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Hi, I’m Shuayip from Manisa. I am 21 years old and I am studying at the University in Eskişehir. I live in the dorms. I have one more year of school to finish. Last year, I met an 18-year-old girl from Zonguldak, one of the lower classes of our department. We fell in love with each other in a short time. Before long, we put our families together and got engaged. My fiance was staying at the dorm like me. We were going to get married when my fiancee finished school.

My fiancee and I would always go hand in hand outside of class hours, and when we found a deserted corner, we would hug, kiss and hug. We wanted each other so much that we never wanted to leave when the doors of the dormitory were closed at night. Actually, if we had stayed in a house, we would have fucked for sure, but unfortunately we didn’t have that opportunity. The worst part is, we were getting more and more horny every day, we wanted to fuck as soon as possible. Kissing and handshaking didn’t cut it anymore. As we said goodbye at night, we were saying things that were even more offensive to each other. I said to my fiancee, “I want to fuck your pussy!” while saying things like, “I want to lick your dick too, I want you to fuck me!” We were leaving and entering our dormitories.

The business had become such that I was constantly dressing my fiancee in short skirts and I was fingering my fiancee’s cunt by putting my hand under her skirt in the quietest places, in the cinema, on the shuttle bus, in the back, in the park. How it rains one evening, there is no one around the dormitory. We wandered around the back of the dormitory in that rain, and I took my dick out under the pine tree and gave it to my fiancee. While my fiancé was licking my cock, I ejaculated in my fiancee’s mouth in four or five seconds out of fear of being caught by someone. We were both drenched in the rain and my fiancee was shivering from the cold. I was worried that he would catch a cold and get sick, we got together right away, my fiancee wiped the sperm that got on his face with a selpak and we went to our dormitories.

The rain continued for three days. Of course, we are under that pine tree at the back of the dormitory the next evening. I told my fiance that this time I wanted to rub his pussy and ejaculate. My fiancee pulled down her panties lightly, so I took my cock off and started rubbing my fiancee’s cunt from behind. After a few rubbings, my fiancee’s cunt was watery and very slippery. My dick’s head almost felt like it was going to fuck my fiancee. I was careful not to spoil my fiancée’s hymen. I was touching her pussy’s hole and pulling it. At one point I felt like I had put in too much, so I pulled back and paused. My fiancee “Why did you stop, keep on rubbing.” When he said that, I rubbed a few more times and my fiancee started to shake. My fiancee was having an orgasm. With that excitement, I ejaculated between the lips of his cunt.

I was trembling like my fiancee while I was packing up and heading home, but this time we were trembling not from the rain and cold, but from the pleasure and excitement we got. We kissed and said goodbye in front of the dormitory, she went to the girls’ dormitory and I to the boys’ dormitory. Ten minutes later, I received a call from my fiancee: “My love, I think my hymen was broken, my panties were covered in blood when I went to the toilet.” she said. I was shocked. I paid particular attention to my fiancee’s maidenhood while rubbing her pussy. After I consoled him on the phone and told him that we would get married after school anyway, I hung up to talk tomorrow. I went to the right toilet, yes my panties were bloody too. Wow! I was devastated to deflower my fiancé before I could fuck her cunt properly. That night, I went to sleep, cursing the lack of a house.

The next day after class, I met my fiancee. I told my fiancee that I couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to fuck him like a man. He was depressed anyway and we were going to get married in the future anyway, “Let’s just have fun and fuck!” I said. My fiancee was dying to fuck too, but there was no place to fuck her, let me sell her mother. Finally we decided to go to a hotel. Instead of us, the friends staying in the dorm would sign the attendance book, and I would go to a hotel and fuck with my fiancee. We arranged the signing friends and went looking for the right hotel. We are students, we have a certain budget, we looked for a cheap hotel. When the cheap hotels we found did not inspire confidence, we had to go to an expensive luxury hotel. So that no one would understand, we rented two separate rooms and went upstairs.

After making sure that no one was in the hallway, we went straight to my room. When we closed the door, we both looked like we were going to die of excitement. We hugged each other behind the door and waited a few minutes for our breathing to clear up. When our heartbeats returned to normal, we started kissing. We were enjoying every second, the room was ours until 12:00 the next day. After undressing my fiancée and putting him on the bed, I undressed and snuggled right into my fiancee’s shiny creampie. How I lick my fiancee’s cunt, like crazy, “Fuck this fresh cunt of yours now my love!” I was saying. My fiancee was enjoying his cunt licking with his eyes closed. I was taking her cunt’s lips in my mouth, sticking my tongue in her cunt’s hole and sucking her clit. My fiance had a fluttering orgasm. “Enough!” I stopped licking her cunt when she moaned.

I got up and put my stone-cold dick in my fiancee’s mouth. While my fiancé was licking my dick, I was trying to put it all in his mouth. My fiancee was also trying to put it all in her mouth, but it wasn’t working, she couldn’t breathe and tears were coming from her eyes. As I grabbed her hair and pushed my cock up her throat, my fiancee felt like she was going to vomit. “Wait a second,” my fiancee said, taking my cock out of her mouth. she said, immediately ran to the bathroom and vomited. When she cleaned up and came back, “Shall we fuck now, my love?” said. “Immediately my love!” I said and laid her on the bed and separated her legs. Uff, the fresh pussy was standing in front of me, don’t eat and lie next to you! I parted her cunt’s lips and pressed the head of my cock to her cunt’s hole, “Are you ready my love?” I said. My fiancee’s “Yes my love, fuck me!” I started to push my cock slowly.

When my cock was completely in, it was clamping my dick like a vise and burning like a furnace. We were hooked up with my fiancee, and my fiancee was pulling me in tight, almost as if she didn’t want to let go. Despite this, I started to play my cock inside her cunt. I was pulling out an inch or two and putting it back in. When my fiancee’s cunt got used to my cock, I started pulling it out and inserting it again. I took my fiance’s legs on my shoulders and started to root them well. When my fiancee’s cunt was well watered, I accelerated even more. My fiancee was having an orgasm again, but for some reason, instead of letting me know, she was closing her eyes and biting her lips. I was about to ejaculate too, as the shivering started to shake under me and the cunt’s juices soaked my cock. I popped it out a couple more times and finally ejaculated on her cunt. We hugged each other for a while, and then we took a bath. I fucked my fiancee for at least four or five more mails until the next day we left the room.

The next days we had a taste for it, but we ran out of money, we couldn’t go to the hotel a second time. We were mad, we wanted to fuck, but still the same problem: no place, no money! On a nice weekend, my fiancee and I decided to go to a wooded place called ‘Woodland Hill’ to fuck. We went all the way up the hill, past the wire fences and stuff. After walking around the forest for half an hour and making sure no one was around, I spread my coat under a tree and sat down. After looking around for a while, we started kissing. I pulled up my fiancee’s skirt and took off her panties. I pulled my own pants down to my knees with my panties and started to fuck my fiancee’s pussy. My fiancee said, “Wait a second, I heard a noise, it cracked from somewhere!” said. I stopped, straightened slightly, indeed I heard a crunch too. I looked left and right

After I showed my fiancee the turtle and said it was nothing to worry about, I continued to fuck my fiancee. But our hearts were in our mouths because of the turtle, and we were both terrified if there really was someone. After we finished our fuck as soon as possible and decided to leave, I quickly fucked my fiancee and ejaculated on his cunt. My fiancee took a selpak from her bag and started cleaning my sperm on her cunt. I immediately pulled my panties and pants without cleaning my dick. My fiancee said, “Will you reach for my panties, my love?” she said. “Of course my love!” I stood up to get my fiancee’s panties. When I turned around, I was speechless and froze. After a second or two, my fiancee started shouting as if she had seen a ghost. The ranger of the forest was standing right behind us, stroking his cock over his pants!

Taking advantage of our surprise, the guard immediately took my fiancee’s panties, put them in his pocket and said, “Come on, walk, think in front of me, we are going to the police station, the minutes will be kept!” said. At that moment, I was going to suffocate with fear. I asked the caretaker to return my fiancee’s panties. The guard said, “The fiancee’s panties will be evidence in court. You will be handed over to the prosecutor’s office for acting against general morality in the public recreation area!” she said, and as if my fiance’s panties weren’t enough, she took our IDs too. The situation was getting worse and worse. We started to beg the guard, “Brother, we are students, don’t do it, we’re engaged, we’ll get married when school is over, please don’t!” we said. Instead of being merciful, the guard began to frighten us even more: “Wait a minute, they will kick you out of school, they will inform your families, you will go to court, you will appear in the newspapers!” said. We ate the whole shit!

If there were things the watchman told, both my life and my fiancee’s life would be extinguished. We were at a stalemate. No matter what, we had to prevent the things he said from happening. we said. The watchman paused and, turning to my fiancee, said, “Can you do whatever I want?” she asked. And my fiancee said, “Uh huh, whatever you want, promise!” said. The guard said, “Look, things have changed now!” he said and unzipped it, took out his hairy cock and handed it to my fiancee, “Take it in your mouth, lick it!” said. I would not have thought that the guard would want such a thing, I was shocked. And my fiancee said, “I never would!” when he said, the guard said, “Walk to the police station!” said. It fell to me to convince my fiancee, “My love, darling, do it, you’ll lick this one for two minutes, we’ll be free in two minutes, it’ll all be over!” I said.

My fiancee knelt down in front of the watchman, sobbing, closed her eyes, and reluctantly began licking the guard’s hairy cock. It was my turn to comfort my fiancee by stroking her hair and watching the watchman lick his cock. My fiance was disgusted by the watchman’s hairy cock. I said, “Brother, isn’t that enough? Let’s go now!” when he said, the guard got very angry, “Did you think you could get rid of it so cheaply, should I leave it without a fuck!” said. My fiancée got up right away, “I don’t give a fuck! Don’t let him fuck me!” He cried and tried to hide behind me. The guard got even more angry, “Bitch, you said you can’t lick it, you licked it, are you missing a place? Come here, I’m going to fuck off for once!” He said and grabbed my fiancee by the arm, forcibly tangled him in a tree, and went behind him. My fiancee always said, “No! Don’t do that!” Even if he says, cries and cries,

I grabbed the guard’s arm, “Please don’t do it bro, let’s go!” I begged. The guard said, “If I don’t fuck you, I will take you to the police station, you will be branded for adultery, you will be disgraced!” he said and added: “Hold the girl’s head so that this is over!” said. After leaving my fiancee’s neck to be pressed to me, she pulled up my fiancee’s skirt. My fiancé was struggling nonstop to not give a fuck. I had to take my fiancee’s head between my legs, as if playing a long donkey. The caretaker parted my fiancee’s buttocks with both hands and licked her cunt and asshole several times from the bottom up. Then he spit in his hand, patted the head of his dick, and fucked my fiancee. After her cock was completely in, the guard grabbed my fiancee’s waist with both hands and began to tug at my fiancee’s cunt. My fiancee’s voice was breathless, it’s just that every time he roots the watchman’s dick, “Uhhhh! I-uhhhh!” ‘ he heard voices, clutching my legs even tighter.

As I watched helplessly as the watchman fuck my fiancee’s cunt, the watchman’s eyes began to twitch as well. On the one hand, I was happy that the guard will be empty soon and this will be over, we will go, on the other hand, I was worried that my fiancé wouldn’t ejaculate in her pussy. The guard’s dick is ‘Plöpf!’ he came out of my fiancee’s pussy with a sound. The watchman wet the head of his cock with spittle again and, with my naive gaze, thrust it into my fiancé’s asshole that I haven’t even fucked yet! At that moment, my fiancee said, “I’m burned, ma’am!” there was a shout. I stared with my mouth open. The guard continued to fuck my fiancee’s ass in pieces. My fiancée was exhausted and even I could feel her knees shaking. I don’t know how long the watchman fucked my fiancee’s ass, but he finally ejaculated in my fiancee’s ass, snarling like a wild animal.

Fuck it, the guard fucked my fiancee’s ass and fucks and I hired my fiancee to fuck him easily. Where did this business come from? I was trying to digest this event that we lived in, not knowing what to do. At that moment, when the guard pulled his dick from my fiancee’s ass, blood erupted from my fiancee’s ass, mixed with the fart and the semen of the guard. My fiancee collapsed to the ground like a sack of flour. While I was trying to get my fiancee to her feet, the guard zipped up, handed me back our IDs, and said, “Get lost, never seen around here again!” He warned and walked away. I couldn’t even find the courage to ask the watchman for my fiance’s panties. The nightmare we had was finally over, but my fiancé was also devastated, like a spirit. Half an hour later, he was barely able to walk. While on the way home,

When we arrived in front of the girls’ dormitory, my fiancee entered the dormitory without saying anything to me. This was the last time I saw my fiancee! He never spoke to me again, nor did he answer my calls. A week later, she left both the dormitory and school and returned to her hometown. She sent me her engagement ring with a friend on her way out!

I wanted to confess this incident that I couldn’t tell anyone!

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