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Hello, I’m Metin 18 years old, this happened 2 months ago
. I had my eyes on my friend’s wife. I was dreaming of her and I was shooting 31. Her eyes
are sky blue, her smile is life-worthy, her breasts are beautiful, her ass is round and she was
a very beautiful sexy woman, but she wasn’t dressed openly. One day I stopped by them, my
friend didn’t invite me in I asked him where he wanted something to eat because it was a
night out, he would come at 10 o’clock and it was around 8.30
I made my decision I was going to fuck him They had 2 kids they had school so they went to bed he
said I’m coming, he said I’m coming, of course the children
went to sleep He said I’ll change my clothes, wait a little bit, I
went after him through the door i was watching and i lost myself when i saw your sexy body
I dived in, I stuck it directly to his lips, I was
trying to caress his pussy with my one hand, he resisted until I peeled him off, but then he let go,
yes, it was mine now, I licked it so much that I can never
forget him again I licked my dick, he was licking very well, I ejaculated in his mouth, now
come in, I froze and licked him a little, I licked him I entered, slowly
accelerated, now she was enjoying it too, I ejaculated again this time I was going to get it,
she didn’t want it, her husband didn’t do it, I didn’t listen, I licked my dick a little and put it on her
neck after lifting it up, I put her head
it then he too
He started to get pleasure and letting the I no longer that my olmus was purpose discharges
I reached to you as if you see him! n You give me right about the beauty
he could not find a suitable time after the night but still very willing him
wish me plenty of chances again fuck I gott

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