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Hello, story-loving friends, we have read and listened to many stories here , most of them are far from reality and ironic, you
decide about my story. I am a 36-year-old gentleman, this happened 3 years ago . I am working in Thrace and I am married, my marriage is going well. I’m a human being , I like to live sexily and to the fullest. Anyway, without further ado, let me tell you what happened to me. I went to see a friend of mine at the cafe. I saw a friend sitting at another table. I went to them upon invitation, I chatted for a certain time, then I left there after 2 days I got a message.

Although I told him I was married to see if I wanted to meet him,
we started to talk on insistence. At first, we
had a normal and normal meeting environment. I
invited him to my friend’s house to be comfortable in 3 meetings. We went there after a little chat and conversation, the atmosphere got warmer, our lips were clasped, our hands began to feel the thirst
of each other uncontrollably .
While we were making
love, we undressed first, I started oral sex, and
then we were eating each other as if we were eating each other
. I had hesitations because he was single. When he understood my problem
, he said continue. It’s okay. and more passionately and wildly than I have ever lived in my life.
We had a sexual relationship and I lived every aspect of sex with him wildly. We meet
2-3 times a week and break up happily
. Then there were some problems and we broke up. Now I’m looking for him.

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