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Hello, I’m serdar, I’m starting to talk about the subject without further ado. One day
, I decided to make love with my classmate Hulya. At first
, she didn’t consent to squeeze me in her pussy, but I persuaded her, but she asked me not to buy a condom, I said okay, we broke up on the way, she went
. I took the right path to the pharmacy. At the door of the pharmacy, it was written banu pharmacy. Anyway, I went inside and asked for a condom, he was stunned, he asked what I wanted to buy again. I said again, I said again, he understood that I wanted to buy a condom, this time I even realized that it was a pleasure, because I was looking at his penis while I was on the shelf.

fortunately he asked me if I knew how to use a condom, I told him I
used it for the first time,
so I didn’t know, he told me to go to the back with a laugh, he camel and opened my
. my eyes were recorded, I’ll tell you later


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