I was 22 at the time. Again, like every morning,
I threw myself on the street without even having breakfast. The coastal road was
starting to fill with people going to their jobs. I turned into the tree-lined road to the right of the road. Like every day,
I bought a bagel and sat in the tea garden where I am a regular. Uncle Asım, the owner of the garden , was used
to my dripping here before the crows woke up
. He greeted me as he brought me a cup of tea.

-Good morning, Kemal. You’re early again.

-What should we do. The troubles don’t end…

-Oh boy. And you don’t tell anyone about your problem… If you do, maybe a
solution will be found.

-Uncle Asim. You know me. I won’t tell anyone. There is no solution to my problem anyway

Uncle Asım must have gotten used to this conversation that happens between us almost every day, because he
just nodded and continued to dust the tables. Ah
, if Uncle Asım knew what my problem was…

I cursed myself many times for wanting such an ugly act
. But the heart did not listen to the edict…

My mother’s name was Meral. He was only 34 years old yet. It was a woman with blond hair and blue
eyes. Her breasts were large. He had a protruding butt.
He was of medium height. My father was an outsider. That’s why my mom
always dressed and acted sexy to tie him home?? But
there was one thing my mother forgot. My father wasn’t the only man in the house. His sexy
moves seduced me too. Especially those nights. Every night my father
would fuck my mother many times. My mother’s moans filled my room.

My mother always wore feminine clothes. Lacy underwear, clothes with pompom decoration
I was already a person who became ecstatic when I saw a woman wearing high-heeled slippers or shoes
. And when my favorite woman wore it, I almost felt like I would die under those heels
. How many times have I wanted to fall at your feet and cry. To
confess my love. To say that I want to be together just once??

I went home towards evening. My father had come. They were getting ready to go out with my mother
. Oh my mother! How was she dressed like that??A blue skirt
blouse. Her tiny skirt is incapable of covering her neat legs?? His back is completely
exposed. Decollete is a different realm.
The straps of the dress come down from the outer edges of her breasts . That is, the inner corners of her breasts are in plain sight.
When you look carefully, nipples are also visible??

I took a sigh of relief. Oh mother you were going to be my wife. While they were taking you out every night, Mum gave me a kiss on
the cheek in her usual flirty way.
??We will dance until the morning with your father?? said. Then she
turned to my father with that flirtatious smile and said, ??Actually
, after dancing for a few hours, I
guess we’d better do something else until the morning???? I needed masturbation. I couldn’t understand. Why was my mom always
talking so piquantly? When they left, I went straight to the bedrooms
. I opened the drawer where my mother kept her dirty laundry.
There was one of those lace panties that tickled me . At that very sacred
moment for me, I took those panties with care and sat on the edge of the bed.
??lucky outfit??? I said. “You are always with that holy
organ, which is nothing more than a temple to me??I wish I was in your place???? I could sense
my mother’s body odor from her panties. I lay on the bed and sniff his pillow
. What was my father doing to my mother in this bed?? When I thought about this, I
got angry.
My mother was almost forcibly screwing herself so that my father would satisfy her lust and not run out . I doubted that he loved my mother.
One day he neither said a nice word nor gave a gift??I
loved my mother. I wanted to make love to him.
It was as ordinary to my father as it was sacred to me . He was only thinking of his satisfaction

After taking a deep breath from my mother’s panties, I wrapped my manhood with her
and ejaculated, thinking that those panties were my mother’s wet womanhood
. As soon as I emptied, his longing came over me again??It
belonged to another man. ??Ah I wish I had the opportunity to marry you mom?? I thought to
myself. ??I would spend every day worshiping you????
I put the panties back in the drawer . I went to my room and slept with that tiredness thinking about my mother again.

The next day I awoke to a knock on my room door. It was my mother ??Kemal
my life. Breakfast is ready?? he was calling. I
was like a maniac under the influence of the dream I had just had. To my mom just ??okay??? I could say.
I dreamed of fucking my mom almost every night, but I’ve never
seen it this real. The taste of the entrances to that womanhood was still on my palate?? In order not to keep my mother
waiting, I got up immediately and went to the living room. My mother
was sitting on the sofa in the living room waiting for me to come. She had her blonde hair in a ponytail
. He was wearing a long tank top. She had no skirts or trousers. I could have sworn
he wasn’t wearing any panties. When you saw me ??ah got up??
she asked. ??Good morning dear??

good morning mom

We sat across from each other at the table. He stood up to refill my tea.
She was leaning so much that her breasts were all visible as she poured the tea . I had a hard time keeping my hand
inside the undershirt and not pinching them. It was on my mind again this morning

I barely finished breakfast. We took a cup of tea and watched TV. I
was sitting opposite him. He had crossed his legs. Since his undershirt was not very
tall, his butt was easily visible. On her bare feet
were those pom-pom white high-heeled slippers. ??goddess?? it
passed me by. ??Why read mythology and look for a goddess??The goddess is
standing in front of me right now?? this noble state of my mother was almost ingrained in my soul. My dream
came before my eyes. to have it.
How peaceful I felt when I had him, even in a dream . Yes, there was no other way. I
was deeply in love with my mother. I couldn’t do without it. I should have told him. I gathered all
my courage. And ??Mom??? I could say. ??sir dear?? saying,
When he looked into my eyes and turned to me, those eyes almost finished
me. But I got myself together right away.???My dear mother?? I
started saying???? There are things I’ve wanted to talk to you about for a long time.
Speech is very difficult to explain. I’m sure you’ll be angry with me, but I have to tell you at any
cost??My mother turned to me and smiled.???
I stood up
, walking around the room and talking at the same time.

I said “Mommy”, please listen to the end without interrupting me and whatever
happens… You are a very beautiful woman. And
when those clothes you wear to tie my Father home , your demeanor and conversations are
added to this , you become an irresistible existence.
My friends I invited home , my father’s friends, shopkeepers, everyone around us
are under the influence of your beauty. Yes, I confess that I have been
under the influence of your beauty for a long time . Of course the
things you did for that father are normal things a woman can do to her husband. But
mom, you’re forgetting me. You’re
showing your femininity to seduce my father . But I am not a stone either…I am affected too…Before
My influence on you was like a game. But then it grew bigger???? I always had my back turned to him when he said those
words. After that I turned to him. He
had bowed his head. I continued. ??My mom. My dear mommy??You
can’t find a second person in the world who loves their mother as much as I do??mother. I fell in love with
you???? My mother asked without looking up.
??Why are you telling me this ??? -My mom. Love is touching. I’m about to lose my mind now
. I get satisfaction by thinking of you every day. But thinking is not enough.
Holding hands, looking into your eyes, kissing you and????My mom
completed my sentence.??and you want to fuck right?????

-Eve mom. But believe me, this is a sacred phenomenon for me. Because I
love you??My mom started talking without looking up.–??Yes?? He said , “
I knew I was beautiful and even impressed you. Do you know what a woman’s
only expectation from life is? A man who will love himself!
I have to admit that I have never
seen this love from your father. I was only 14 when I married your father. But these years were
spent looking for a suitable man for me. You didn’t know, but I
cheated on your father many times. I don’t know the number of men I’ve been with.
I was always looking for someone to love me. And I finally found what you were looking for two years ago. Yes, it
was two years ago. Constantly getting my underwear wet
I couldn’t make sense of it.
One day , I came home after having sex with a group of men that you never knew before. You were in my bedroom.
You didn’t hear me come. You were lying on the bed. Just as I was about to go inside
, I noticed that you had your pants on and you were masturbating.
It was my panties. Now it became clear why my clothes were always wet
. At first I didn’t understand why you were in my room and why you were using my panties
. You were whispering something when you listen carefully ??mom?? and
??My dear?? I noticed what you said. I was literally shocked. My own
son was masturbating thinking of me. After a while you got empty so I
went to the street door as if you were just coming in and I called out and came in.
I entered. You had time to recover. You
thought I didn’t understand anything. This aroused my interest in you. But the real fire
ignited 2 weeks after this incident. Father was not at home. You were sick . You
were lying in bed with a high fever and delirious. Do you know what you were saying? The most beautiful words to say to a

Mom Mom! I love you. No. I worship on you!. Oh my mother!
You drive me crazy. Oh hug me Be my woman Be my goddess for a lifetime
!??? That’s when I knew who the man who would love me was. You were my
son. Your love for me was so strong that I was willing to forget this fact and
be the woman of your house.
Yes, I wanted to impress my man with those clothes . But my man was not your father. You were the one I wanted to impress
dear!????She opened her arms towards me ???Come?? he said ??come hug me?? I hugged him tightly and he
whispered in my ear. I love you too. Now kiss me. I
want to be your woman as soon as possible????I couldn’t believe my ears. My mom continued
??i am yours dear?? said. ??Didn’t you say that love is to touch??come on
touch me. Do everything you dream of to me I kissed her lips as if they
were tearing them apart. “Oh mommy! You are the best mom in the world!”
I told him. “I have other skills besides being a mother.” she replied. “
I took her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. I carefully laid it on the bed.
Then I moved away from him a little and looked from head to toe . – I ca
n’t believe it. So now this uniquely beautiful body is at my disposal
? – Not just my body. My soul is also yours… my life. Whatever you want
, I’m ready. Is it anal sex? Yeah. Oral sex, yes.
Yes to the wildest fantasies .
Whatever you want… Your father won’t come home for four days… I want to have sex with you nonstop for these four days ..

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