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Hello. My name is Yücel, I am 32 years old and I live in Hatay.
I am writing to you my very exciting story that happened to me 1 year ago.
I was chatting again in Mirc. We
started to correspond with a couple from Hatay Iskender. We corresponded for about five hours and then we started talking on the phone
. Their names were Ahmet and Filiz. And they invited me to their house for a weekend, and
I was married, but because my wife was very conservative, I could
not open these issues to her. I told them that I would come for a weekend and they were very
happy, I jumped into my car on Saturday afternoon and
went to Alexandria.
Ahmet met me at the place we agreed on before, he was 1.70 with a topbeard
and was around 70 kg, after a short welcome.
We jumped in my car and went home, his wife, Filiz, greeted us at the door,
she was wearing a see-through blouse and a short skinny skirt and she
looked gorgeous. We went inside to the living room , Filiz poured us an aperitif and
chatted while sipping our drinks . I couldn’t take my eyes off too, then we went to the table, we started to eat, we were drinking rakida, it was very hot inside , I was sweaty with the effect of your drink, Ahmet said to me if you want to take a shower, you can relax, I was very happy, he showed me the bathroom and I took a shower.

It was great, I suddenly realized that the door of the bathroom was opening, Filiz came
to me and
said I brought you a
towel . Ahmet poured me a drink and we started drinking, but the sprout was sitting across from me again, but this time there was no panties in it? Ahmet started telling jokes, joke was sex joke, mine stood up, it was immediately noticeable , it was impossible for me to hide it .

I was in between. Filiz got up from her place and sat next to me and started to move her lips on my lips ,
I replied, my hands are not empty I
was stroking her pussy without panties
, but it was like a clean cream he said put it, ahmet immediately took his dick out and started to put it in his cunt

He swallowed, not a single drop wasted. Filiz said now it’s your turn
, husband, I didn’t understand, ahmet took mine and
started playing, I was like a pile anyway, I took it to his mouth and started licking it, I
objected first, but sprout
convinced me, he said what will happen, I licked it, ahmet
said what does it matter, even if reluctantly, I let ahmet lick mine and the
sprout she was licking her husband’s in a short time, I
exploded and they swallowed it without spilling on the floor, it was very nice, we lay on the bed, the sprout was licking us, she was
licking us both, she said, sprout
sat on her husband and took it in at once, she was such a crooked ass
The hole looked great while I was trying to enlarge it with my finger, the sprout
said let your dick do it, not your hands, so
I put saliva in its hole, it became very slippery, I grabbed my dick and
started to enter the sprout from behind, it was very narrow, it was screaming, I still forced its
head into it, slowly I pushed the rest into it, now both holes were full and it
was crazy between us, first the sprout He came, then Ahmet, and then I exploded . We
were tired. We cleaned up in the bathroom and sat in the living room. (They told me it was great
, they always told us to do this, but I told them that I had a little money problem,
I told them that I can’t come often, they said that we will cover your
expenses, they put a lot of money in my pocket.
unaware I realized it when I went to put gas in the car). Filiz
started to play with Ahmet’s dick. The room was playing with mine. At one point, the sprout got up
and came with a vibrator in his hand. He said, “Which one of you would like to take it, I said I’d like to take it
, while I was putting it to you, I said it would be okay if you
put it in
Ahmet’s dick” I started to sting with my cream, he was
shouting, but I was not listening , I put them all in
, I went back and forth for a long time, and finally I ejaculated and left my semen in it. Filizde had
inserted her vibrator, she gave it to ahmet’s mouth, I was ready again, I
wanted to fuck her for the second time, the room was ready, she lifted her ass to me
He prepared it and I started to insert it slowly, it was all in, the sprout
was going crazy, we came three of us at short intervals.
This relationship lasted for about a year and then I never saw them again. But
I met a new couple from here, I’ll write about it next time

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