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My Douysuz Sister
My name is murat. I am 18 years old, my sister is 34 years old and
does not have a married child. My sister’s breasts have always provoked me. 115 breasts have always
filled my dreams.
One summer day, I went to his house, he was alone at home, my uncle was not there, I thought I would take a bath
, he said, “Shall I come and strip your back?” I said okay, he came to
me and started rubbing my back
My husband’s is a small thing next to that ” she said. My sister
always wondered if I could
see her
breasts .

he was dodgy saying
“Come on, put your dick in I want all of it” and moaning, I started
pumping, my sister was saying “As if your uncle can fuck me like that”


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