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hi, i’m tariq, i’m 28 years old and i live in istanbul i’m going to tell you , i wouldn’t believe what is written here until the incident happened to me. It was
last summer
. This happened last summer. I live in bostancı, my work place is in the harbiye and every morning I go with the
bostancı-taksim yellow minibuses and usually for you
to read my newspaper and sometimes at the back corner to sleep. I will go. the back is for 4 people
and you can sit tight there. In general, everyone either reads the newspaper
or sleeps in the morning, because in that traffic, it takes 1 hour until the taxi. When I
got on the minibus, unfortunately, the corner was snatched by a woman aged 22-23
, I had to sit next to her, it was full, we got up, but the lady was
sleeping, I realized that my elbow was touching the lady’s breasts and she was very upset.
I understood softly, there was no bra and I was feeling something like this for the first time, it was full, I liked it, and my
dick started to rise, I was pressing
the lady’s breasts with my elbow. he’s still asleep, he just got up like that, he
‘s got thin linen trousers, it’s obvious the people on my right are
asleep. for a while, while I was fixing my dick so that it wouldn’t show,
we made eye contact with the girl, I saw that she was smiling slightly, she saw what I did and believe
me, this gave me courage and I put my hand on her pants and
started to caress her legs lightly. She was wearing thin linen pants. The ones on
my right are asleep, but I took my precautions again, I took the bag in my hand.
I blocked their view by placing it upright on my knee. and caress the girl
I was continuing, I was stroking your cunt over my pants, believe me,
the girl was wet, she was biting her lips to not make a sound. I unzipped it
and put my hand in it and my hand now reached the side of his panties. After stroking it for a
while, I inserted my finger in my pussy, it was so narrow that I could barely put it all
the way down, then I took my finger out and licked it, it
smelled so good that it tasted great. He was watching me while I licked. then i took
his hand and put it on my dick and again i placed my finger on his cunt and he was stroking
me over my pants.
After going back and forth a few times, she started to contract. My cunt’s lips were
squeezing my finger so hard that I realized she was coming. After a minute or two, I put on my pants.
I came, it was amazing, it was amazing, we met eye to eye in the rear view mirror with the bus driver,
I think he understood, anyway, we came to my taxi in a short time,
everyone went to work after that day, I see this peanut in the mornings
and we are traveling together one day he whispered in my ear
I want to be yours and together on the first weekend we fucked like crazy.. widows
and single ladies waiting for you with my crazy fantasies

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