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First of all, you won’t believe my story, because
it contains completely unrealistic elements.
Even though you don’t believe that I wrote them as a fantasy, I’m
walking among you guys, I’m fucking these beautiful chicks that you can’t bear to fuck with my legendary

To talk about myself in general, I’m 1.89 tall, I have
been actively wrestling for about 8 years and won medals in the country, actually
a well-known name

Years ago, when I was very young, I woke up one morning
and felt that everything was very different, it was as if nothing had
happened in my life before that day, and since then I have experienced countless oddities in my life
and I continue to live. The event that I am going to tell you today is
just one of these oddities;

My ex-girlfriend was a really cute chick, she had a big ass and
when she sat on the chair, her hips were protruding, and when she walked, she almost
sprung up, she was making me mad every second, she always had a treadmill
, she went on that treadmill and swayed her big wheat-yellow hips
while walking behind her. i wanted to shove my dick up her ass and make her
walk squirmly but didn’t have the chance to buy a treadmill at that time
, one day i visited this chick at her home with her mother and we were invited to dinner at my
brother-in-law’s house that night to celebrate my progress . We were chatting, joking, my mother-in-law

She was a very sympathetic woman in her 60s and loved me very much, whenever
I went to her she would hug me and host me with great love.
During this conversation, my brother-in-law’s wife phoned, Yeliz was the
only problematic person in this family, it
would be appropriate to say that she was a bitch for herself. everyone
would try to please him in order not to argue with him and not to disturb the peace of the family, and he would approach him as kindly as possible, I
immediately sensed that there was something strange on that phone, my mother-in-law
was frowning and was able to say, “I’ll give it to him, the boy has just come
home”, he put the phone in my hand, my face was wrinkled and
We had a short smile with my mother-in-law, Yeliz quickly
He was telling something, what I could understand was that he was running around the house for dinner
and there were some materials that needed to be bought urgently, I could say, “Of course,
Yeliz sister, can you tell me what you need, I’ll bring it right away”
, but after I hung up my mother-in-law said, “Oh my son, what a sweetheart
. Hold on to your girl” he said, I’ll
do my best, so I got ready and went to the market, I did
n’t like the way the cashier’s wife looked at me after I bought the materials because I understood that there was a new job
, but it was not the time
I heard your sweet voice saying gentleman,
Realizing that I was a little late in leaving,
I had to turn my back when the sound of coins came and I
focused my question mark facial expressions on my charming middle-aged cashier. As I said, “You forgot your receipt”
, my eyes suddenly fixed on his hips that overflowed from that small rotating chair he was sitting in.
I tried to get rid of the question of what’s in his black pants, I
went to him and bowed with a gentle smile and
took my receipt without any haste from his cotton-soft hands, as I was
walking out of the market. I took a look at the receipt
and noticed that there was something written with a blue ballpoint pen on the back and immediately
turned it over, as I guessed, there was a phone number and it was a note.
He wrote “fuck me”, “you can’t be so frank, my dear”, I
put on a smile in my good mood, my next target was clear, I was going to show this
woman her place, and screaming….

I stood at the door of her brother-in-law’s house with the bag in my hands, Yeliz was not late in opening the door
, apparently she was not very tired and was not running around in the house
, Yeliz was always physically distant from me
, she did not even shake my hand in our meetings, she was so antipathetic,
so unpleasant, but she she was an ugly wife, about 1.50 meters tall,
her hair was short and unkempt, she was like a freak in my eyes
and I never thought that this distance bothered me too much, I never
understood why our brother-in-law took this wife and had a child on top of it,
but here it is. things changed that day,
“leave the bags behind the kitchen door” iiiiiiiiiy really very

This is strange snow, Yeliz, but while I was thinking why is it behind the door, why not in front of the door, I went into the kitchen next to her and opened the door
so that I could put the bags as she said, I knew she was behind me,
but we came face to face
with Yeliz, while I was turning so I could not guess that it was so close. All of a sudden, I got goosebumps while staring at it as cold and dull as in her movies, she was a stocky and strong woman despite her
short stature, she threw her body at me with all her speed and staggered me against the wall, not only that, she gave me her weight to stick me to the wall and her body to my body. , what happened in my life had hit me in my brain

i had never seen such nonsense and i
couldn’t even think that all i had to do at that moment was to withdraw they always did this when they wanted to, while I was wondering if it was the same situation again, he slowly moved his hands on my waist to the sides to my tickle places, again I couldn’t react, I left everything as is, he was almost taking advantage of my reservation for Yeliz because his gentle hands came up to my chest,

He had already started looking for my nipples from above my t-shirt,
I didn’t want to make his job easier as he continued his research on my nipples
, unfortunately my hardened nipples were giving a
pleasant time to his fingers, that’s when I realized that
even if it is by a woman who is not attractive to me, my nipples are not taken care
of. it was enjoyable. It was intolerable for me to even take this long, as soon as I realized
her true intentions, I grabbed her wrists and
shook this freaky woman off me, as I came out of the damn kitchen, I went to
the door angrily and started to put on my shoes,
she was standing at the kitchen door looking at me, Yeliz, about 3 meters between us.
distance was there or not, I thought I could hear him snarling,
when I looked up from the ground and said, “what a disgusting sound,” this freak
started to look even more strange to me, he turned his head to the left and started to turn his head to and fro
like a piece of cake. he didn’t part, when I saw that his
upper teeth were down to the level of his lower lips
, I said to myself, “We’re fucked”, his black greasy hair was falling in strings on his shoulders , his
golden shiny and thick brand new hair was growing from his head to his neck, there was now an obscure freak who
roared and shook and changed, “short
tall?” No, this wife
was even taller than me now, even more so with her huge forearms and paws.
she even started to have a frightening appearance, I can’t even
imagine, but in about 15 seconds, there was a completely different body in front of me and
unfortunately she was no longer human, I
remember saying “my god, I want that old Yeliz freak back”, her body got even
thicker, tearing the clothes on her long blond hairs protruded from his growing body
, “we have a lioness now and we’re in big
trouble” because he’s really angry,
he stands like a human on his feet, roaring to show the sharp teeth in his huge mouth
and showing off his sharp claws protruding from his hands
, Americans obviously this we call the situation “fuck”
and we say “it’s sensitive”, naturally I
have given the same reaction as I can hear.
Even though you couldn’t guess , I knew very well what I was facing, I should be afraid, right,
now you were wrong, actually I wasn’t afraid, but my reaction was just
astonishment and I
knew that I had to get over this surprise in a short time, my guess was that he would make one move and
he would be dead . I said in a sharp and angry tone “stop there”
and stretched my right hand upright as if stretching a barrier in front of him, now
I could see that it was his turn to be surprised
You know I’m here, you can’t explain it” I said, flashing a smile
as sympathetic and insulting as
a smiling lion’s face can be, adding more anger and anger to my tone,
“if you take one step closer, the situation will be filled
with fear and horror for you, contrary to what you think. It will end,” I exclaimed, my determination
arousing suspicion in him.
At that moment, he looked at me with an investigative eye to see if there was something I couldn’t notice. I said, “I’ll tear your body
apart in an unexpected way with these hands,” and I extended my hands to
show him, “I swear you will meet with an unexpected result,
” I said in my tone of voice now. in a convincing tone
turning, “I couldn’t divide you, but remember that you are not the only one”
I said my last word, with a painful hiss or growl
, he finally took his eyes off me, put his huge claws on the green wall by the kitchen door,
took his head in his arms
and, as he came, the old freak she returned to her self, finally Yeliz was Yeliz again,
but she was down, exhausted and hopeless, she was crying on the
ground with an annoying voice saying “I can’t stand to live in this state anymore”
, I felt compelled to go to her, now she
was a helpless woman and most importantly, very much. it was different, I got down on my knees,
took his head in my arms and lifted it up and put it on my lap,
maybe i did it wrong because we were in a position in the photo frame which would be a very awful scene
, his mouth was almost 2 inches
away from my dick and my bad experience of my
nipples hardening reminded me of my fear that my dick might accidentally harden soon,
I tried to stand up and picked him up as well, luckily a
We were standing without falling victim to the accident, I said to her, “Yeliz, this is your destiny, you
have to learn to live this way”, obviously she
tried to live this way but failed, she believed
that the road had come to the end, she said “living this way means dying”, she went to the room with
the sofa and went with him. We started talking for a long time, he told me everything, when he was 6 years old
How her sister, who is 5 years older than her, was raped, she has not seen her sister again since that day, how helpless she feels
because of this incident, she admires the power of the lions she watches in documentaries, she imagines herself as a lion when she turns off the lights every night and goes to bed and one day He explained in detail how he lost his leg in the bathroom and broke his arm, but how he turned into a lion in that moment, and how his broken arm healed before he even got to the towel, even though I tried to explain to him that this was a promised talent, he missed the fava beans and I learned that he could not have an orgasm all his life, the thing is, this woman is human. she can’t reach orgasm in her form and lion

she had to satisfy herself in her form, after that
incident she cried out to me “I don’t want to make myself up with my husband’s baseball bat
anymore”, she was right, the cocks she ate in human form were nothing
but tickling herself, she told me this
situation to Selim Abiye (her husband-in-law). Even though I told him to tell her, that she would love him in his lion
form and that he would fuck her, it
didn’t work, he wasn’t wrong, they couldn’t get along, they were
even thinking of getting a divorce if there
were no
children. Yeliz had already made her final decision, “in the evening again
I’ll come anyway, we’ll talk about this later when I get the chance, the
mother-in-law started to wonder at home, I better go, I
left as I came, leaving hundreds of questions in my mind, as a matter
of fact, while I was on the way back, the worst thing is that one
day this hungry woman will murder her whole family. of course, this massacre could have included my only
lover whose buttocks I fell in love with . sitting in a chair and having a snack, “that big

Do you grow your ass by eating these, my love?” I wanted to say, but this thought remained as a smile
so that it would not be a shame for the mother- in-law .

As the time approached to go to Selim’s brothers, my uneasiness
increased, the foxes kept spinning in my head about these events, I
couldn’t find any solution. When the three of us
went to Selim’s brothers, it was a different warm weather than usual at home, Selim brother
asked, “Can we drink raki?” If you drink, I’ll drink two
doubles” I said, everyone was having fun, I couldn’t get enough of the conversation. Even though I tried to participate in the conversations by
force, I had other things on my mind. Yeliz sister’s
attitude towards me had changed a lot now, she almost turned into a U, she was showing warm and friendly movements, looking
into my eyes whenever possible.
it reminded me of those events we’ve been through, now he’s a freak against it
I literally felt pity for the wife, she
kept these events she had experienced since her childhood as a secret within herself, she
suffered every day. As the night progressed, a tiredness fell on me
, I was already in sleep mode when I heard the voices of the conversation, I
went to the next room by saying, lie down in the corner, and Yeliz sister followed me by saying, “Hold on, I’ll give you a blanket, if you fall asleep
, to say that she came to help me.”
he rushed, looking me in the eyes when I lay on the sofa bed, he affectionately covered
me with the blanket , I closed my eyes for a moment with the intention of not looking at him, at that time he placed a kiss on my forehead, but I did not even react to it,

When she left the room, I opened my eyes again and fell
into my thoughts, the sister-in-law and my lady were talking in a deep conversation in the living room
, the fools could not have known about the world anyway, the
mother-in-law was washing dishes in the kitchen and tidying up, Yeliz sister
told the people at home that she would go into the bathroom and take a shower after a while. ,
at least it seemed to me, but
when I heard the water sounds coming from the bathroom next to me, I thought I understood it correctly, something
inside me was telling me that this woman was transforming and self-satisfied in the bathroom
, I must have fallen asleep after a few minutes when
something was missing in my memory for 5 minutes. , but this sleep is really short
I woke up with a loud noise, I
barely had time to see the huge wardrobe falling towards me when I gathered my arm to get up from the sofa bed
, ufff, the damn closet must have hit my head so badly
that I fainted, what I later realized was that a severe earthquake
shook us badly and caused a great panic in the house. When I opened my eyes again ,
that big creature was standing
next to me trying to lift the giant wardrobe above me
, afraid of harming me, and when I asked him gently, “what happened” in a hurry, he
gave me the first answer I guessed at that moment. “There was a very strong
earthquake, I was in the bathroom, when I went out everyone had left the house”
he said, he was right until the end because the outer door was open
and I could hear the screams of panicked people screaming from the stairs,
women and children,
while I was taking the weight of the closet from me with its strong muscles, a new earthquake wave
broke the balance of this big lion, it
was obvious that the cabinet was going to fall on me again. but I wasn’t going to let it happen again, I lithely took
a prone position on the sofa bed, straightened my back to the closet, and at that moment I showed her my power, which shocked Yeliz sister, as if screaming, I opened my two huge red hawk wings from my back towards the closet, the closet rushed towards the wall.

the claws on my forearms were sticking out from the top of my hands as I slammed
into them, the woman had taken a few steps back and was dumbstruck
under the influence of what she saw, she couldn’t get enough of watching me after I completed my change, my growing pectoral muscles and my t-shirt were torn in half from top to bottom in the
middle . my nipples could be seen, apparently this woman was a chest patient , I said “we need to get out of here” and as soon as I said that Yeliz grabbed me by my strong hands and pulled me towards the door sill. While the lights of the house were flashing, we had just reached the door, which was half closed with the effect of the second earthquake. full door

I didn’t realize that he was slowing down to open it, and
I bumped into him from behind with my body, I grabbed his waist with my arms so that he wouldn’t fall and I
pulled him towards me, at that moment a wild female, two meters tall, was
in my arms and I involuntarily pressed him from behind, we just stood there,
he didn’t move at all, we were both We
just stood there as if we didn’t realize what the position meant . A few seconds later he took my left
hand and lowered it towards the cunt he had just polished in the bathroom, oh my
god it was on fire and soggy, at that moment
I had to make a decision in seconds,
the dramatic story this lady went through like a life strip flowing before a person’s eyes
she came to life, I was weighing every possibility, the last
point I couldn’t decide was that this woman was Selim brother’s wife, who cares that the
wife was not Yeliz now, she was a wild lioness and she was
begging me with her whole body to fuck her, at least that’s how happy she was.
Years later, I felt compelled to let him live, and this poor female
deserved it more than any of the chicks I’ve been fucking her for all these years.

I grabbed this huge lion with my arms and brought it to the knuckle and then lithely
turned it over again to put it face down, it smelled like
an animal, it smelled like an animal, its horny hips up in the air, its front
legs stretched out on the ground and its head on its front legs beckoning me
, it was shaking its hips, I stood up and
I aligned the bazooka into her pussy, which smells deliciously between her big hips
, although the bazooka was ankle-thick, it wasn’t as long as I wanted to be honest, it was
about 30 cm tall but quite thick in width, I kept telling myself it
would be okay if I was a little horse as well as a falcon
, but at that moment I didn’t have time to think about it, the punch of the bazooka
I put his head in the shape of a bun on this beautiful cunt like I was, slowly
pressing it inwards, even though it hurts him with the real cock longing he has been feeling for years, he was pressing
his huge ass against my dick
, the slow entry of that dick into that cunt, the slow parting of his thick
outer lips as he entered, the slow separation of his thick outer lips as he left.
I can never forget that red image, I wish I could videotape it, I would watch it over and
over in slow motion, I would go crazy with pleasure,
despite all my hardness, I just stuck her head in like a bun, she bent her back with great pleasure,
but as soon as she slammed her fist on her waist, she broke her back again
, my lioness, slapped her ass and slowed the bazooka I pulled out slowly
While my dick’s head was slowly coming out of his pussy, his crimson inner lips
were pulling out with it, the water of his pussy dripping on the floor while pulling, the
water of his pussy made me even more aroused, he pumped all the blood from my body to my cock , when my
dick’s head came out of his pussy, it was
as if the pussy juices he had accumulated for years spilled out of his pussy as a gurgling
, almost a handful of looking at the viscous milky white cunt i went crazy, then i went
to her body and bent down and
went down her ass hole with my tongue rubbing it towards her cunt,
holding the whole of her huge cunt with my mouth and filling all the remaining cunt juices into my mouth,
“taste?” I have never had such a good pussy before do i drink the water
I don’t remember, it had a different taste, Yelizin’s cunt juices, I
swallowed once more, swallowed what was left in my mouth with my tongue and went
behind her again, she was standing in front of me when her outer lips ate her big cock , she
was standing in front of me, full of blood, swollen big pussy and
forever when I saw that the inner lips were shriveled and curled. I wanted to lick them until I
wanted to lick them, her clit was huge, her clit of about 4 cm was
opening up like a rose and she was in motion in the middle of her pussy. When I aligned the bazooka to her pussy, I stretched her clit into her
pussy by pressing from the bottom up a little bit, her clitoris, which stretched out, gave such pleasure that the groans of my lioness got even more brutal,

while she pressed my dick again to her cunt thickened with thick dark cunt juice,
this time her clit went deep
into her cunt, even though this is the second time I’ve just inserted my second dick into her cunt, my lioness is
on her forearms, she’s crazy with pleasure, the head
of my big cock was coming right up to the top of her orgasm
with her clitoris After I entered her soggy
cunt, I forced my 30 cm dick deep into the root without waiting, Yeliz was officially
enraged under me, with my last move, she waves her blond hair from side to side , raises her
front legs in the air and
rears up on her hind legs, with her thin waist pointing down exactly as I wanted.
she was breaking, she couldn’t move because her beautiful ass was between my palms,
but with the violence of the orgasm she’s been waiting for years , her
huge hips in my palm were jumping
like those machines whose name I couldn’t learn. she was moaning with pleasure, she was pressing her trembling hips to my dick even more with the pleasure of my dick, which I inserted with her clitoris down to her bottom, she was pressing her strong butt tight and loosening her muscles , she was almost stroking my dick inside, I realized that Yeliz had reached orgasm with her trembling hips.

I would have made her orgasm even more
enjoyable when she stuck my finger in her un-cocked asshole she was shaking her head up and down “yeah yeah, go on” she moaned, she lifted her head completely and stood up in front of me on
her hind legs, grabbing her hips with my left arm from below and soaking them with my fingers. I started to look for her clit in her cunt, it was still inside but I grabbed her warm and soft clit with my fingers and pulled it out and started to rub her with the slippery pussy fluid , with my other hand I was holding her breasts from above and pulling her tightly towards me, my beautiful buttocks were rubbing against her ass hole, my dick was hard and sharp your pussy with moves

it was stabbing all the way out, her clitoris between my fingers
got longer and swelled, causing them to moan and scream like an animal, thanks to
my dick, I wanted to leave her pleasure there and
teach her a second thing, this
is the first time in her life she’s lived and learned I started licking it with my tongue, she was putting her paws on my back
, telling how happy she was,
when I took her huge clit into my mouth and started sucking on it, this wild woman got very angry and
started to tremble again, the floor was
wet with the pleasure juices flowing from her pussy, and this time her puss muscles contracted even more than before with
I sprayed all the liquid inside my face, put my mouth on my pussy and
drank the flowing liquids to blood, my tongue
was trembling with my tongue strokes while collecting the liquids smeared around my pussy, he said to me “I will be your slave forever
“, he opened his huge mouth and
took my cock in his mouth in one move. I was frankly afraid of his wild teeth when it comes to my
enormous dick, but for some reason, I have an endless trust in him
now. “Bring me right away” so that he can hear , I hold his head with both hands and hold my dick.

I put it on her throat, Yeliz can’t lick my dick anymore, she was almost pouting,
I lifted my wings to the air and started to release them slightly, it was a great pleasure and the only point I could feel on my body at that moment was nothing but my cock that was being squeezed tightly in
Yeliz’s throat, Yeliz’s hands were about an inch from the ground. I came to the last point while holding her head and pressing my cock against her throat through the wild teeth in her mouth, and I instinctively covered my wings over Yeliz, it was an orgasm that would make you say, in one word, “this is it”.

We forgot about the earthquake that happened even during these events,
but we had a problem, but we had a problem, I could hear the shouts below when it was out of the focus of pleasure . The apartment we were
in was badly damaged by the earthquake . we went out of the door, we met a few poor people who were stuck, they were crying, thinking how to get out of the collapsed staircase and go down , we went back and went back to the house, my aim was to take him in my arms and jump off the balcony, I quickly took the red wings off my back and he drags him by the arm

I pulled after me in the right way, really the apartment columns were badly damaged
and the apartment was creaking and what happened was, the apartment
started to lean to the left, I don’t know how the hands that I was holding tightly with my hands were separated from me for a moment
and stayed behind me, but when I looked back
, I saw that one of the concrete that had fallen from the ceiling fell right on top of it. , everything had developed in an
instant just like we made love, he reached out one hand to me and all he
could say was “you go”, I stood for a moment and
then I jumped out of the window and started to rise again with my wings wide open, the apartment had collapsed
with a big cloud of dust , everywhere
it was pitch dark but in front of a few car lights

I never knew what to think when I saw my brother-in-law, Selim, who was happy with my son in her arms, my mother-in-law, my love and happiness. However,
my lover’s running away from me in the earthquake, Yeliz rushing to help me instead made me feel
a few pains and ache in my heart …

About a week after this event, I sent a dried flower to my ex , and wrote
“I died with Yeliz while you were gone” on the note.

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