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I was hanging out with my teacher in college
Hey guys, I’m back. Hello, first of all, my name is Ercan,
I am a 20-year-old university student.
I want to tell you about the sex between me and the teacher at the university . 🙂 Her name was Pelindi. How can I say,
he is a wonderful person. He’s great at everything, but he made me feel that he’s great at sex
. She had divorced her husband 1 year ago. I mean, it was blazing
hot. We were acquainted with him from afar. He knew my family

Anyway, she invited him to her room one evening, but her legs were great, her breasts
were magnificent. When I saw those breasts, my 19 cm penis was
lifted. It had been too harsh. I was no longer able to contain myself. And
Pelin noticed this and stuck to my lips, started caressing my dick, I took it
in my lap and stretched it out on a nice bed. I stripped him off and licked
his lips and started kissing him nicely. I caressed and kissed his breasts, he was skinned by this pleasure, then I licked his pussy, he moaned, he took
my dick in his mouth, then I tucked it in his ass and yelled.

But then it came to pleasure, I snorted, oh, he was shouting. You are so bad.
He was moaning, “What are you, you’re gorgeous.”
I had ejaculated exactly 3 times until morning . After that day, for the first few days, he constantly
called me and fucked himself. I haven’t been able to see him for the past month
. If you were to ask why, he had
to go abroad to his family urgently. He
told me he would be back as soon as possible.
I ‘m looking forward to reliving those old days too…

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