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I’m a 19-year-old boy, let me tell you about an incident that happened to me
. One day, my uncles went somewhere for 2 days and my uncle’s daughter
called me because she was afraid, so I said okay, but I always thought
to fuck her, after I had dinner, she said I’ll take a shower
and I said ok, and then I said okay. she was glass on top and I was watching her she took off her
red bra and she had only a red thong underneath I
wanted her to take it off and she took it off I was watching her through the glass she noticed
but I kept looking at her without realizing it

he turned me on and I was like a tight stake then he came out of the bathroom
and went to the island he said let’s go to bed I said ok we would sleep in a separate room but
I always wanted to fuck him after that a great offer came to me and he
said come to me sleep with me I’m afraid I said ok I was in his bed now
he had a great physique I wanted to fuck you without wasting time, we went to bed and
I was making my dick slowly without
giving a fuck You just took a bath, clean outside, I slowly took off your bra

then i started licking it the room was stroking my tight with his hand I slowly took off his shorts
and now he was in his thong

the back of her red thong was getting into her ass hole then
she started blowjob and I took her thong off I started licking her ass I licked her
all over I started licking her pussy I started screaming she was
screaming but can I stop but then the room was enjoying this job
and I was slowly licking my dick and cunt it was more
and I scored a great goal in no time, now I was tight
and a lot of blood was flowing, we took a shower after we loved it but I still had a fuck
on my mind while taking a shower we started kissing again and
we fucked until the morning It took 2 years, he got married but I still want to fuck him


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