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I’M FERIDE I’m 24 years old. I’m 168 in height and 62 kg. I have a very nice body. My hips were above normal, so it gave a sexy look.. My breasts were the size of a melon and they were still alive..
I’ve been married for 6 years. We have 1 child. my sex life is good but it could be better.. my husband is 27 years old, tall and very handsome.. we live in germany my husband has a good job and i work in quality control in a factory..
After two years of marriage, we were looking for sex. We wanted to have a different fantasy.. We spend most of our time on the weekends in search of sex.. We look for different exciting things.. One day while I was surfing the net, my husband did not know about it.. We were texting with someone and sending pictures to each other.. of course. Without showing my face, he was sending me a picture of my breasts, my body and my pussy, that person was sending me a picture of his dick and pictures of his body.. but the man even showed his face in his pictures without hesitation.. he is a very handsome person.. but I was asking myself if the pictures were his..

I asked if there was skype, the room said yes.. add me then I said let’s meet with the glass.. he agreed.. I lowered the mosque a little so that he wouldn’t see my face.. but I could see him, just like in the picture.. he said show me yourself so I showed him to the kiss for a moment .. compliments and all that.. he wanted to meet while trying to impress me.. I won’t be right away, let’s get to know ourselves a little bit..
he said ok and we talked with the glass for days.. but my husband didn’t know yet..
he asked if I sent you an invitation, would you come.. what is it with me? when asked.. you enter a special place with a mask, masks are sent to all guests and you have to come with an evening dress.. it was interesting to me, but I thought I had to think about it.. the entrance fee is not charged to women, only men and spouses..
I asked when. The room was 5 days later, that is Wednesday.

I looked Wednesday, my husband will go to the night shift.. I can send an invitation to the man too. Two days later, the invitation came with the mask.. I went to the caravan to buy night clothes.. I bought a beautiful dress.. I bought a beautiful dress. The tear on the side was quite high.. so when I took my step, my hips were even visible. Even I got turned on when I looked at my pussy in the
mirror with only a thong underneath, like a string from the back, with my lips sticking out before it only covered the hole in my ass..

came that evening so I got in the car and went after my husband left.. it wasn’t too far.. there were quite a few cars while parking the car.. there was a big place where I went.. I was startled when entering but there is no turning back now.. even the men at the door are masked.. I showed the invitation and entered .. it was a big hall.. there were lots of rooms upstairs..
everyone was chatting with each other and drinking something.. I also bought something for myself and started drinking.. after all the guests came, it was as if a leader came out and the women gathered together.. the man who is the leader is the people who received this invitation.. he has to risk everything.. before the masks come off. Everything is free and he has to make love without knowing who he will be with.. Each of the women will go to a room and the men will take the numbered keys presented on the tray and enter which room they will go to by following the number..

Before the men saw us, the women went upstairs and each woman entered a room and began to wait.. the room was very well prepared, it was full of bed and sex tools..
I undressed and had to accept whatever came.. there was something that caught my attention.. there were more men than women there.. I was wondering if more than one man would come in.. I waited and 20 minutes later the door opened.. luckily a man entered and I immediately started making love. we started.. the man wasn’t speaking but the room was masked.. he was pouting my lips, rubbing my tongue with his tongue and pouting my tongue.. one of his hands was on my breasts, the other one was squeezing on my hips, he was squeezing with his mouth on my breasts.. I was determined now and I took the man’s zipper down and took his pants down.. I took his crusty cock in my mouth and started pouting.. the man liked it as he pouted, he kept my head in my mouth and kept coming and going.. he had a thick dick and it was very nice..

he took me for about ten minutes and laid me on the bed.. he haunted my pussy with his net and made a great start as if he was sucking the liquid from my breasts all over my head I was getting bad I was ejaculating in your mouth before long.. the man must have liked it even more he did the same thing and I felt like I’ve never felt so good I didn’t feel. He emptied me three times before he even fucked me.. half an hour passed and the man didn’t want to finish it.. I got up, lay the man on his back and brought him 69.. I put my pussy right in the man’s mouth and now the man was squeezing me with his tongue and my mouth with his tight.. I was enjoying it very much.. with my husband I hadn’t taken even a quarter of the pleasure I got here..
i couldn’t take it anymore and i got up and wanted to slap his dick on my ass while the man was still lying on his back.. i rubbed his stony dick on my ass and then passed it off.. it was a great feeling.. as i was jumping on the guy, the door opened and two men, one black and one white, came in.. they immediately undressed and one of his cocks was put in my mouth and the other in my hand.. one of them was pouting and stroking someone else.. the nigga got tight and it was a little long.. i have three cocks in my mouthand now i have three cocks in my hand.. the nigga lifted me up and put it on my lips he pouted it was like he was going to pierce my belly like a stone it was hard.. he made room 69 he was licking my ass and pouting.. on the one hand he was sticking his fingers in my ass hole.. obviously they were going to fuck my ass.. there was a slider in the room, someone brought it and put it in my ass hole, now my ass was ready..The nigga picked me up and turned my face towards him and he put his dick in me I can’t find the words to describe how I felt.. I was hopping on a little nigga, someone came behind me and put his dick on my ass while I was trying to pass it slowly, the nigga stopped.. I felt the pain in my ass. I wanted everyone to experience that moment when I gave it.. it was an unbelievable moment.. it was pumping in the heart..

I was finished, I didn’t know how much I ejaculated but I was exhausted.. the cock in my ass contracted and ejaculated into my ass. The semen flowing out of my ass was getting on the black man’s dick and his calves.. the cock in my mouth left my mouth and went behind me and continued.. I felt all over my ass so numb. what was my pussy? . ass fucked he twitched and when I was about to ejaculate he came right in front of me and came in my mouth so I opened my mouth and swallowed all his cum.. one nigga left
He was pumping as if he didn’t want to ejaculate.. my mouth was smeared with the man’s semen. I tucked my nigga in his mouth and I was dancing with his tongue in his mouth.. the nigga was sulking with my tongue biting off.. he contracted and wanted to come out to ejaculate so I kept his butt and he couldn’t ejaculate in my pussy.. I stayed on the floor for half an hour.. I even started to wonder if I would ever taste this fuck in my life again.. it was too late, he was leaving, he was leaving, no one knew anyone else.. that was the best thing.. I had my dream and got dressed and went home before my husband came. I came home, changed my clothes and went to bed.. I was so tired that my husband went to bed and it was noon but I got up..
I did the housework and prepared the dinner. My husband got up and had dinner together.. He said he has a different expression on his face.. I said nothing, I said nothing.. I talked to
the man on the net again in the evening when my husband left.. and when he asked how, I said it was very good.. Do you want to go again? When he asked, I said yes, but it takes some time to pass.. the man is not always in the same place anyway..

but if you want, let’s meet up, no, I said no, I’m married, and the man was insistent..
I thought if I’m fucked with three men, I’ll fuck with these guys.. what’s going to happen..
I said okay, but not today, maybe tomorrow, my pussy needs a lot of cock ate, I said, the man laughed .. enjoy your pussy I have to look at him, he must be very hot since he ate his dick.. you’ll see me tomorrow..
The next evening I was actually looking forward to it.. I saw the dick in the picture, I thought it would be worth it if his cock was his.. After my husband left, I went to the address the man gave me.. He told me his name.. I rang the bell. The door opened.. A big man said welcome .. he is being polite, can you drink something too? yes, something cold.. the room brought iced whiskey and we drank and chatted.. I asked if you were there too.. she said yes, but neither you nor you saw me because the neighbor did not know the neighbor
. The man looked like a rich man.

He came close to me and put his hand on my legs, he started to caress and suddenly he fell in my mouth.. he started stroking my breasts and running his hand all over me.. my pussy island is already.. he threw his hand away and it seems like it’s burning really hot.. my husband can’t turn it off, let’s see if you can put it out. . we laughed and continued.. I was undressing him while he was asking me.. I looked at his dick yes I saw the same glass on my cock and I took it in my mouth.. his head was big like a mushroom.. but it was beautiful.. I pout, lick my head and squeeze my mouth.. then he picked me up and took him to the bed, laying on his back and leaning on my cunt.. he was licking terribly.. he was no different from black, I couldn’t understand why my husband couldn’t do it..
he was holding my hips and pulling me out of my butt.. his mouth was firmly resting on my pussy.. I was having moments of pleasure.. he couldn’t take it anymore.. he couldn’t take it anymore and he brought his mushroom-headed cock into my ass hole and inserted it into my very wet pussy.. but what a sting.. it was amazing, I was really enjoying it differently and As the man rooted, I was ejaculating.. the man was as if there was a cock created for my pussy.. it was really nice and beautiful in appearance.. after our nice and full of pleasure, it was a while ago, the man took his cock out and put it in my mouth and while it was ejaculating with the tide, he pressed his cock well and ejaculated.. right in my throat.. I swallowed all your cum.. licking the head of your dick and rubbing it on my face it was getting smaller.. now we entered the shower together, the man didn’t want to let me go, we were kissing and making love with me under the dream, but I had to go.. I got out and put on my clothes and said I have to go..The room asked if you would come again.. maybe I will too.. but I said we are seeing each other on the net anyway, I said goodbye with a kiss..
When I got home, I fell asleep again because of exhaustion..
my husband had already come to bed because it was the weekend, so I went to bed for a long time..
and this continued, but my husband’s being a night person from time to time made me feel comfortable, I was making a fool of myself, I started to think when my husband would catch me..
but I don’t give up, I got used to it now. I’ll tell you in my next story, that’s it for now..

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