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In the third year of university, a teacher started to attend our class. I am 22 years old. The teacher was 39. He was a very charismatic man in his 40s. I was already seeing him and he was famous at school and all the girls admired him. He was not with anyone, he was married, the wedding ring was on his finger, he was a very gentle man. He was a tall, dark-haired man with a charismatic beautiful stance and a very intelligent man that everyone admired. Although all the girls admired him, he wasn’t looking at anyone, he was just doing his job, but he hadn’t met me yet and he didn’t know how much of a doer I was.

I had to seduce her and I knew I had to do something. I’ve always been a remarkable girl. Men almost always want to have something to do with me, but I only go out with people I choose and find handsome. Especially men who never pass me attract my attention, I find them very attractive and I show all my skills to get them. I don’t care if anyone calls me a bitch or not, I live for fun anyway, you know me more or less, now I want to tell you how to set this man up.

The man was in his room, and I came that day in a very sexy way. So I put on an extremely sexy outfit, a shorts just below my tiny butt, and a short and tight body with an open navel, a nice make-up and an extremely sexy scent, and went to her. I asked him something in his room and looked into his eyes so that he would understand my intentions clearly, but the man was not there at all and was approaching me as if I was gender neutral. In order not to embarrass myself even more, I left immediately, I made a different plan, now I want to tell you about it.

At the teacher’s check-out time, I parked my car just ahead of the school and got out of the car, covered my face with my hands as if I was in a very difficult situation and pretended to cry. Hodja already knew me and we met eye to eye there, he immediately stopped his car and came to me and asked what was wrong. I told him that I was falling apart with my family, he said don’t worry, it’ll be okay, but I said that I was going through very bad things, he asked what happened, I was a little coy, I said it’s too long to explain here. He said, let’s go to the cafe, he approached me like a friend, but my intention was bad, I took him to the cafe and we were sitting at work opposite each other, I almost got him.

I made it up to him there and tried to be extremely charming every time I spoke, I think I had entered his mind now. Later on, I realized that he was also inclined, and I asked him if he could come to my house that I lived alone, he said okay, I’ll have a coffee. We immediately got up from that cafe and went to my house, I was wearing a tiny shorts again, I turned around and he was looking at my ass. Yes, the man wanted me, and I finally succeeded.

He didn’t see me as a student because he saw me outside of school, he saw me like anyone else and he was going to fuck me. I was so happy. I got the man that no one else could have, I took him to my house, made a nice cup of coffee, sat next to him and said my admiration for him. She also said that I am a very sexy girl and that she cannot resist me. Without wasting any more time, I immediately clung to his lips and sat on his lap, throwing my leg. I was rubbing his penis and kissing his lips passionately.

I took off his and my own shirt and when he saw my breasts he said ‘oh’, of course every man goes crazy when he sees her so alive and immediately started licking. So I took off my trousers in one hand and we were completely naked. I got on his lap again and we started making out, he was licking my boobs hotly but I was so horny. I had to get this guy straight away got an erection and I was rewarding myself by sitting on top of him and rocking him in his lap. I was looking into my teacher’s eyes, kissing his lips and tasting his manhood, I could not get enough of these moments. I started to accelerate in his lap, then I turned around and bent down so he could see my beautiful hips as he sat down and started to come and go, exposing my hips in front of his eyes. He was holding my hips and pressing, he was pushing, I was getting up,

He was stroking my buttocks, the man was crazy and he had never seen anyone like me, what man could resist a woman who has sex so passionately? I turned back to face him because I wanted to kiss his lips and I sat on his lap again and started licking his lips. He kissed my breasts and then came up to my lips again. We were both at the pinnacle of pleasure we could get, and we reached orgasm at the same time. We both trembled, contracted and ejaculated, it was an amazing feeling. I immediately lay next to him, lay my head on his chest, and once again expressed my admiration for him. He was stroking my buttocks and saying that the last time he had sex like this was ten years ago, he hadn’t seen anyone like me for a long time, he was a devoted man to his wife and he didn’t make love to anyone but his wife.

I had never had enough of the man, I had absolutely no intention of sending him. I said stay with me tonight, he said ok, immediately called his wife and made up a lie. I really got it and was very impressed, here I was a real woman. I clung to his lips again and bent forward, I took his huge penis in my mouth, licked it up to his balls, bit his penis and showed him all my skills. No woman can pour water on my hand when it comes to oral sex, I had to prove it to her. I licked her like that for a full half hour and she put her second ejaculation on my face. I was going to have the most passionate night of his life, and after waiting for a while, I started to turn him on again for the third post.

Incest stories The man was crazy now, he was both very tired and happy. Now it was time for anal sex and I offered him my ass. He said he’d never had anal sex before, so I said there’s a first time for everything, and I curled up in front of him. He slowly crawled into me and was moaning every time he walked in and he was mad with pleasure and he said he was in love with me so I just smiled, told him I had proven what a real woman would be like. He was slowly entering me, squeezing my hips and caressing. We were moaning and we were both really enjoying ourselves. I was curled up in front of him and he was enjoying those firm hips to the fullest, of course I was ecstatic in those glorious moments. He sped up, his moans increased in volume, and his semen spilled onto my hips. We continued to meet with the teacher for about a month, but then I got bored. It even took a long time because of his kindness and handsomeness. Then I left and went on other adventures.

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