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I am an Ogenist studying in Ankara. I come home once a month. When I came home that day,
my father and mother were not on good terms. When I came home, my
father was not at home. I was watching porn movies at home in the evening. At that
moment, my mother came and asked what I was doing. I said I was watching TV too.

He was bored and asked if he would sleep next to me. I
was bored and had to accept it.
My mother was lying next to me with her back flat to me . I was already horny by watching porn movies. At that
moment, my eyes fell on my mother’s beautiful breasts. I started to stroke it slowly
. It was very nice and soft.
I started thinking about him and how could I fuck him. At that moment, I decided to go further and began to run my hand
over my mother’s cunt. I slipped my nightgown
off and shoved my hand into his panties. It was warm inside.

At that moment, I looked at my mother’s face, she must have liked it, but she
started to enjoy it. I went further and took off the nightgown. At that moment, my grandmother was telling
me that she wanted me very much. I started undressing too, by undressing my mother completely
. We were both naked. Then we took my mother and took the
sixty-nine position with her. It was as if my mother was always licking my cock like she was licking my cock
. He told me it was the first time he licked a cock.
I was licking her clit, which is the most beautiful part of her cunt.

Raising her legs in the air… We were square with pleasure. My
mother, who understood that I was coming, said I want to take my dick out of her mouth and take it inside me
. I lifted my legs up in the air and put them on my shoulder.
I started to take a good sniff of that wet pussy. In two sniffs
it took my whole dick. We started to go and come quickly. I was kissing him
on the one hand and coming and going at the same time. I just wanted him
to lick it by putting it in his mouth. He started licking without protest. I started to cum in my mouth
. He licked up all my sperm.

Then he said he was going to make bonya himself and went to the bathroom. Of course, I
was trying to lie down and sleep. My cock started to rise again. I went to her
and went to the bathroom. The room soaped his head and when he realized that I was coming
, he asked me to soap his back. I also started to smoke. When
I got to the bottom of her beautiful ass, I started to caress. Then I
approached my mother and pressed her against the wall. I started rubbing my cock on your

My mom said she couldn’t take him in. I didn’t listen to him and started to press his soapy
butt on him. Slowly he began to get inside
. In the first minutes, my mother cried a little, but when she started to enjoy that pleasure, she gave up and
started to move towards the peaks of pleasure
. I ejaculated him down his ass and he was very happy with this situation.

I’m happy right now, room. We are always at the peak of pleasure. We do it
whenever and wherever he wants. The house has no place

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