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hello friends, I am a 19-year-old who graduated from
high school . I couldn’t stand it when I saw that she was hungry and her breasts were sticking out, I couldn’t stand my dick, I approached my sister softly and started to touch her slowly I took my hand to her panties and when my sister woke up I just froze what are you doing she said to my sister I want you be my love

I said he scolded me a lot then I went to my room he came to me
he said I love you but he said I can’t do it for once I
convinced him then I put my hand under his nightgown I
started to caress my cunt he took mine in his mouth he was
acting like a bitch I couldn’t stand it I started licking his pussy my pussy is too tight and she
it was so clean it smelled like it was watering I said I’m going to fuck
your cunt I said I’m a virgin I wouldn’t say nothing
can happen
to me

I was afraid that I fucked your cunt so accustomed to it that it was going to ejaculate
suddenly I ejaculated in my mother’s mouth She licked all my semen
when she went to take a shower I wanted to fuck her ass when I went to my sister she was soaping her ass
like pain I said fuck it and soaped her ass even though it was soapy my dick had a hard time getting in my sister moaned her ass was moving left and right when she moaned her breasts were shaking as if there was an earthquake she was fucking like a bitch she was screaming fuck me like a bitch I ejaculated in her ass then I went to take a shower side by side

we started stroking her breasts suddenly she came to my mouth to fuck my sister in her pussy again
I put my dick in my sister’s mouth she said fuck my ass I
can’t take it as if to break my virginity I said sit in the tub
I said the bitch sat on her she took my whole cock up and down she was getting up while her
breasts were shaking my head was spinning with great
pleasure I heard you say do n’t cum inside me with great pleasure I just laid on my back and fucked my sister a little more when I was
about to get ejaculated, I said I’m going to squirt my sister’s cunt by
combining my breasts and putting my cock between
her .

We send it to the dentist and I fuck my sister in the ass and I
will tell you more

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