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It all happened to me when I was 18.
There was aunt Suna , our neighbor on the ground floor of our house . She was a 33-year-old blonde,
long-haired, well-groomed and beautiful woman who was separated from her husband and had no children. As far as I know , he had no one
and he did not see any of his neighbors other than my mother, but they would often come to us and talk to
my mother. My mother didn’t like him very much and wouldn’t let him come to us
. But I don’t know why, he would criticize Aunt Suna as “a man-loving horny
woman” and wouldn’t want my father to come when he was at home.
But Aunt Suna was very good to me. He would even call me to his house
and reproach me for not coming.
It was the first day of school that day. The note my mom left on the door when I got home
I saw. In the note, it was written that my grandmother died and my parents rushed to our hometown
and that I would stay at Aunt Suna for the night. They had left in a hurry
. I had to go downstairs to my aunt Suna’s house. He was very happy to see me
and said that my apron suited me very well. It was the first day of school and
today I wore my apron for the first time. He even gave me pocket money and
asked me to kiss him by holding out his hand. I kissed my aunt’s hand. I was going to stay with him tonight
. Since it was the first day of school, I didn’t have class. I watched some TV
and then we had dinner. Aunt Suna
came to me after clearing the table. He asked if I was happy to be in his house. I said I ‘m happy
but I still miss my mom. This answer made him very
angry for some reason.
He said that boys are also ungrateful like their elders. I
couldn’t understand, but Aunt Suna was saying that she was very angry with men and
that she would take revenge. Then he said “why not now”. I
knew from the way he looked at me that he didn’t think well of me. “I
will make you experience things you have never experienced, son. Come to me quickly,” he said. But
I didn’t want to go as if I understood what was going to happen to me. Thereupon, aunt Sunna got even more angry and slapped my face very hard, saying that my
mother was a smug kokana
but would not tolerate my whims .
I was suddenly shocked at what had happened. I thought about running through the door
, but he had already locked the door and the second slap was on my face
Immediately fell at my feet… As I fell to
the ground, he pressed his pointy-heeled slippers and long red nail polished
foot to my stomach. It hurts so much, but I couldn’t scream out of fear
. “You spoiled brat. Quickly apologize to me and immediately fall at
my feet!” he shouted. I was helpless and he was much stronger than me.
Although I tried to resist, he forced my head against his feet with his hands
and asked me to kiss him. When I didn’t kiss him, he kicked me hard in the stomach.
I couldn’t breathe anymore . His foot was scratched a little and was starting to bleed.
He got more pissed off about this and totally got me under him. When I couldn’t stand it, I said with my last
breath, “Okay, I’m sorry”.
Then he got off me, but my punishment was not over. a full hour
He didn’t just kiss her feet. He also told me to put the blood from his foot in my mouth
and suck his blood and swallow it.
He bled and suckled again as he swallowed his salty blood with disgust . He sat down next to me when his nerves were gone
and said we were going to have a great time tonight. I
was very afraid of him now and I would strictly obey whatever he said. First he
asked me to strip naked. After I undressed, he took my organ in his hand and said,
“Ahh dear. How small. Isn’t this up?” he asked.
I could no longer recognize the organ that Aunt Suna played in her hands. Because his hands were so fast and
soft, his hands were so beautiful that my dick was
starting to get bigger. Seeing this, Aunt Suna smiled a little. right away
he put it in his mouth. His mouth was huge but warm. His tongue and lips were constantly
turning, and my organ could easily fit in his mouth. It hurt a lot when he bit me with his teeth a few
times in between, but I couldn’t even speak out because of fear
Then he laid me down on his side and he undressed completely.
He started kissing my lips with his big mouth . Actually, it wasn’t kissing, it was like sucking.
It was as if he was trying to take my whole body into his
mouth, trapping me in his mouth, sucking me off my lips. I couldn’t breathe
anymore. My lips were numb. Suddenly I
felt his huge tongue in my mouth. It was so big and wet that it covered my entire mouth
. I tried to pull it out, but he pulled my organ with his hand and killed my soul.
I soon realized that it was a crime. He wanted me to suck it and I
tried to suck that huge tongue with all my might. His tongue was up to my throat and
I almost vomited.
He hadn’t been to the toilet for a long time…
Then he got tired of it and took me under. “ Now you will make me happy
, my child,” he said. He took my head in his hands and spread his legs
, pressing my mouth against his organ between his legs. This
was a sight I saw for the first time and it was disgusting for my age. Besides
, it smelled awful. However, even thinking about them was a crime and I was suddenly
shaken by a new slap. “Emsene slimy boy,” he said. My mouth was on his
organ again and he was sitting on my head. Right there with all my might
I started sucking and licking. Moreover, as he licked, the place was cleaned and the smell
diminished. But as I sucked on more and more, liquids
began to enter my mouth. There was so much yellow liquid flowing from it that
he wanted me to lick it all off. As I licked and swallowed, new liquids were constantly coming out, and
Aunt Suna’s organ was shaking and contracting. Moreover, my head
was stuck between his legs and I felt like I was going to suffocate.
Still, he made me kiss and suck it until morning. Now I
only had his taste in my mouth and I
felt like this taste would never leave my mouth. Turns out I was wrong. He had been contracting for hours, and now the
contractions were over.
But a new liquid started pouring into my mouth. Even though I tried to get rid of me
She was completely trapped between her legs and I couldn’t move.
He had my mouth glued to it and he was peeing in it . When I said you’re going
to swallow them all, I had to drink a glass of water. But I hadn’t been to the bathroom in that long,
maybe he pissed in my mouth for 5 minutes. My stomach was upset,
but the agony was not over. First he took me to the bathroom and rinsed my mouth and even
let me vomit a little.
I was just so relieved that he suddenly covered my head again. This time he brought his butt
hole to my mouth. It smelled worse in here. But I had to
clean it by licking it there, and just as I was done,
he farted on my mouth with a disgusting smell and suddenly I saw that the hole was opened.
It was impossible for me to get rid of and it clung to my mouth. suddenly he
brown scum started to fill my mouth. First it came in a solid and then
a runny form. I was barely pushing them
out of my mouth in order to breathe, and I had to swallow some of them. When he was done
, he rubbed his butt on my face and got his mess all over me. Then he pushed it into my mouth with his foot
and swallowed them all one by one.
After tonight, my parents couldn’t come the next day. Their work was prolonged
and somehow they entrusted me to Aunt Suna. The next day he
told me not to say anything to anyone or he would punish me even more.
I didn’t say anything to anyone for years because of that fear. But every time I saw Aunt Suna,
I treated her very respectfully out of fear. even between me
He had forced orgasms in my mouth repeatedly when he secretly took me into his house. I never even raised my voice
Now? Now she is a 50-year-old woman and I am stronger than her.
But I’m so scared that I can’t hear him using me the same way all the time
. And I continue my mission to orgasm with my mouth, which I have been doing for 15 years
. Not to mention that it can be used as a toilet from time to time

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