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I made my high school sister-in-law my wife during the holidays..
Growing up in an orphanage, I didn’t dream of domestic stories. I don’t know how it happened that I made the high school sister-in-law happy all summer long and betrayed the concept of family that I dreamed of. I don’t want to talk about them here, as I’ve been judging this within myself for months. I just want to share my experiences with you and make a final point, at least I hope so…

We decided to marry my wife Neslihan when we were 24 years old. We met at the beginning of the university and spent our years together without having a single separation. I’m not that handsome, but I started exercising just to look nicer and more stylish next to him. In the second year of my university, my body was officially like a stone, and I felt more confident now. Neslihan was one of the smart and beautiful girls of the school. I knew that other men were looking at me with envious eyes, so I was acting out of appreciation for my lover. At that time, I never had a mind to cheat on my wife. It wasn’t my first relationship but I was really trying to make it the last. It gave me strength to see his blond hair, hazel eyes, and white body, which reached up to his shoulders every day.

As the years went by, our school was over, we both graduated. No lie, I was a successful student too. Since I graduated with a degree, it was not difficult for me to find a job. His family knew about us. Of course, I made a marriage proposal to Neslihan first, without further ado. I was in debt for a year just for that marriage proposal, but she couldn’t see. I went to my brother, whom I loved and respected, willingly and met his family for the first time that day. His mother Ayten and father Musa were warm people. While kissing my blood boiled hands, I embraced my mother, whom I had longed for years, as if I had found my father. But the main event was my wife Neslihan’s younger sister Aylin. At that time, he was only going to high school, but he had already flourished. She was wearing a navy blue dress. Her breasts were big enough to burst her bra, she could tell. She was white like her older sister. Her straight black hair reached her waist. With every step she took, I could see her big, round hips swinging under the dress. She was extremely sexy, but I still had my eye on none other than my wife.

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Actual Picture of My High School Sister-in-law.
It has been two years since our marriage. The goal of both of us was to rise as a career, to establish order. Neither I nor Neslihan’s financial situation was good. I have never touched the jewelery and gold accumulated at the wedding we held with debt and mortar. We were paying our debts, albeit slowly. What I earned was going home, eating and drinking. We were pretty light because I had finished one of the credits. Since I know that he misses his family too, I said let’s go to the family in the summer. Of course, he was very happy, he hugged me tightly. We arranged our leave, made our plans, and set off to my wife’s family for our one-month long vacation.

Sister-in-law Why Are You So Sexy!

We set off in the morning and only reached the village towards the evening. Mother-in-law, father and sister-in-law all greeted us at the door. Of course, the first thing that caught my attention was the sexyness of the sister-in-law. I haven’t seen it since the wedding. It was as if she had become much more beautiful and sexy in two years. He was wearing a pink Bugs Bunny pajama set. Again, her breasts looked like they were going to explode from under her shirt. I even felt the lace details of her bra while hugging me and saying welcome brother-in-law. The sister-in-law was breaking so beautifully as she walked ahead that I could hardly hold myself not to look at the prominent panty mark. I can’t say that I didn’t want to dope and have anal sex on the spot. Of course, I lived all this inside myself, I never showed it to the outside.

Their house was a two-room living room. Before Neslihan flew away from the nest, she was staying in the same room with her brother Aylin. After Neslihan, they had thrown out the two single beds and replaced them with a double bed. Aylin would stay in the living room and we would stay in her room. Our elders saw it as appropriate, which was not a problem for me.????I put our suitcases in the room. After washing my hands and face, I went to the living room. By the time I joined the conversation, my mother-in-law had already poured the teas and placed them on the dinner table. It was late, but of course we were hungry. There was officially no food on the table! The sister-in-law and mother-in-law had it officially poured. I ate until I was full. What caught my attention when she was at the table was the evasive look the sister-in-law gave me. If it wasn’t like that, I wouldn’t care, I wouldn’t worry about it, but he really wanted me. Inevitably, I was thinking, sister-in-law, why are you so sexy, you are tempting me. After chatting for another hour or so, we fell asleep due to road fatigue. We broke into our beds and ended the day.

For years I was so used to waking up at eight in the morning that no matter how tired I was, I opened my eyes. My wife was still asleep. Even though I kissed his cheek and said ‘good morning my love’, he didn’t have much intention of getting up. With my pee coming, I made my way to the toilet with my slightly upturned penis. Voices were coming from the kitchen that the mother-in-law was like me. He made it his motto to get up early. Of course, I didn’t mind it and went to the bathroom. When I opened the door, I saw the sister-in-law who had placed her hips on the toilet and had her black panties pulled down to her legs. When he noticed me, he froze, just like me. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at him. Your slightly upturned tool was even higher independently of me, but when my sister-in-law’s eye fell on it, I gathered myself.

Sorry sister-in-law, I’m sorry I never noticed
The sister-in-law didn’t make a sound, I stepped back from the threshold and exited the bathroom. Frankly, that scene had placed the perception that she could have sex with her brother-in-law. Likewise, I couldn’t get the image of her white buttocks and panties out of my mind visible from the side. I waited for my dick to land and headed to the kitchen.

good morning mom
Good morning baby, how did you sleep well?
I swear I fell asleep
EE you are tired of the road, of course it’s normal…
At that time, I was taking the french fries that he had put on the table to my mouth.

Is Neslihan still not up?
It doesn’t look like it will ever take off.
It was like this when he was little, he couldn’t lie down or get up.
Enjoy your holiday mom, we’ve both been pretty tired for two years.
Oh my, my son-in-law thinks of his wife too…
The sister-in-law entered the kitchen after my mother-in-law who kissed my cheek. I could see the shame in his eyes. In fact, there was nothing to be ashamed of. Prefer to pretend it never happened and in order to comfort him:

Good morning, sister. We got you out of your bed, but how comfortable it was, we slept soundly.
Good morning uncle. Good luck, take care of yourself. Besides, I’m used to falling asleep while watching TV in the living room.
After our short conversation, I made my way to the bathroom again and peed. Afterwards, I washed my face and left. When I entered our room and wanted to wake my wife, I saw that she was already up. Is it because the sister-in-law made me horny or what, I took advantage of her crooked state while she was making the bed, and I leaned back. When he sensed me, he straightened up and turned.

Good morning my love
Good morning my love
During our short conversation while kissing her lips, I was chasing her soft buttocks so eagerly that my wife was also delighted. My dick was already hard, touching my wife’s belly.

Morning morning, what an energy, my love
Every morning I wake up next to you is enough for me to be full of energy.
Pleased with my words, she didn’t resist us lying down on the bed she had made. While he continued to kiss me like crazy without taking his lips from mine, one hand went into her breasts from the top of her blouse, and the other into her vagina through the panties under her pajamas. It was dry, she hadn’t tasted it yet, but when I stroked her clitoris, it came back to her senses. He was no longer resisting, making love even more willingly. My wife unleashed her dick, forcing herself as if it were going to pierce my pajamas and come out. Such sex stories for a long timeI inserted my hardened penis into her watery vagina as we yearned for each other as if we hadn’t lived. I continued to kiss as I slowly moved back and forth in the missionary position. Because he had a habit of moaning like crazy while having sex. I didn’t want other family members to hear Neslihan’s orgasm sounds. As it continued to accelerate, it was getting thicker. His eyes were drooping, his legs were trembling. As I whirled out of my orgasmed wife, my first squirt was towards her belly. The door swung open as I rubbed my dick with the squirts that came with it. It was the sister-in-law who came in, who was watching my squirts, frozen. He made no sound. When he regained consciousness, he vaguely said ‘breakfast is ready’ and stormed out of the room. Neslihan was laughing and I was accompanying her. I was looking for napkins to clean my semen, but I couldn’t find it.

Nobody spoke after my sister-in-law raided us after I had sex with my wife. We had our breakfast and went out as a family. We went to places to visit around and had fun. Of course, during this process, the evasive glances that my sister-in-law gave me and I to her never ceased. We avoided one-on-one conversations, trying to stay away from each other. Moreover, we were not doing this consciously.

Couldn’t Sleep Sister-in-law

We were supposedly on vacation, but every day we wandered around like crazy and got tired. By 11 pm, everyone had gone to bed. My wife fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. I had already entered the new day by turning left and right. I got out of bed, realizing that I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I took my pack of cigarettes and my lighter and made my way to the balcony in the kitchen. The lights were off, but I realized that the sister-in-law was outside, her face prominent as she inhaled her cigarette. He hadn’t noticed me, he was startled when I softly opened the door. No one in my family knew that he smoked. This was the first secret we would keep between us before our relationship.

Oh sister-in-law, so you’re smoking
Oh my brother-in-law, don’t talk
If my father hears, I swear he will beat me
He was seriously afraid of his father. I laughed, but when I realized it was serious:

Relax girl, in the morning before I say good morning, I’ll say your little girl is smoking
Yaaaah brother-in-law!
While he was trying to keep my laughter as quiet as possible, he noticed me and lit another cigarette on top of the cigarette he had put out in a flash.

Okay, okay, don’t be afraid, of course I won’t tell you, but on one condition.
What is it?
Don’t pop into our room again
Brother-in-law, did you come at night to embarrass me?
I was laughing but he was accompanying me. He didn’t mind my hanging out.

There is nothing to be ashamed of! You must not have seen someone having sex for the first time in their life.
I mean of course… Anyway, why didn’t you sleep?
I understood that he was uncomfortable with her trying to change the subject, but I did not insist. I don’t know why I mentioned such a thing anyway.

I turned right, I turned left. I’m not sleepy anyway
Since I found such a good movie, I haven’t even started it yet. Let’s watch together. There should be chips, we can bury them with cola.
Oh sister, come to me with such offers.
After our short conversation, we put out our cigarettes. While I was taking the glasses and coke from the cupboard and into the living room, he came with the chips and the tray in his hand. He opened the sofa bed when the television was right in front of him. So it wasn’t as comfortable as the bed but the ambiance was nice. I went to the right, he went to the left. I placed our glasses on the tray and filled the cokes. Sister-in-law opened the chips and placed it between us. Our adventure, which we hadn’t done yet, had stopped next to the movie we were watching. It was supposedly an action movie, but it had crazy lovemaking and sex scenes. Liseli Aylin had focused on the film with great desire without any disruption. We both seemed to like the fact that we had been holding hands many times while dipping our hands into the chips. Officially, while my wife was sleeping, I was partially flirting with her sister. This made me more angry than ever before.

We were halfway through the movie we watched without spoiling it.

Let’s take a cigarette break, sister-in-law
it will be brother-in-law
When Aylin lights her cigarette when we go out to the balcony:

What a great movie I found, right?
It would be a shame to call it a movie, porn would be better
Do not exaggerate uncle, let’s say innocent erotic scenes
He just didn’t fuck her from behind, how innocent it is
We were laughing, but he knew I was right.

So it’s not a bit too much lie. It was nice though, admit it.
It’s beautiful, I’d sleep if it didn’t wrap
While we were putting out our cigarettes, I went to the bathroom and that hall. I was drinking water from the kitchen, pouring a glass for Aylin and going to the living room. I could not have guessed that the event that would prepare the ground for my sister-in-law to bed would be the water in a tiny glass. Did my foot trip while I was walking towards the sofa bed? She was about to scream when she couldn’t help herself because I had just taken the water out of the freezer. What was even more beautiful was that the black bra underneath became evident as her blouse got wet. There’s no way her big boobs wouldn’t get me an erection.

Don’t get me wrong uncle, but let me get the bed to work.
You are refreshed, what more do you want?
Even though I was laughing, I continued to stare at her breasts. It is obvious that she was not aware of this, because when she took off her soaked blouse and stayed with her bra, it had just occurred to her to look up and look at me.

Should you bring me a t-shirt and bra from my room instead of continuing to look like that?
It’s possible…
As I was about to turn around and leave, his low voice was heard again:

You better bring shorts and panties, I’m soaked all over.
It’s possible…
I was excited because seeing him like that was already starting to lift my dick a little. It made me see my wife snoring as I entered the room silently. I really didn’t want him to wake up. I went to the sister-in-law’s closet and rummaged through the drawers. She had so many bras and panties that it wasn’t hard for me to understand that she valued herself. I chose a bra with lace, transparent red panties to be a bit of a slut. After choosing a t-shirt and shorts, I quietly left the room.

Sister-in-law who took what I brought:

What if you had never brought your brother-in-law!
What should I do, my daughter, I didn’t even turn on the light so that your sister wouldn’t wake up. I got whatever came to hand.
Anyway OK! Get out of the living room and let me get dressed…
Oof, I closed my eyes, let’s get dressed.
The sister-in-law, who had her back turned to me, was unaware that I was watching her. Erotic, erotic, I was watching it. In all her sexyness, she first pulled her bra down. Even though I couldn’t see her breasts very much, it was evident from the side of her swinging in every movement. Then, when he pulled down his shorts, his panties covering his pitch black ass appeared. It didn’t take long for him to peel it off, too, when I started stroking my lost dick over my pajamas. I wasn’t conscious, but I knew what I was doing. She had such beautiful hips that I guess you had to be a man not to look at her. When I turned to the new underwear on the sofa bed, I had the opportunity to see her breasts. Of course it’s me too! I got up and took my dick from my pajamas in my hands. Her pupils widened when she realized that I was in that state.

I will tell you sister!
that you’re looking at me…
Then I’ll tell your father that you smoke too…
So you don’t even deny that you’re looking
Why shouldn’t I look, am I gay? When will I see such a beauty again?
While giving this short speech, she put the transparent bra I brought on her breasts and the panties on her hips without the need to turn around. He was looking at me, I was looking at him. I couldn’t help stroking my dick.

If you rub a little more, you’ll ejaculate!
I straightened up slightly and grabbed his hand and pulled him to me. I took the tray next to me with my other hand and set it aside. I pulled the sister-in-law to myself when I put the chips package in the corner.

Are we really going to do this?
Another secret…
I literally passed out as I placed my kisses on his lips. Sister-in-law got up and went over my dick. We kept kissing like crazy while stroking her hips. Her butt was so cute that I couldn’t even let go of her breasts. The high school sister-in-law’s breathing deepened. I could hear the heartbeat quickening. I reached over my head and took off the bra she was wearing earlier. I licked her big tits and licked her all over her. I could tell from the way he was pulling my hair out that he was getting horny as he continued rubbing his hardened dick over my pajamas.

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‘You’re making love so well…’ he was trying to show his pleasure in his faint voice. I let go of her breasts and slashed the panties off her hips. Her pussy was so cute that I couldn’t get enough of licking it. He was pressing my head to his pussy every time I shot his tongue, he was seriously pulling my hair out. My hands are on her breast, my mouth is on her cunt… I get horny again and again as I think of the scene. It was definitely the best sex memory of my life! I couldn’t hold back any longer and shoved my dick inside her cunt.

Slow sister-in-law, they will hear…
While he tried to cover his mouth with his hand, I accelerated and kept going back and forth in his pussy between his legs. Her bouncing breasts looked so beautiful every time I accelerated that I was afraid I would lose myself and ejaculate inside her. The high school sister-in-law, whom I licked while licking her cunt, was already enjoying it. Despite this, I did not stop and continued to fuck until I had an orgasm again. I walked over to the sister-in-law, who lost herself with her successive orgasms, and licked it with my dick in her half-closed mouth. He didn’t have to lick it, but I came to enjoy it while I was rooting. I squirted every little baby I had in his face and mouth. The sister-in-law, who closed her eyes, didn’t seem too happy with the situation.

I was lying next to you. Our heads were touching each other.

Why did we do such a thing?
Sister-in-law, I do not regret in the least. Not unless your sister hears it too.
I’m not in the mood to go and tell. They’ll kick me out, not just you.
Don’t think about it then, it was worth every second of it!
I reached for the napkin and handed it to Aylin. He looked so sexy while cleaning his face and mouth that I had a dick again. But I didn’t have an iota to lift my dick.

Look at that ass!
He got a little angry when I slapped the smack and told me to be quiet. But it was clear from his vague smile that he liked it. She put on her bra and panties, which I took off after cleaning the semen that got on the bed. While I was wearing his shorts and t-shirt, I kissed him as if I were going to snuggle up next to him and rip his lips off and smack his butt.

You know you’re a great girl, right?
Don’t say things like that, I’m ashamed…
Don’t be ridiculous, be proud of being so sexy! You will hurt a lot at university…
As long as I get into university, I have no intention of hurting.
You go in, don’t be unfair to yourself. You are so smart.
I could see how happy he was as I showered him with compliments. She could even tell from the way she said ‘thank you’ after the kiss she placed on my lips. She put the napkins in her pocket and took her wet clothes in her hand and made her way to the bathroom. Before leaving the door, I grabbed his arm again and pulled him to me and said:

Right now I’ve fucked you badly again but I’m afraid someone will get up. So now I’m going back to my sister. Sleep well my sexy sister-in-law!
He kissed her for the last time and she followed him first, and I left the hall. When I returned to my wife, I felt a real sense of peace and relief. At that time I was not thinking or thinking about my betrayal, my cheating on my wife.

Last Night Before Going!

I had sex with my high school sister-in-law on the third night of my arrival at my wife’s family. I used to put my wife to sleep almost every night and go to the living room. I was already fucking my wife on the days I didn’t go. I had sex almost every day for a month. Especially in the second week, with my wife’s period, I was out of my sister-in-law’s pussy. I was pouring all my energy, my desire into him. The other week, my sister-in-law had her period and I had sex with my wife. Both my sister-in-law and I were extremely happy with this situation. It wasn’t love between us, we were both aware of it. There was only sexual attraction. Otherwise it would have been a serious deception, but it wasn’t quite like that. My wife trusted me so much that she didn’t even suspect. Even if She was suspicious, she probably wouldn’t have thought that I’d have something to do with her own sister.

It was the last night before I left. My wife had fallen asleep early again because we were leaving early tomorrow. I, on the other hand, quickly went into the living room, next to the sister-in-law, with her asleep. He was happy when he saw me, and he was sad as well.

Our last night, brother-in-law…
Our last night, sister-in-law…
I will miss you so much!
Me too!
The high school sister-in-law jumped on me with all her fury. We were kissing standing up before we even got to the sofa bed. We lay on the sofa bed while continuing to kiss, holding her soft ass. We had had so much sex on the squeaky-free sofa bed that the bolts were now loose. When we realized that it was making a sound, we moved to the single seat. I took off Aylin’s shirt as I went crazy to feel the heat of her upturned cunt. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw her red transparent bra.

Very subtle movement…
It started with underwear and I said it should end with that.
Well done my sexy sister-in-law!
I put my head between her breasts, one facing east and the other west, with her bra that I took off like a tear, and licked it all over. I really loved those soft big breasts. Definitely one of the places I will miss the most. I undressed as he got off me and took off his shorts and panties in front of me. The sister-in-law fell to her knees, with all the lure of our naked bodies. He knew he could blow a thousand times better than my wife. Because I must have said it over and over. It’s the first time I’ve seen my hardened dick come to pleasure so quickly when he started to blow. I can’t help myself:

i will cum
Discharge, the night is long anyway
As soon as she made a deep blowjob, I got her up to her throat, sister-in-law. While he’s laughing and sticking his mouth out of my dick:

I love the taste of that cum
I love you too, my little bitch!
He sat on my lap and rested his head on my shoulder as he cleared the sperm from his mouth.

I wish you were my husband and not my sister.
I won’t hear it again Aylin! You know this thing between us is not love!
I know, but I don’t know, I’d like to wake up next to you and satisfy each other all day long, not flirting sex.
Okay, this is my last night at home, but I’m not in the mood to walk out of your life completely.
So what? Will we do it again?
Why not, we’ll probably get along. You will also go to university. Believe me, I don’t even think about it.
Don’t underestimate yourself uncle, no one has ever fucked me as well as you.
I laughed as I liked it. As I stroked her hair and kissed her head, she turned to my lips again:

Does he get up?
The dick that won’t get up to you is not a dick
We laughed and started making love. We were both enjoying it and didn’t want it to end. He spread his legs and sat on my dick again. The cunt he rubbed on my dick while kissing was making me get an erection again. I lifted it up while greedily caressing her breasts. He slowly slid her vagina over her and sucked it down to the root. He was showing his breath of pleasure as he slowly lowered and raised his hips.

Let me see, we’ve never been doggy
Ok but look slow, don’t make too much noise
He had his hips wrapped around me while he was taking support from the armrests of the single seat. I parted the lips of her meaty vagina and licked it a bit, then slowly inserted my cock into it.

you’re telling me you’re making a sound
Okay, okay, let’s go!
I was afraid to root because his ass was so big that the sound of flesh touching flesh echoed in the room every time I rooted it. An outsider could easily understand that we were having sex. Even though I was thinking about this at first, after a while I didn’t wear it at all and continued to go back and forth with all my anger. It didn’t look like it was going to end early. Sister-in-law whose legs start to shake and reach orgasm level:

I’m coming…
When I heard this, I accelerated completely, but I had no intention of ejaculating. The sister-in-law, whose knees were loosened with her orgasm, dropped herself to the single seat.

Wait, it’s not over yet… Spread your legs!
Trying to control her breathing, the sister-in-law parted her legs. I grabbed her hips and brought her pussy close to my mouth. While licking the pussy of high school student Aylin, who has just had an orgasm, I started to caress her clit. He looked like he was going crazy with pleasure. He was pressing me with his legs and pushing me with his hand. I took her hand and lifted her up to enter the watered pussy of the rabid sister-in-law. I leaned her back against the wall and lifted her hips into the air. I was making sure that he didn’t make a sound by kissing his pussy that I was squeezing into my dick while he was fucking in the air. He was biting my lips as if he was going to rip it off. His nails dug into my back, hurting me, but I had no intention of stopping. The faster I got, the faster I got, the more I fucked the fuck!

His voice was getting louder so that while he was having an orgasm again, I couldn’t help myself and ejaculated inside. We lay on the hard evil sofa bed together. We were unable to speak, our breaths declared their independence. As we breathe in and out of each other’s faces for five minutes, Aylin said:

Did you cum inside me?
Hopefully I won’t be stuck.
Make sure to take the pill the next day.
Okay, I’ll take care of it tomorrow when you’re gone, but what if I get pregnant?
Do you want to be a mother?
Then we’ll take the worst
We had our last sex so crazy, we sat until we saw the first light of the morning. Even though I moved to my wife, my mind was still on Aylin. I really couldn’t forget.

Eight months have passed since all this. Neither my sister-in-law nor I called her on the phone. Cutting off communication was not a shared decision, but it made sense. Sometimes I dreamed of my sister-in-law during sex with my wife. Although this situation bothered me badly, it was deeply embedded in my subconscious. It was in my dreams during the weeks when my wife had her period. That’s why I wanted to present it to you as a sex story . I saw it as a way to get it out of my mind. Because if this continues, I will divorce my wife and make her my sister-in-law.

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