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Hello to everyone

it was something that could not be done, but I did it based on the principle that man makes everything do it, of course,
the wife of a friend of mine who was seeing us as a family was looking at me very boring, when I realized
that this is not normal looks, of course, I was always
squeezing him with my eyes, it’s like one day we are with my wife in the kitchen, her
husband is smoking on the balcony, and I am in the living room, here and there. I’m mad here
anyway, if I could just give a fuck, of course,
after these events, she started to come with a skirt

it hurts all the time, she shows her pussy sometimes without panties, sometimes she takes it out of her pocket , as you can see, I am mad at her lace
panties, but one day
we went on a
picnic, her husband will go out at night , like three in the evening. He has
children, he
disappeared suddenly, while playing, our wife is pregnant, she can’t go anywhere, we
started looking for it, but I’m calling from God.

I’m already making plans to see how we will be alone, we broke up a little while searching,
but this is frightened, of course, there are sand dunes in the future, I
saw him playing there, we shout his name and he doesn’t hear, of course I
called me saying I saw it, I said look, there is nothing to be afraid of there,
but I immediately took my hand from the back of the skirt . I threw it in the car
, it was showing while getting on and off, he didn’t have any underpants anyway, he said, let’s wait,
let’s go, don’t be in a hurry, look at this, I said if we go like this, I
said I don’t have any underpants, I don’t have any panties.

He said what are we going to do, I said wait, there is someone who sees from the pocket, I
say that the road has gone to her mouth, but I caught it, I gave it to her mouth, she licked my
balls, she took one of the eggs, I thought
she swallowed it, I said we will come to my lady now and we got into the trees well, but we have to
hurry, she laid me on my back I can’t explain how the bitch licks my thighs and my ass hole, he tries to stick his tongue out if
he likes the smell
anyway, I was weird at first but then I loved it then I
forced it

I pressed his tongue in him and he jerks off, by the way, I ejaculated that beautiful
cunt by fingering his ass, but he immediately took it in his mouth , he ran it in his mouth, he was
a very interesting woman, or he came from the village to
Germany, and then I swallowed it, I immediately fell on him, but I broke his cunt, I’ll put
it in with my little hand I was saying that I should slide it well and sting it
, how is he pulling my dick, but he wants me to press it towards his asshole, I’m
already ejaculated

I fucked a man’s ass once before, it wasn’t good
, you’ll hit it because it’s a straw with meat and meat,
but immediately as if something inside is vacuuming my semen, anyway , we
have to hold our hands quickly, you come to this with excitement, you go, you officially get on
top of it or a I would have squirted more but inside it my dick
is coming from the edges he rubbed his hands and licked it or we got right next to mine
then what else will I write

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