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Hello, I want to tell you about an incident that happened to me. My husband had finally given up on the nagging and decided to renew my car. My car was getting me where I wanted, but it was very old and had some glitches. For this reason, I wanted a newer, functional and comfortable car, so that I could travel with more than one friend, because I could only take one person with me as they did not have a back seat. When you say that my car has glitches, it’s not in a dangerous sense, but to give an example, to open the front hood, you had to put your head under the steering wheel and pull an existing cable by inserting your hand through a narrow hole instead of the previously existing lever.

So it wasn’t something I used very often, but when my husband needed to check my car’s oil or water, he always had to call me to open the hood because only my hand could fit because of the narrow hole. This bothered me a lot because I had to quit my job and deal with it, and pulling the hard cable hurt my fingers.

Another thing I didn’t like was that, as I mentioned, it was very narrow inside and didn’t have a back seat because it was a small cargo vehicle type. My husband promised that if my car was sold at the price he set, he would buy me another car at that time. However, my job was very difficult as it would not fall below this fee, so I had to sell my car to someone else somehow. I had a very cute new Mini in mind, but as I said, we had to achieve our first goal first.

Many people called from my husband’s advertisement in the newspaper, but when my husband refused to negotiate, only a few of them came to see my car. However, they also gave up after seeing the car. I was very depressed and my husband was determined not to change the price despite my insistence. In a way, he was right because he could only buy the car I wanted with the money he would get from this sale and his savings.

One day during the week, I was cleaning the backyard entrance of our detached house with a water hot tub and a broom. I try to do this at least once a week and I use plenty of water so that the dust does not rise. As I said, since our house is detached, our backyard belongs only to us, so I can dress very comfortably because no one can see me while I’m cleaning. When cleaning, I always wear my old white tennis skirt, which is very mini. I bought this skirt a few years ago to play tennis with my husband, but because it was too short, I had given up on wearing it outside on the tennis court and bought a more suitable shorts instead.

I’m not actually a closed person and I do wear miniskirts or dresses from time to time, but this skirt was really short and barely covered my hips even when standing. Also, because it was so light and pleated, the skirt was constantly flying up as she ran to hit the ball and bounced. When I bent down to pick up the ball from the ground, my butt was exposed and the skirt gathered almost to my waist. To tell the truth, I don’t have any body problems, my hips are round and bulging out, so my husband admires my hips and says they are incredibly sexy. My legs are already long, sexy and smooth, my waist is slim and my breasts are medium in size, but they look plump and bigger than normal for my small body. But still, I try to take care of my clothes that I wear outside, depending on the place.

There is another feature of this tennis skirt that I wear, and that is that it has panties that are specially sewn into the skirt and do not separate from itself. In general, tennis skirts are like this and prevent free kicks due to the lightness of the skirt and its easy opening to a certain extent. That is, it is in charge of covering the hips. However, the crotch part of this panty that belongs to my skirt was unfortunately very thin and loose. Since the back part of the fabric was shorter than normal, it was always running between my hips like a thong.

Honestly, that was another reason not to wear the skirt in sports because it wasn’t panty fabric and was just a thin piece of cloth cut into panties, so it didn’t really do its job to cover my buttocks or my intimacy, saying it’s a shame. But wearing it to clean was no problem, and when I wore this self-contained tennis skirt, I didn’t need to wear any additional panties. Moreover, while I was cleaning, I was getting wet all over from the pressurized water hose, and I was very comfortable inside because no one saw me.

On the top, I was wearing a light blue strapless body made of thin and narrow combed cotton. In other words, it was a bodysuit that covered half of my breasts from the bottom and was completely open at the top and had a decollete. I think it’s called “tube top” in English, and the top was up to the level of my chest. So, it can be thought of as a wide belt or girdle, so if you accidentally pull the fabric slightly from the bottom, the breasts can suddenly pop out. Of course, I was not wearing a bra under this bodysuit.

As I always do, I was washing everything with water and cleaning the marbles with a broom when the phone rang. Before the phone hung up, I hurriedly entered the house in my soaked clothes and wet thong slippers and immediately grabbed the phone. It was my husband on the phone and he urgently asked me to take the car keys and show the car to the coming customer.

I was stunned at once and did not know what to do because I was not at all suitable to receive guests. My husband, of course, did not know my outfit, so he spoke quickly and said, “The man just called now, he sees it very eagerly and he is in our neighborhood, he needs to see the car and get to work urgently. Oh, by the way, if he wants to try the car, don’t leave it alone, you must be with him, I’m going to the meeting now, I’m going to the meeting right now” and hung up the phone without giving me a word. Thus, it was my duty to show and promote the car involuntarily.

As soon as I put the phone down, the doorbell rang. I was in shock, not knowing what to do, in a panic and wet all over, with my slippery beach thong slippers, I ran to the right and to the left and then to the door without thinking, because I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. When I opened the door, I saw two tall men with a stubby beard and dark burly bodies in front of me. The man said in an oriental accent, “hello aunt, we’ve come to see the car,” but his eyes were carefully examining me. It was normal for men to look at me like that because I came out in this messy state, after all, it was my fault. I reached out and immediately grabbed the keys from the key holder in the doorway and started walking to the garage entrance next to my car, and they followed behind me.

Of course, the events developed so fast that I suddenly found myself offering my car for sale before I could change my clothes. So, I guess I was the center of attention more than the car, but I didn’t want to lose these customers either and had to do whatever I could to convince them to buy my car without bargaining. Therefore, I had to erase my messy self from my mind, otherwise I would have missed the customers before I could please them. This sale was very important to me, so I immediately got to work.

I said to a customer named Mahmut, “Here you go, get the keys, you can start the car”. The man took the keys from my hand, opened the door, and due to his tall stature, he pulled back the driver’s seat and sat down. Another man named Ali sat on the passenger side, but my car looked really small compared to these two men because they were big and long, so they could barely fit in my car. Even though the environment was very cramped, I was still saying convincing words how well it suits the men and that this car is just for them. Then Mahmut Bey reached under the steering wheel and tried to open the front hood, but naturally he could not find the handle to pull.

When I saw this, I panicked and said “stop, I’ll open it to you, you don’t bother” and asked him to get out of the car. The man could see this as a major shortcoming and give up on buying my car, so I had to intervene immediately. There was no way he could put his hand through that narrow hole anyway. The man got out of the car and I immediately collapsed to the ground and stuck my head under the steering wheel to see what I was going to do. To keep my balance, I gripped the brake foot with one hand and stuck my other hand through the hole to find the cable that opens the hood.

Of course, it was a very inappropriate and hard-to-balance position, so I was trying to keep my balance by resting one knee on the driver’s seat and leaving my other foot out of the car, but I tried to make it look like it was too easy, so I said to the man, “Look, it’s very easy, don’t worry.” Because of my opposite position, my butt was staring at the guys in the air and in my head I couldn’t see exactly where the guys were looking since the car was under the steering wheel, but I knew they were right next to me because we were chatting at the same time and unfortunately I was still wet so naturally I could easily feel their breath on my wet skin.

I guess that was pretty normal because they got too close to me so they could see what I was doing, and one of them even put his arm on my stomach, just under my breasts, to help me balance. So I put my body weight lightly on his arm and it was easy for me. Both men were trying to help me by showing their good intentions, but I could not see whether Ali Bey or Mahmut Bey was holding me. The other man had a firm grip on my ankle so that I could keep my knee resting on the couch comfortable and stable.

I thanked them both for their support and at the same time tried to open a thread to keep it busy because I just couldn’t pull that annoying cable. As I said, since the men were right next to me, I could naturally feel their breath on me when they were talking, and I kept telling them “it’ll be soon”. And they were saying to me, “Yes, we like your car very much, it looks like it has been used very little”. I was trying to keep the conversation long until I pulled this cable in success.

“yes, I only use my car when necessary and I take good care of it”
“yes, you definitely took good care of it, your car looks very clean from here”
“thank you, I never neglect the cleanliness”
“it is clear, there is no roughness on the hood, it looks yummy”
“I hope my car looks good” you like
it and don’t worry, I’m a little inexperienced in this regard, but I will succeed in a little while” ”

“yeah, it’s very narrow, but thank you because only my hand fits here, yours is thick, but don’t worry, my husband will fix it
as soon as possible” are you saying?”
“yes, because yours is thick, it will hardly fit and it will hurt you”
“do not you hurt?”
“It hurts a little bit because I don’t have the strength to pull this cable, but I’ll make it soon

Thereupon, the man holding my ankle let go of my foot and leaned over me, on my back, to hold my arm inside the hole. Naturally, because the environment was very narrow, he had nowhere else to go and he had to rest on my hips involuntarily. On the other hand, the man who supported me from my stomach, that is, under my breasts with his arm, grabbed his free hand between my legs, very close to my groin area, and said to me, “Tell me when you’re ready, we’ll help you pull it at the same time.”

When I heard “I’m ready”, both of them started to download at the same time. The man holding my arm gently pulls my arm without hurting it, but inevitably put a light load on my hips in order to keep his balance. The other man was trying to support his friend by making back and forth movements with his arm on my stomach. However, with his other hand, he involuntarily squeezes and squeezes my pubic area in order to maintain his balance, but since I am still wet from the garden cleaning, his hand was slowly sliding upwards due to the wetness.

Despite everyone’s steady efforts, I still couldn’t open the hood because I couldn’t use enough force on that annoying cable, but in order not to demoralize anyone and my car would be disgraced and not lose the customer, I told the guys, “don’t worry, it’s going to be a little harder now, you don’t worry” I was saying. However, as I said this, the men became even more ambitious and began to charge harder and faster to support.

The man leaning on me and holding my arm was holding his crotch on my hips and pulling my arm at the same time so that I could lunge for the cable, but at the same time he loaded my hips with his front and hit me hard so that he could pull my arm. Due to these small blows to my hips with the man’s front, naturally my thin light tennis skirt was completely unfolded and folded up to my waist.

I felt that the part of the skirt, which is its underwear, was completely torn from its place due to hard friction and there was no trace of it, because I could no longer feel the wet adherent fabric between my hips and supposedly covering my vagina. Instead, for reasons no one knew, the front of the man behind me was resting on my two holes, which, unfortunately, were now in the square like a pumpkin. He was wearing trousers. The other man, on the other hand, was accelerating his movements to keep up with the event, now using his arm and hands to move me back and forth faster.

But in the face of this situation, undesirable accidents could happen, because with a quick arm movement, my slender little ankle slid down to my stomach, and his arm and hand were now moving on my bare breasts. But worst of all, his hand on my pubic area accidentally landed on my private area, and due to the steady and focused efforts of all of us, the man must not have noticed that he accidentally slipped his thumb into my wet vagina.

At that moment, my blood froze and my toes began to go numb. I did not understand how I had put myself and the men in such a situation, and I was very ashamed of myself for putting them in a difficult position. I couldn’t tell the man what you’re doing, just take your finger off my mind because it wasn’t his fault and they were just trying to help me. Besides, he must not have noticed that his thumb was in my vagina or else he would have apologized and removed his hand from there.

I had to pull the cable to get rid of this situation without embarrassing and offending the men, but I was having trouble concentrating because my butt was constantly moving back and forth from the hard hits of the man behind me, my bare breasts were officially dancing on the other man’s arm and hands, and the thickness and size of the thumb inside my vagina made me feel like my husband’s. he was pushing and sweating harder than his penis.

I could no longer control my body and my feelings, and it was so weird. My head was spinning and I was starting to feel hot when I suddenly contracted uncontrollably on the man’s finger and started to ejaculate. With this sudden discharge, I must have pulled the cable that I was unconsciously trying to load on, when the front hood suddenly snapped open.

I was stunned for a moment as the hood opened, and then the man took his finger out of me, the other man got up from me, and they both tried to lift me up by gently grabbing my arm. I slowly came to my senses as I stood up and suddenly realized that they were both staring at my bare breasts. In the face of this situation, I tried to cover my breasts with this thin fabric by pulling up my narrow waist that fell down to my navel, but it was still very low-cut above the top.

I was very embarrassed towards the men and I mobilized them because of this hood. Moreover, it must have been Mr. Mahmut who was trying to help me and accidentally got his finger into my vagina because unfortunately I could see the fluids in my separate organ on his thumb and I was praying that he wouldn’t notice. However, Mahmut Bey noticed the wetness on his finger, but thank God he did not understand what it was because he brought his wet finger from my vagina to his mouth and started to suck. I was very relieved because as far as I could tell from his facial expression, he liked the taste very much and he did not ask anyone anything about ‘what is this’.

The men opened the front hood to look inside, then closed it and got back in the car. When Aunt said, “Let’s go for a tour,” I suddenly said, “I’m coming too” and I tried to get in the car because I remember my husband specifically advising me ‘if he wants to drive, don’t leave him alone’. There was only one problem: there was no room for a third person. As a result, they both had to get in to test the car.

Ali Bey said, “Come to me, if we get stuck somehow, you want to come”. Unfortunately I had no choice and had to somehow fit in the car. Ali Bey opened his door from the passenger side and said, “Come, aunt, if it’s okay with you, you can sit on my lap because there doesn’t seem to be any other place here.” Out of necessity, I replied, “You are welcome, of course it’s okay with me” and I squeezed inside and tried to sit on Ali Bey’s lap. However, the atmosphere was more cramped than I thought because Ali Bey was a very large and burly man.

Even though he had pulled his seat all the way back, his belly and stature had stuck me to the front glove box and there was no place to even put my feet. As I said, Ali Bey’s feet completely filled the space below due to his long and big legs, and when he sat on his lap, my butt barely fit between his belly and glove box. Due to this situation, unfortunately, my feet were left outside of the car with my back turned to the driver, as there was no room for my own feet.

Upon this, when Mahmut Bey realized the situation, he first asked me to stretch my feet towards him, towards the driver’s seat, and then place my butt on Ali Bey’s lap. So we could somehow get stuck in the car and close the door. As this was the only solution, I got out of the car again because it would have been easier for me to enter from the driver’s side first to be able to do so. Ali Bey closed his door and Mahmut Bey got out of the car and entered from the driver’s side and helped me sit on Ali Bey’s lap.

When Ali sat on his lap again, I leaned my back against the passenger door, that is, the window. Thus, I sat on his lap sideways, but this time I started to occupy Mahmut Bey’s seat by keeping my feet on the driver’s box. Thereupon, Mahmut Bey, again being polite and understanding, said, “Aunt, for us to fit in, fold your legs back a little and put your feet on my lap so that we can all fit in.”

“Okay” I tried to take the slippers off my feet because I would have to step on the man. I had a hard time getting my flip-flops off in this cramped environment because my skirt was too short and I didn’t have any panties left, so I was trying not to show it here and there.

Seeing that I was struggling, Mahmut Bey said “stop, let me help you” and grabbed my ankle and lifted my leg up. Then he slowly took the slipper off my feet and looked at my pink nail polished toes with pedicures and said, “Aunt, you have such sweet feet.” I was both a little embarrassed and proud of the man’s kind comment. Likewise, by raising my other foot in the air, the fan-admirer took my small slipper off my foot and then sat on his seat.

However, this time my feet got caught between his belly and the steering wheel, which would somehow prevent him from driving. At first our plan was to put my feet on his lap, but only one foot could fit due to the small distance between his lap and the steering wheel. Mahmut Bey helped me and said, “Brother, keep your right foot on my lap, and put your left foot on my shoulder.”

This would be a very funny and strange place for my left foot, and I was a little afraid that it would be a shame to the man, to be honest, but Mahmut Bey was very insistent on this and stated that it would be no problem for him. Since I didn’t have much choice, I tucked my right foot into his lap and placed my left foot on his shoulder as he said.

It was a really funny sight, because my delicate little toes were involuntarily touching Mahmut Bey’s ear, but he said that it did not cause him any discomfort, and I was very relieved. For Ali Bey, the situation was not much different because I was stuck in his lap and there was no room for both of us to move. I had to throw my left arm around Ali Bey’s neck, and he threw my right arm around my waist from behind, and he forced his hand to put it on my right leg, next to my hip, from my open mini skirt.

However, as if that wasn’t enough, I was involuntarily bothering him with my boobs because I had nowhere to run, and unfortunately he had to rest his chin just above my breasts. Finally, Mahmut Bey started the car, shifted the first gear and set off. However, since the gear knob was stuck between my legs, I had to open my legs more and press my foot on the man’s groin even more with each gear change by Mahmut Bey. Of course, I had a hard time covering my private area with my tiny skirt as I had to open my legs all the time, and they both had a clear view between my legs. Of course, it was all my fault, so I couldn’t blame them for looking at it.

When Mahmut Bey stopped at a red light, he opened his mouth wide to speak and turned his head towards us, when my toes, which were accidentally resting on the man’s ear, suddenly slipped into his mouth. For a moment we both didn’t understand what was going on and in such a bewilderment, my cute toes stayed in the man’s mouth for about 5 seconds, then I took my foot away from his mouth, apologetically. My face was red with embarrassment, but both men found this very funny and started to laugh. When Mahmut Bey saw that he was uncomfortable and not nervous, a smile came to my face and I started laughing like them.

Since Mahmut Bey realized that I was very embarrassed at first, so that I wouldn’t be embarrassed, he said, “Yeah, don’t worry, such accidents happen, look, it’s not a problem for me, I’m not complaining either because your feet smell really nice and they are very well-groomed with waist. Let me prove how comfortable I am.” He took my foot in his mouth again and started to absorb my cute pink nail polished toes, this time with his wet mouth. Upon this, me and Ali Bey started laughing and laughing again. The atmosphere had softened and we continued on the road with the green light.

When Mahmut Bey wanted to try the car on a dirt road, the first thing he found was the dirt road. Since my car was small, we started to shake a lot on the stony pothole road and my breasts, which were shaking up and down uncontrollably for all reasons, started hitting Ali’s face. When my right foot started to tremble in Mahmut Bey’s groin and my butt started to play in Ali Bey’s lap, I started to feel a bulge growing hard between my hips. In the same way, I could feel Mahmut Bey’s hardening tool under my right foot, but in the end, it was not in their hands and I decided to act as if nothing happened so as not to embarrass them.

As the car continued on the potty dirt road, my breasts went out of control and danced wildly, and my little narrow leg shuddered again and fell into my stomach. Thus, my left nipple started to hit Ali’s face and mouth, but I couldn’t pull my hip up because my arms were stuck. Moreover, even if I pulled it, it would open again, so I was acting like nothing had happened again. However, because my skirt was so short, I could feel the rock-hard tool guy between my bare ass pushing his trousers hard, and he would have slipped somewhere if it weren’t for his trousers.

Because of this unanalyzed situation, I was in a very difficult situation with the guys because as the setbacks piled up, the men’s tools became uncontrollable and they were obviously in pain because I felt like my feet and my ass were going to puncture their pants. I took pity on their situation and offered to stop and get some air outside, maybe that way it would be an opportunity for them to come to their senses. Upon my offer, Mahmut Bey pulled aside and stopped the spree, to be honest, I was very happy about it. However, he said, “You’re right, we’d better get some rest, but it’d be better if we didn’t get out of the car, then we might have a hard time getting back in.” He was so right about this.

After a few minutes of breathing, Mahmut Bey could not stand it anymore and confessed, “I’m sorry sister-in-law and don’t get me wrong, but my dick is going to crack soon, if you’ll excuse me, I have to take it out of my pants.” When I said between astonishment and embarrassment, “Mahmut Bey, please forgive me, it’s always because of me, I understand you”, Mahmut Bey suddenly opened his zipper and threw a huge tool out of my foot. However, I was going to say, ‘I’ll get off and then I’ll come back when I’m relieved’, but before I could finish my words, what had happened had happened and there was nothing to do.

Because the man misunderstood me, I now had a huge tool resting on my foot, even bigger than my foot. I was very famous, but I just had to smile innocently and cutely so as not to put him in a difficult situation. However, Mahmut Bey was not the only one in a difficult situation. When things develop like this, wouldn’t Ali Bey come out of his mind and say, “What a good job Mahmut, my dick is breaking down here, let me take it out and relax”? My mouth was broken from the shock and I didn’t know how to react because it was already resting on my vagina and over my back hole and only one pair of pants separated the skin contact.

When Ali Bey did not see any action or reaction from me, he thought it would be okay and put his big hand under my ass and lifted me up slightly. Then he zipped it open with his other hand, and a huge, rock-hard device popped out like a rocket. I could see how straight he was between my legs and how he never played left or right. It was as if he had been cut into stone. But the thing I was most afraid of was where I would sit now. I didn’t have to worry too much about this because Mr. Ali started to lower me on his own dick again and the head of his dick stopped just as soon as my vagina touched my entry. Thank God he pulled his hand completely and did not leave my weight on his tool and continued to hold it halfway.

I was terrified because if he had suddenly dropped me on such a huge tool, I would have smashed for sure. I was still in shock and a feeling between fear and excitement began to overwhelm me. I was so tense that I was paralyzed and couldn’t even open my mouth and speak. Upon these unfolding events, I suddenly heard Mahmut Bey laughing out loud again, and Ali Bey laughed at his situation and started teasing, “What happened to you, how did you become like this?” They both tried to make me feel a little more comfortable by making a joke about it. I tried to laugh so I could fit in with them. I was terrified, but they had no other choice and all they could do was laugh at this abnormal situation.

After resting for a while, Mahmut Bey decided to start the car again and continue on the road. This rest didn’t help anyone, however, because both men’s tools were still harder and more upright. My cute little foot was forced to rest on Mahmut Bey’s husband’s tool, and as the soles of my feet trembled and played on him due to the shaking of the car, pleasure liquids were flowing from the inside of his huge head onto my pink nail polished toes. In the face of this situation, my feet became even more slippery due to the liquids dripping on my feet, and it was like stroking the man’s dick and giving an oily massage.

On the other hand, right on my vagina, a huge dick was pressed against me, and my vaginal lips were slightly open, and I had already gently embraced the top of Ali Bey’s dick. But he couldn’t get into it because he was holding me in the air in a boring grip on my hips. However, due to the pitted road, my bare breasts were still hitting Ali Bey’s face hard. I was very embarrassed, but I could not prevent them and I was constantly apologizing to Mr. Ali. He said, “Auntie, if you’re uncomfortable, I can fix them with my mouth so they don’t hit me in the face.” At the time, I didn’t think about how it would turn out, but their fixation seemed like a good idea, so I accepted the offer of help without hesitation.

With my acceptance, Ali Bey suddenly took my nipples between his lips and was sucking on them tightly, trying to fix them so they wouldn’t play. Of course, since my nipples are very sensitive, my hormones were stimulated and the man was literally squeezing my breasts with his mouth, licking and not sucking. As I did this, I was involuntarily affected and could not prevent my vagina from watering. After this went on for a while, my fluids started to wet the man’s dick this time, and as the car bounced and jolted, his huge dick slowly-slowly and inch-by-inch started to slide into me.

As I felt this, I was saying, “Ali Bey, lift me up”, and he lifted me up to the tip of his dick and entered me again without shaking. Even though it only entered a few inches, it was pushing me hard and my vagina was stretching like never before. Every time Ali Bey lifted me up, my descent went deeper and my insides became quite slippery. The man entered me very slowly, but even though he suddenly pulled it up, I was quite ecstatic and without realizing it, my foot was caressing Mahmut Bey’s tool a lot, and my other foot, which was still on his shoulder, was walking on the man’s face and occasionally in his mouth. I think the dirt road was over when suddenly Mahmut Bey hit the brakes.

With the sudden stop of the car, I accidentally escaped from Ali Bey’s hands and the man’s huge dick accidentally got completely into my very wet vagina. It was so thick and deep that I suddenly screamed and my eyes widened. After staying like this for a while, I guess my vagina must have gotten used to the scar inside me because I started to loosen up.

When Ali Bey saw that I was slightly relaxed and calmed down, he started bouncing me this time in his lap without saying anything. The strings were now broken and the man was officially fucking me. On the other hand, Mahmut Bey started to lick and suck my feet, legs and everywhere he could reach. I felt like I was in a trance now and all I could do was moan loudly, I really couldn’t control myself and my emotions, and my body was now like it was taken over outside of my horn.

The men were now using me as they wished, and suddenly I found myself outside the car on the front hood. This time, Mahmut Bey was leaning my back on the hood and taking my legs over his shoulders and entering my vagina hard. He had a cock so big, long and rock-hard that it was unbelievable that it fit completely inside me like that, but he thrust it into me so deftly that I went crazy and he made me scream-and-dance under his dick.

After Mr. Mahmut pumped me inside like this for a while, he lifted me from the car with his strong arms and threw me into Ali Bey’s arms without letting go, and he continued to fuck me by putting his cock inside me again in one move. He was literally fucking me in the air with my legs wrapped around his waist, and he was sucking my boobs at the same time.

Mahmut Bey, who was idle, knelt behind me, split my hips slightly with his rough hands, and started to lick my asshole with his wet and agile tongue. As he licked, he was forcing his entrance with his finger at the same time and spitting on my ass hole, causing his finger to enter. Nothing in my life had ever gotten into my ass hole until today and I didn’t even let my husband come close to my back hole, but I was very vulnerable now because I was getting fucked in the air in Ali Bey’s lap and now there was a thick finger that went in and out of my very wet ass hole.

With mixed feelings of pain, the men filled my two holes, but instead of a finger in my ass hole, this time Mahmut Bey’s huge cock took place. I couldn’t believe what had happened. The men were making me toast in the air, two of them savagely entering my butthole and the other my asshole at the same time. I’ve never been fucked like this before in my life, and it was something else that it was done by two giant strangers.

I was freaking out at this extreme stimulation, but what made me nervous and frightened was that for the first time, other than my husband, someone else had taken over my privacy. But neither I nor the men did this on purpose, and things had come to this extent because of some mishaps on their own.

I didn’t want to enjoy it, but I couldn’t help myself and suddenly I started to contract and orgasm. As this happened, my screams increased and because the contractions in my two holes made the men’s dicks tight like fists and my pussy and ass hole pretended to massage their dicks, they couldn’t stand it anymore and started to squirt their pressurized semen into me. I’ve never been so stuffed before, not with such big and long cocks, not with so many inseminations.

I could no longer stand or speak. Because my car is a van, they carefully put me unconscious in the rear trunk and we were on our way back home. When we got home, I almost came to my senses and they took me by the hand and took me out of the trunk. I stood on my bare feet with no support needed because I didn’t know where my slippers were, but I didn’t have much on my spine. However, my knees were still shaking and my two holes were throbbing with pain, but at the same time, both of my holes were so sensitive that I could ejaculate again from even the slightest touch.

I was still intending to sell my car to these guys, moreover, if they hadn’t bought my car after what had happened, I would have gone mad for sure. That’s why I invited them to my backyard and offered them lemonade, and we sat on the garden chairs together and brought up the subject of buying again. What happened had happened and I was not in a position to be shy, conservative and shy from now on, so I sat in front of the two men with my tiny skirt without changing my clothes and started courting the guys by crossing my beautiful sexy legs.

Naturally, they were grinning, looking me from head to toe. I had no intention of pissing them off or putting them in a difficult situation again, but there was no point in hiding, covering and embarrassing myself after what had happened. I just wanted them to buy my car now by being comfortable and well-meaning.

The men looked at our garden and the environment from where they were sitting and said, “What a beautiful and well-kept garden we have.” I also stated that a gardener comes once a week and I always take care of its cleaning and maintenance. Our backyard is very beautiful, it really took a lot of effort to keep it full of flowers and trees. Mahmut Bey, they understood this gardening business and offered to take care of the garden themselves if I wanted to. I said that they should talk to my husband about it and that it was okay for me. The most important thing for me was that they bought my car without haggling the price and I made this very clear to them.

The men were trying to use this situation to their advantage because they knew that I absolutely needed to sell my car and that I couldn’t sell it to anyone else for that price. In order not to miss these customers, I had to adapt. The two men were looking at my legs and grinning, saying to me, “You’re such an impressive woman, sister-in-law, would we ever say no to you”. And to be polite, I was smiling back at them in return because I had no choice. Ali Bey, without taking his eyes off my legs, said, “Aunt, I hope we didn’t hurt you too much while fucking your pussy”.

They were speaking slang, rude and open with a very heavy oriental accent. I was sympathetic because I knew they weren’t very educated types and that was the way they talked. After what happened, I didn’t want them to feel bad because it wasn’t their fault that things got out of hand, so I said to them, “Hey Mr. Ali, it hurts a little but it’s not a big deal, don’t worry.”

Thereupon, Ali Bey said, “Anyway, sister-in-law, let’s take a look at her legs, maybe we can help her heal faster.” I didn’t think it would be a good idea, but I didn’t want to say anything wrong to them, so I spread my legs wide apart from the sitting position, and showed them my delicate and hard-used delicate hole. Ali Bey, who was sitting across from me, got up from his seat and knelt between my legs and looked even closer and said, “hmm, your sister-in-law is so red this time.”

Having said that, I tilted my head down and took a look at my little hole, really puffy but my lips and little hole were almost as red as a tomato. Mr. Ali said, “I’ll be like a balm for you now,” and suddenly he stuck his lips on my cunt and started to lick and suck. My cunt was already in a very sensitive state and I could ejaculate again with even the slightest touch that the man was driving me crazy with pleasure by peaking again, and I couldn’t prevent it or stop him in any way.

Mahmut Bey, who took this opportunity, without wasting any time, suddenly slammed his huge cock on my face and tried to put it in my mouth. Since I couldn’t think clearly at that moment and all my hormones were turned upside down again, I opened my mouth without thinking and took the man’s huge cock between my soft lips and started to lick it. As Mr. Ali sucked harder on my little hole, I involuntarily sucked and swallowed Mahmut Bey’s dick harder.

Just at this moment, my cell phone, which was on the garden table next to us, started to ring. I looked out of the corner of my eye, saw that it was my husband calling, but until I said something and did something, Mahmut Bey did not ask me anything, reached out with his dick still in my mouth, picked up the phone and said hello to my husband to talk. On the one hand, I suck the man’s cock, on the other hand, my pussy is being licked, on the other hand, I was looking at Mahmut Bey with fear and wide eyes. When the man started talking to my husband, the interesting thing was that I still didn’t take his dick out of my mouth and licked it up.

Mahmut Bey said to my husband, “Brother, Ali and I used your aunt’s car a lot. It was a little tight for us, but it’s okay, we can all get used to it in time. We entered Aunt’s car through two front entrances and one through the back door, all three entrances are excellent and although it was difficult at first, we are now used to it and we can enter easily”. My husband was saying something to each other, but I don’t know what he said, but Mahmut Bey in return said, “Yes, yes, there are no scratches and sunkenness, the body is razor-like and smooth, we examined it very closely and we liked what we saw.”

I think it was about money, because as soon as Mahmut Bey told my husband, “Isn’t there a little discount?” I sucked Mahmut Bey’s dick harder and stuck it in my throat, driving him crazy with pleasure and interrupting him. This time, he said, “Actually, we can negotiate without changing the price” and said that as an agreement, they will take my car immediately, on the condition that they do the gardening themselves from now on. “We will come and clean your beautiful garden once a week and we will water it well and take care of it…

Hm, we also bring our workers, and we always do the job cleaner and faster with one hand. I’m sure your aunt will be pleased with it because we will all be taking care of her beautiful flowers. Ali Bey, who is still licking his cunt, raised his head and called to the phone, “I personally would like to clean your aunt’s backyard,” and this time he stuck his tongue in my fried asshole and started to lick it.

Just at this time, Mahmut Bey came to the climax and started to ejaculate into my mouth, and at the same time he was saying to my husband, “Then we’ll water your whole garden well and then we’ll go.” They ended their conversation by agreeing on the phone. I don’t know how many times I ejaculated on Ali Bey’s tongue at that moment, but I swallowed most of the semen in my mouth with that pleasure, and the rest that overflowed from my mouth flowed from my lips and chin to my breasts.

I’ve never done anything in my life and I’ve never had such intense and extreme pleasure, but I didn’t do it on purpose. The men saw that I was in a miserable state, so they thanked me and advised me to go and take a shower and rest. They said that they had a deal with my husband and that they would buy my car, so they asked me to forget about it with peace of mind.

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