wasn’t feeling as well as he was. But I wasn’t going to make the mistake of listening to my mentor. In my vague, hoarse and reluctant state:

My mother, who came out of the living room, hung her coat on the cloakroom and went to her room. I followed suit. My parents’ bedroom was on the right when they entered the house. I had to leave the living room, turn right, and enter the bathroom on the right of the hall. I don’t know why, but as I was leaving, I turned my head and saw my mother, whose door was open, undressing. She was taking off her work shirt and choosing an outfit in front of the mirror with her purple lace bra underneath. I kept walking, but I started to take slower steps. It was nice to see him like that. She took off her skirt, she. Under her pantyhose, the matching panties with her bra were also slightly visible. Feeling my dick start to move, I immediately turned my head and walked into the bathroom, suggesting that this was not true. I thought of my girlfriend again, as if I had never seen them. Our lovemaking

I took my shower and left the bathroom. My room was on the left as soon as I left. On the right was a small room that we used as a pantry. Before I entered my room, I turned my head again for no reason and looked behind me. My mother had already changed and went into the kitchen. When you notice me

Come on, get dressed, I’m waiting…
After ten minutes or so after his directive, I got dressed and left my room. Seeing me approach the kitchen:

Come see what I’ll show you
He opened the closet door as I entered. Immediately on the lid was a bottle of 100 raki.

Have you drank before?
We drank vodka, not raki.
Good, I’m not that tough either, but let’s enjoy it in peace while your dad is away!
It can’t be said that I am in a good mood, but of course I will gladly accompany you.
Relax, I’ll make you feel good.
But he did the opposite of what he said and gave me the shock of my life…

I’m Your Mother…

He asked me to help him prepare the meal, and he had the music turned on. We were starting to hit the bottom of the arabesque, but for some reason dealing with something was enough for me not to hear the music and not be happy because I did something. We prepared various appetizers and roasted lamb. On the way back, he bought stuffed leaves and enriched the menu. We set the table on the center table in the living room. No lie, I was excited because it was my first time to drink raki. Our first glass was raised by my mother:

So forget all unhappiness!
By the time I was halfway through the bottle, the music and the conversation had really relaxed and sensitized me. We’ve already passed the love affair. I even got carried away a little too much and told +18 stories. He even seemed to enjoy listening to them. But he was sad with me. This is the first time I’ve seen her this fragile. Of course, we continued our conversation as I did not know the reason yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I showed all the love my birth mother showed. I still miss him so much. I’m ready to give my life to have him by my side. The only reason for my unending anger is his absence.
My entry into this subject made him very sad and had tears in his eyes. When I realized this, I was also upset, I immediately went to him and said:

Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know where I would be. I am grateful to you, I can never repay you.
Actually, I knew your mother.
I have never heard anything like this from my father’s mouth or from my sweet mother’s mouth. I thought she was upset because I said I miss my own mother, but it seemed different. My surging curiosity inevitably distracted me.

How so?
We were with your father back then. We’ve been hiding this truth from you and everyone else for years.
You’re drunk, you’re lying…
I was very angry with my father. I thought those tears were lies The anger that I was trying to imprison had suddenly swelled as if it would explode.

He was silent, reaching for the raki bottle and refreshing his glass.

Speak up, what do you mean you were together?
Your mother caught us having sex in the office one evening. From that day on, your father began to distance himself from me. Every time he walked away, I started to die too. I hated your mother…
What are you talking about, Perihan, are you yourself?
Uff off! Even though I didn’t want to reveal this secret I’ve been keeping for years, it gnawed at me day by day. I thought the better I treated you, the less my guilt would be, but it didn’t. The more anger you feel, the more I suffer.
God damn you, you and my father too!
At that time, my anger was preventing me from thinking. While Perihan was pouring the glass she filled, I poured a new raki straight. I was extremely angry and afraid of hurting Perihan. My hand was literally shaking.

I was suspicious, as soon as my mother died, you were already out of the house. You were looking for an opportunity, weren’t you? Or do you have a share in my mother’s accident? Maybe my dad has too. To be with my mother…
I couldn’t finish my sentence because I knew I was being silly. While my only mother was dying, it turned out that she was in pain without ever letting me know. Perihan sobbing next to me:

I’m sorry… I’m sorry… my only regret in life is really being with a married man. But at the same time, my only happiness is to be in this house with your father, with you.
You are a bitch! Yes, even the queen of bitches! A simple bitch with married men!
Don’t say, please don’t say that. I knew you as my son. I also made your father very happy.
Every word that came out of his mouth made me more angry. I was pacing around the hall. With every step I took, my anger did not go away, it only got worse.

My son, fuck you! bitch wife!
He stood up, kneeling at my feet, apologizing. I grabbed her hair and lifted her up.

Do you want me to forgive you?
Undress, right now!
In front of me was the goods. He couldn’t understand why I wanted this. The fact that he looked so shabby got on my nerves even more. She was wearing a purple lace bra that I saw walking into the bathroom. He didn’t respond, his head was lowered to the ground.

Why do you do that?
At this vague word that came out of his mouth, I pulled him by his hair and threw him on the sofa. I also took off the gray sweatpants underneath. While pulling down my sweatpants in front of him with my glare:

I’m ruining your happiness! This is your punishment…
Don’t do it, whatever you do, don’t do it!
I wasn’t hearing it. The sex stories she gave my mother would make her husband and step-son live. I was going to punish both my father and the woman I had called mother for years. In short, it was short!

I peeled off your panties. As I saw her hairless cunt, my dick that I had rubbed with my hand slowly started to straighten up. I held her by her hair and straightened her on the sofa. He came to his senses when I rubbed my unhardened cock on his ass and hips. I started to shove my saliva-soaked cock into his cunt, which I parted with my fingers. Perihan was crying, but she did not object. He was content with only vaguely saying ‘don’t do it’. Maybe he was saying it, but I didn’t hear it. I rooted so hard that I remember her saying ‘ahhh’ in her cunt. I accelerated, accelerated so much that I wanted to vomit the hatred and anger that had accumulated in me for years. The decibel of his voice was getting louder each time. He wasn’t just saying ‘ahh’, he was adding ‘ohhh’ as ​​well. She liked it, my motherfucking little mother.

I was out of mood, but I still couldn’t ejaculate. I got out of his pussy and grabbed him by the hair and sat him down again. Rubbing my dick at the tears flowing from his bloodshot eyes:

It’s your right bitch! I’ll only wipe those fake tears with my dick! Lick now!
I forcefully opened his mouth and stuck my dick in. He wasn’t licking. When I didn’t lick it, I got angry and kept putting my dick in and out of his mouth even though his teeth hurt me. I started slapping, she was crying more and more with each slap I threw. He showed no resistance to the erotic stories that he would never forget throughout his life. This surrender made me even more angry.

I took my dick out of his mouth and went between his legs. I pulled off her bra with a fury as I inserted my red-hot penis into her pussy. She continued to stare with tearful eyes while holding her big breasts that were blown away every time I rooted. I let go of her breast and hugged her neck. I was squeezing, he was having trouble breathing, but that sight of him made me turn on even more. I had accelerated so much and choked him that I felt like I would have died if I had continued any longer. Despite that, she didn’t respond, just squeezing it onto the sofa. Luckily I ejaculated, right inside! While I was pouring my hate into it like a waterfall, I was out of mood and fell on it.

I was slowly starting to understand what I was doing. There were officially rape sex stories between us. But in this rape, my sweet mother did not respond. Because no matter how drunk she was, she wanted to share her pain and be relieved. Although he didn’t like the path I had chosen, he didn’t object.

I got up from him and slid my boxers across my hips. Neither of us smoked, but the son of a bitch who was going to be my father was. Surely there would be a cardboard in your closet. I went there and bought a package. When I returned to the living room, Perihan was still crying. He pulled his knees up and put his head between them. I said I raped my sexy cutie mom because her sentence wasn’t over yet. This was just the first installment!

While burning the branch I took out of the package I opened:

Stop crying bitch! From now on you’re my bitch If you tell my son-of-a-bitch father about this without saying it, I will send you both to my birth mother. You will suffer twice as much as my mother suffered! When the time comes, your son-of-a-bitch husband will suffer the pain of being betrayed by his own son.
No more! Whatever I say! If you want to be forgiven, there is no other way.
After getting up and drinking a few sips that remained in his glass, he took a cigarette from the pack on the coffee table and lit it. He had stopped crying, but his eyes were bloodshot. He didn’t know what to say like I did. While I was so peaceful and happy, I did not expect my life to turn upside down in a moment, and I did not expect to experience mother sex stories . But I could guess that everything was just beginning…

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