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This happened to me two months ago.
We are on good terms with my 55-year-old aunt, who has been widowed for 18 years .
In fish meat , even though he is 1.60 tall and not beautiful , I find him sexy. I’ve been harassing her every chance I get since last year but she just remained unresponsive
as if nothing had happened .
I finally decided to own it.

He came to us one day when no one was home. I took her to my room on an excuse
and said I wanted to fuck her. She was vehemently opposed and
said she would tell me to my mother. I quickly threw him on the bed and began to tear them
apart. When I undressed him and undressed myself, he began to beg me and
I, on the other hand, started rubbing her back with the knife next to me . And I started pushing back. Even though my aunt was
hurt, she was only biting her hand because
she knew that if anyone heard, she would be in a more difficult situation than me.

Despite his old age, he held up well. I was smacking her
lips and pumping her cunt. My tongue was tired from licking her breasts. I put my dick in his
mouth and told him to lick it but he was
moaning that’s enough. I threatened with a knife and he started licking. I
ejaculated 6 times in 1 hour while I was fucking her. Once again I decided to fuck the ass when there was a knock on the
door. We recovered immediately. My parents had arrived.
We acted as if nothing had happened . I continue to fuck my aunt at every opportunity. Last week
I fucked our neighbor too

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