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It is an event that I thought was my fantasy but actually I
saw that it was not just my fantasy I am a married woman my wife is considered handsome
tall brunette I have a sincere female friend
a widowed woman and a very beautiful brunette, white-skinned and hot woman
even though she doesn’t seem like that to us, we get the meanings from some of her actions that was it

my fantasy was to watch my friend and my wife make love to the camera
, down to the details, and one day I opened this idea to my lady friend
, she objected a little, I said it would be between us and she accepted
my idea, I opened the room to my wife, she accepted the room and it was left to arrange the big day
and spent the day shopping and preparing the food and drinks. and the night came and
my roof lady friend and my wife were looking at each other but doing

my wife took something to get high and came to my level my girlfriend
drank a drink or two we were all excited I
told them I want you to do what I told them I told them ok I
told my girlfriend to get undressed and go to bed but she was going to undress across from my husband and did
what he was told
hairless was clear for tonight

my husband got undressed and got into bed my girlfriend’s back was turned to my husband he could
n’t see my

he turned my girlfriend on her back and took her under her and she spit out her big long thick dick and wet my friend’s cunt
her puss came out the girl’s legs to her
stomach I was zooming in between the legs and I was filming it

all of a sudden, my girlfriend screamed, she was hurt
, my husband started to come and go, my girlfriend was making no sound, my husband
started to hit his dick, my girlfriend started to moan, the room was now
responding to my husband, my husband took him on top of him and was sucking his breasts and squeezing
him from the side

I was filming every inch of her how she was stinging her
husband was putting his middle finger in her ass while the girl was
not reacting the girl came 2 times
I told them
to fuck at the
dinner table

she was getting lost in that big dick that little amen all of a sudden, my husband picked her up from the table and turned her face down, he went back to his pussy again, he was hitting
his dick so hard my girlfriend was throwing herself to the right and left my husband was pulling her hair

gradually they started to move away from the dinner table and he was
holding her by the arms and squeezing her from behind, the girl was screaming with pleasure and
fluttering left and right, so the girl ejaculated a few times,
it was difficult for my husband to ejaculate because he had taken the headrest and mixed it with his cigarette and wouldn’t ejaculate until

my girlfriend’s legs were shaking, she was tired, she said enough , my girlfriend said let
‘s get some rest my husband said the night would be longer but you won’t fuck me up or I’ll fuck you
until you faint even if you don’t want to
say and first my husband sat on the chair and then my girlfriend she
never got down
sat on

she was a little bit herself my husband started to fuck her gold and my girlfriend spent
all her strength on this fuck and put her head on my husband’s shoulder her voice

I think it was an hour later, my girlfriend woke up. My husband went to her and she started to lick the girl ‘s breasts
. I think she can’t lick her breasts . he rubbed the tile first on his own dick and then on the girl’s ass and started fingering

The girl said what are you doing, my husband said, “I’m going to fuck you in the ass” The girl
started to say no, she was struggling under my husband to run away, my husband
said “don’t bother, even my wife can’t take you away from me , even my wife should have
calculated these while you were coming here, my daughter said you will like it too, you
‘ll see.” I was trying to get both the girl and
my husband on camera. he was trying to shove it up her ass

His head was a little bit more and his dick got a little bit harder
my girlfriend started shouting I went to my girlfriend and started licking her tits I
forgot the camera now I licked her nipples a little bit then I fucked her
again with the camera my husband stuck half of his dick

all of a sudden my girlfriend was crying my husband
was hitting her ass and shoving her up her ass from the back and he kept shoving her in her ass from the back as the girl cried and cried, my
husband was hurting her.

it was almost morning, it was 4 in the morning, now the girl started screeching with pleasure , my husband ejaculated on the girl’s ass and we
were all lying in a bed naked when I got up, my husband was coming and going over the
girl my girlfriend was looking at my half-awake husband and my husband was squeezing

who knows how many minutes he was on the girl my husband watched them
later what happened no one ever met again my girlfriend moved
away I’m with my husband and this was the first and last event of my life

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