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I am 45 years old, well-groomed and beautiful and mature woman. Last year
, I went to a beautiful hotel with my 2 children for a holiday in Kemer. Since my husband is always
working, I always go on vacation alone with my children.
After the night journey by bus , we reached the hotel. After we had our procedures done, we
settled into our room. The children said they were sleepy and went to bed. I
decided to go to the beach to put on my black bikini and lie in the sun.
When I went down, I wanted to visit the hotel with the aim of learning. Where is the restaurant
, where are the bars… When I went downstairs,
I saw the spa and hammam sign. I was intrigued because I love massage and
I immediately headed there to find out the prices. Beautiful lady at the entrance of the spa
there was. After greeting him, I started to get information. After telling me where and what
, I left to wander around. After I went to the bath room,
the sounds of laughing outside the door caught my attention and
I slowly opened the door. On the navel stone in the middle, a tourist girl
was lying half-naked, and a young and handsome
man with a loincloth on his waist was foaming and rubbing his body.
My laughter gave way to a curious look when I heard the door open, and
I was surprised to ask when he would be available. The young man immediately
gathered himself and told me that I could put my bikini in one of the lockers outside
, cover one of the clean loincloths and
He said he would be available in a minute. I got over my head and
went straight to the dressing room. After I bought a clean loincloth, I
took off my bikini consisting of 2 small pieces, wrapped it around me and went to the
Turkish bath. The tourist just before poured water on the girl naked
, then gave her a new loincloth to wrap her up and
sent her from the bathhouse. So I sat next to the basin and
waited for him to clean the navel stone and prepare it for me. After laying out a clean loincloth,
he put a folded loincloth to put under my head and called me.
He told me to untie my loincloth while I was lying down. I did as I
was told and lay face down on the stone. Covering me with loincloth lightly
When the water started to pour, I started to relax with the effect of the hot water and
closed my eyes and let myself go to the movements of the young man. He
started talking to me after he put a lot of foam on me. After the mutual
acquaintance, I said that I heard the voice of the girl from outside and I
was wondering what was going on. The young man, whose name I learned was Ahmet,
told me after a bit of silence that the
tourist girl made this sound for the places she touched. I wanted him to do the same to me back then
. Ahmet
looked at me as if he wanted to see if I was sure or not and said briefly, okay then. His hands on my back
soon began to roam around my legs. I liked this too.
After a while,
I started to get excited when his hands slowly came up my calves. Taking courage from my silence, Ahmet put his hand on my
cunt and started to caress. I, on the other hand, began to enjoy myself and groan slowly
. No one other than my husband had ever traveled in that area until now
. When Ahmet told me to lie on my back, I immediately went back to sleep on my back
and began to wait for what would happen. After making foam again, he
started rubbing my breasts. Now, while I was moaning intermittently, Ahmet
was squatting by my bedside, busy giving me pleasure. When I turned my eyes to Ahmet , I saw
that there was nothing under his loincloth and his dick was
up. This pissed me off so much that at that moment my hand
I threw it in Ahmet’s wound. It was my first time holding another man’s cock.
Ahmet slowly got up and locked the door of the bath and came to me.
I was already ready. Ahmet knelt in front of me and suddenly
thrust his dick into my already ready pussy.
I was already moaning with the taste of the dick I ate .
It was clear from his late arrival that Ahmet had been with other women before me . I was groaning with pleasure every time I was
fucked and my waist was starting to come off.
Ahmet covered my mouth with his hand so that my screams would not be heard outside . When Ahmet
started to come a little later, I didn’t know how many times I brought my waist. This fuck was complete
and I was not in the mood to take a step. Ahmet likes it
When he asked if I didn’t like it, I gave him a kiss and
poured some water on myself and went outside. Now I had cheated on my husband too, but
I knew it was worth cheating and it was a good start. From now on, I
could be more comfortable and
wanted to experience new adventures. With these feelings, I took the road to the beach.

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