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It was our second year since we got married to Nura . We were not having
children. She was undergoing treatment. Therefore, our sex life was fast. I was
bursting into it without fear. Nuray was handling the incoming and outgoing editorial
works in the typesetting unit of a publishing house. There were two women and three men with her . They were
working on two computers in three rooms.
The current magazines published in the company, which had a large workplace floor such as the boss and the accounting departments , were mainly magazines . One of the girls was fired when quite
racy magazines turned into sex magazines over time . But if he’s going to accept the job, tell me.

I told him he had to bring one of each of the sex magazines . He
started to bring it. Readers were writing their sex fantasies in the fantasies section of the magazine. Nuray explained that
she wrote an interesting fantasy there herself
. The boss was paying for each fantasy and the readers
weren’t getting enough sex
fantasies . When I said I could write and the money I would get would be mine
, I said ok but if
you write a real sex fantasy that you have experienced in the magazine before me, I will write it. Oda no, but if
you want to write a fantasy about me as if it is real, I will write
a real sex fantasy too. won’t happen
I said if you are going to write about others, I will write. He said ok. So I was going to
write a fantasy about him. I understand that he would
take care of himself. I would have information about his sex life before me
, so I wrote it. My story was this:
I had a confidant friend named Apo. We
lined up to talk in detail until the moles on their pubes. His wife was wearing a covered veil .
mine was quite open . nuray me after marriage

My sister-in-law said, “Has anyone seen her cunt?” I said, “Wouldn’t it
be okay to piss him off a little bit more?” His current boss lives and
he saw my old friend
. once I swallowed. I swallowed so much
that I was always thinking of my dear friend Apo to fuck my wife
. And when I asked if anyone saw her pussy while she was single, I said oohhoo
hhoo my wife was very fast when she was single. I said. How did she
say in the room? I continued
I said if you ask the owners of the places where
she hangs out, you would understand. Come on. When I went to one of them recently, they were talking to me about the cocksucker nuray, and I said that I liked it so much. Come on, I said let them see my cocksucking wife. I said go as I said why. I will come there and hit you as a cocksucking girl.

Your employer said to me. You are crazy. I said yes, I am crazy. But
you will be like a bitch and everyone will
swallow you there
I said ohh I will eat you but if you want I will feed you with my own hands.
Nuray came out of the house in normal clothes that day. She was wearing a knee -length coat. When she entered the patisserie
, she had a super mini and her
delicious white legs were revealed. if

I said if it’s really him, I’ll make him steal a blowjob. He said I wouldn’t believe it. I said what would you give him if I stole it. He
said a suit. I said where. Steal it.
I’ll buy you a igs but if you can’t get it stolen, will you buy it for me? I
said okay
. I told him I love you, my wife, your legs are
amazing. He said if he liked it that much, let’s open it more. I said open it and I said
until the end. We were talking quietly. I called the boss and he
brought us dessert. my wife was sitting with a free kick that she was very excited. I told her
to go to the toilet now, I will have you blow the blowjob. I said where, I
will try to arrange it too. When she left, the boss ran to me right away.
How did you arrange it, he said. He arranged it himself. He said to me that he wanted to give a blowjob . I
said to him, I wondered if I could get a blowjob wherever I took him . Then I said I’m going to take her to the park in the future , we ‘ll go to a place. She said okay. We came out of the pastry shop. I took my wife with excessive make-up, glasses and dyed hair to a deserted place of the park . She squatted in a place behind the bushes. I silently said to her, my wife , they are spying on their ingenuity now. The room got up and said, “Is it okay to show you something from me, if they are peeking?” and snuggled up to my lips.

while opening it,
my wife said to me, is it just them
? He said, ” Eat and eat, suck and suck .” I said who am I going to find so that I can eat it. My room is burning, draw it, he said, draw it. I don’t understand, I’ll fix it, but I said if you want it, straighten yourself. If you don’t straighten it, I’ll straighten it to the bottom of it. Oh , don’t worry, my dear

He said. We were on the ground, I put Nura on the tree, I pulled her skirt up, my
dick was already outside, I fucked her up. It was a great show.
When my wife read my story, she liked it very much, she said later. I said give
it to the single boyfriends there. I said write now, she said, should I be married or single. I said write
whatever you want if it’s real . .I’m so ashamed that it didn’t reflect on my family and my family, and after they didn’t know about it, I said let it go. Look at the room, horns are involved, he said. When I said what horns, look, if you’re angry, I won’t write it. If I was angry, I would show your pussy to the boss.

I said fuck it. I said if I would ask your friends to write later. When the room
said they will write in this issue and mine will be published in the next issue,
I waited for the next issue with excitement
I was thinking black. In the meantime, I had a
boyfriend that I was dating. She said if you give me some work, you will pass. I was surprised how
it is. He said. I said I would like it if the teachers went forward. I wish the teachers would like it and go forward.

He said if they went even though your school was over . I said yes. Of course my family
wouldn’t want you to get married before you finished high school
. I had a girlfriend on the other side of the room. She was staring at the room sideways. Sometimes grabbing his dick and closing her eyes unconsciously proved that she had seen a lot of things. Actually, I started to like the show, but when my girlfriend’s friends looked at it, they could see my legs all the way. girl

He said, “You’re good, get a job, give the teacher a job. I said it’s fine, but your
friends look like they’re going to eat it.” The room laughed and said, “Looking at beauty is a good thing, let them earn good deeds. I said it doesn’t matter after
you accept
it. She said I love you with everything.
” The next lesson I was more relaxed. I spread out so much that
my boyfriend and his friends and the teacher could see my legs down to my tiny panties. The teacher was
now relaxed. His eyes were shifting to my legs every now and then.
I was starting to like it too
. I was doing the same thing with chemist Kemal Bey
and my lover Hakan was supporting me.
In chemistry class, the girl said not to wear panties anymore .
She was my man to marry. The teacher was in the laboratory. No one was there. When we were alone, the girl said to me that she was going to take me from the heart yesterday. I said, as if surprised, my teacher. The room laughed and said that the girl opened the chestnut so much that I got very excited . This time I laughed. He said, ‘I have seen it, but I have not seen the one who opened it in public. My words want me to open it like that. It is more exciting when you look from a distance.

I said to him that he was coming. I said to him, “Well, who is this lucky man who knows the pleasure of your
speech.” I said “Hakan”. The room said “Well,
does it just make you hungry or not do anything else”. I said, “What age are
we, teacher, so something happens in the country” and the teacher said, “For example, what?” .I can’t go into that much detail
, teacher, I said, what happens between the girl and the boy, I said. The teacher
came to me and wrapped his hands around my waist, while grabbing my hips,
I said, “Oh what are you doing, teacher”. This time, he grabbed me by the head and fell on my
lips. His hands were on my breasts, my hips, my legs
. It started. I squirm and say, “Oops, don’t do it, teacher”, but he got
more hungry and his hands were trying to catch my panties through my skirt.
He grabbed my hand and said “ohhh girl who
is not wearing panties” and he grabbed my pussy. I
said, “Hodja, what happens to you if I don’t wear panties or not, let me go”. I said, ”
Oh okay, sir, I’m a virgin”. He said, “Then I’ll enter the room from the back
.” I said oh my teacher, I didn’t eat there. The room said “eat then”. He made me crouch
in the back. I was still squirming and begging “don’t do it, teacher”. He
was trying to take his dick out and put it behind me
. I will come to you by myself. I said, “you
can’t come, I won’t leave this wonderful ass without
fucking it now”. I will come to you.
I said. Then write here, look, then if you don’t come with your own hand , he
said I will show it to everyone. I said what should I write. He got the room to be written.” My teacher Kemal caught me
showing my pussy to most of my male friends in the class and fucking Hakan from the back
. He called him to him and saw that I was without panties so I took his dick
off and gave it a blowjob, but even though I’m not a virgin,
I promised to give it my first month after marriage . I relaxed it in my mouth. The next break, this time, Hakan called me, the girl said what happened. What will happen to me?

I begged and pleaded and said I persuaded him to give a
blow job. The room said wow, the son of a bitch did a blow job. I
ashamed too. When I said I can’t save once
, the girl said come to this apartment and let me inside. She
brought it down to the basement . I didn’t understand much but

my man was happy, he was enough for me. Hakan said to me that if the chemist is
physics, I wouldn’t worry so much. I was opening. I was not wearing
panties. First the physicist and then the chemist fucked me
from behind in the laboratory. Now I was stuck in the laboratory roads. The
empty class was almost fucking me and he was fucking me from time to time. Again, I went
to the canteen without panties. There were so many queues in the canteen hall that most of the
girls were in the crowd . He used to go to be touched. When I was waiting for a hand behind me in an overcrowded time , when I realized
that someone had put their hand inside my skirt and grasped
my cunt, I could look back even if
I had to forcefully, and when I saw that it was my khan’s hand, I easily let myself go.
it could have worked. But meanwhile, when the second hand came behind me, I was
surprised. When I looked, it was the most sincere friend of the khan . my friend had heather . heather said to me in my ear, I think yours confused us, he ‘s stroking me. So I said, ignore me and have fun. I grabbed the dick on the other side, this time I took it out and brought it behind me. I gave my ass to his lap. He hit the lottery .

It started. I bent down as much as I could. His cock was about to find its bottom. He took his hand and
slapped my breast, he exploded inside me. The boy almost burned me. Then I went
to the front of the crowd and changed the position. The next break , when I
was with Hakan, I said how horny you are, you fucked me in public. What the
fuck, I said. He said.Come on,
you were right behind me and you were playing with mine, so I said I didn’t look back yet. Hey you
bitch fuck you, you don’t know who fucked you
. he said no room. So I said I ate another dick
. Oda said I love you for your madness. I also want another break
inside me.
someone else said it would. I said yes darling. The next recess was not that crowded. However, it was
crowded in the first hours of the morning. I was going to wait for the next morning
to eat a dick. I went excitedly, as usual, I
didn’t have any panties and I had my wide skirt folded up from the waist and made it mini
. When I got in the line, it was crowded again . This time there was
no Hakan. but I think that yesterday’s friend was there and he was going to fuck again. I got used to it, it was
a dick. first my hands started to move around my back, the
skirt was already in the air, my ass was even being
grabbed by two different hands again
I forced the other dick on my ass, I didn’t see it, but I was going to
get fucked no matter who it was. Water was dripping from my pussy, the guy knew what he was doing, he put his dick in my pussy, he put his head in my pussy
for the first time, it was touching my dick, he
wet my dick and brought it to my ass, I helped him
, he started to pass the room, the other hand, he put his hand in front of me and caressed my pussy. It started
, it was a great thing. I found my bottom right behind me, so I thought I’d look back.
The room was Hakan’s friend. While I was looking at him,
I came face to face with the Hakan behind him. He was trying to catch up with me, but he couldn’t
. Now I’m married to that Hakan, I love him, and now I create opportunities for him.
This story written by Nuray impressed me a was great.good job to my wife
I said you are very talented. When the room said yes, I said yes, I married you anyway. My wife
‘s porn stories in the magazine, which turned into porn, brought good
money. One day, nuray would work overtime
She wore a mini skirt. Normally she didn’t wear that much
. There were two young men on the side computers. The others were busy with work , I said to my wife when she was alone, girl, you wouldn’t wear
it so short, what happened

I said ,
my wife . I said I want. If you want a room, she came to me and said, she had tiny panties. She lifted her skirt and took off her panties. Her skirt was very short, look at me, my husband said now, do you want this skirt to get shorter. I said great. She opened her little bra , only holding the breasts from below, not even covering the ends. me now

He said, “Are you going to send me like this into horny men who make a sex magazine?”
I said yes. I said go and do it in a flirty way, the room went. I could see the inside of the frosted glass through a
normal glass strip.
One of them had a full-page porn picture on his computer. He went to her and bent down and looked from the other side, he could see
my wife from the back to the hole of her ass . When she said it
, the elder sister said she didn’t think it would open that much. She said, “Well,
when my husband is here, it’s okay for me to open up, my husband called me in and called me in. My husband said
come on. I went too. My wife was planted. You can look at porn pictures if you want
, maybe you’ll learn something.”
When there was a bitch like you, I said yes, the woman must be her husband’s bitch anyway. I said yes, her husband. He laughed and said
the room must be his wife’s
.room is pure pure yoo my wife said look, this is my husband is a good godmother
, he said yes. I said yes. The man next to me was more awake, I know
nuray sister. He said to his friend if you
know the room.
He said Godosh is the one who treats his wife with his own hand. I said did I not do it or did you see my wife so
He was grabbing her but after seeing this beautiful cunt
he said can he leave it alone his hand was still on my wife’s cunt he was kneading. I said, well, the more her husband is loved next to her, the
more she will be loved. The room lifted the skirt all the way up,
but it turned out that this pussy can be kissed and squatted down and fell, but my wife
extended her lips to me to kiss . At that time, when there was noise at the door,
my wife packed up and immediately left the room. The boss had come. The room was seeing my wife
so open for the first time. She was laughing at her. How is it, it’s so beautiful, why
isn’t it always like
this ? When I said I could be open, I opened
up, he said to motivate my friends. Your husband is a man in my head.
He said send him here so we can chat. He said keep
your motivation.eeee what will happen now if you write what will happen in motivation

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